Aichi Experimental Type 15-Ko Reconnaissance Seaplane (Mi-go)

12 hours ago
Albert Flores

The Aichi Experimental Type 15-Ko Reconnaissance Seaplane (Mi-go) was a prototype reconnaissance seaplane built by Aichi in the mid-1920s.

Design and development

The Mi-Go was built in response to an Imperial Japanese Navy requirement for a reconnaissance seaplane to replace the Hansa-Brandenburg W. +more33 in IJN service. The W. 33 had been acquired by the IJN in 1922, but was unpopular with crews due to poor handling and limited visibility afloat. The Mi-Go differed from the W. 33 in having floats connected to the wings, a wooden airframe, fabric covered wings, and much lighter weight. Four prototypes of the Mi-Go were built; tests of which showed it to be longitudinally unstable in flight, although the first prototype used Dornier bench-type aileron balances, and the IJN selected the rival Nakajima Type 15 Reconnaissance Seaplane (E2N) for production instead.


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