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The Billboard Japan Hot 100 is a record chart in Japan for songs. It has been compiled by Billboard Japan and Hanshin Contents Link since February 2008. The chart is updated every Wednesday at (JST) and every Thursday at (UTC).

The first number-one song on the chart was "Stay Gold" by Hikaru Utada on the issue dated January 16, 2008. The current number-one on the chart as of the issue dated November 2, 2022, is "Subtitle" by Official Hige Dandism.


From the chart's inception in 2008, to December 2010, the chart combined CD single sales data from SoundScan Japan, tracking sales at physical stores across Japan, and radio airplay figures from Japan's then 32 AM and FM radio stations sourced from the Japanese company Plantech. In December 2010, the chart expanded to include sales from online stores, as well as sales from iTunes Japan. +more From December 2013, Billboard incorporated more digital music stores (such as [url=https://recochoku. jp/]Recochoku[/url] and mora) into the chart. Billboard also added two additional factors: tweets relating to songs from Twitter data collected by NTT DATA, as well as data sourced from Gracenote on the number of times a CDs has been registered as being inserted into a computer. In May 2015, the chart began to include both on-demand streams and YouTube views. Finally, in November 2018, the chart began to include karaoke plays in its formula.

From December 7, 2016 onwards, Billboard Japan teamed up with GfK Japan to distribute digital sales of each track on the Hot 100 chart (between the positions of number one to number 50) to the public. The companies will distribute the sales from over 3,900 digital stores nationwide, alongside streaming services with Apple Music, Awa and Line Music, which will commence in 2017 and will be recognized as points (similar to album-equivalent sales).

Song milestones

Most weeks at number one

of weeksSongArtistRelease year
11"Koi"Gen Hoshino2016
9"Zankyo Sanka"Aimer2021
7"Lemon"Kenshi Yonezu2018
7"Pretender"Official Hige Dandism2019
7"I Love…"Official Hige Dandism2020
6"Yoru ni Kakeru"Yoasobi2020
6"Shin Jidai"Ado2022
3"Christmas Song"Back Number2015
3"Mixed Nuts"Official Hige Dandism2022

Most total weeks on the Billboard Japan Hot 100

Currently charting in the top 100
Currently charting in the top 10

* Only the top 30 songs with the most weeks are included

234"Lemon"Kenshi Yonezu12018
228"Wherever You Are"One Ok Rock42010
188"Hakujitsu"King Gnu22019
188"Shape of You"Ed Sheeran42017
185"Pretender"Official Hige Dandism12019
180"Takane no Hanako-san"Back Number32013
173"115-man Kilo no Film"Official Hige Dandism112018
167"Kanade"Sukima Switch272004
160"Ao to Natsu"Mrs. +more Green Apple102018
158"Uchiage Hanabi"Daoko with Kenshi Yonezu12017
157"Himawari no Yakusoku"Motohiro Hata22014
156"Tenbyou no Uta"Mrs. Green Apple feat. Sonoko Inoue492018
149"Silent Majority"Keyakizaka4612016
146"I Love. "Official Hige Dandism12020
143"Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai"Aimyon112017
143"Sayonara Elegy"Masaki Suda32018
139"Koi"Gen Hoshino12016
137"Yoru ni Kakeru"Yoasobi12019
134"Eine Kleine"Kenshi Yonezu192014
133"Ryusei"Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe12014
128"Loser"Kenshi Yonezu32016
128"Hadaka no Kokoro"Aimyon42020
124"Shin Takarajima"Sakanaction12015
117"Haru no Hi"Aimyon22019
115"Inferno"Mrs. Green Apple172019
114"Peace Sign"Kenshi Yonezu12017

Other songs that have charted for at least 100 weeks

113"Mela!"Ryokuoushoku Shakai372020
113"Shake It Off"Taylor Swift42014
112"Hanabi"Mr. +more Children12008
110"Walking with You"Novelbright332018
110"Magic Carpet"Takaya Kawasaki202020
109"No Doubt"Official Hige Dandism112018
106"Machigai Sagashi"Masaki Suda22019
105"Dried Flower"Yuuri22020
105"Tada Kimi ni Hare"Yorushika222018
105"Boy with Luv"BTS feat. Halsey72019
104"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"Taylor Swift22012
103"Christmas Song"Back Number12015
103"Happy"Pharrell Williams52014
103"See You Again"Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth72015

Most weeks in the top ten

"Lemon"Kenshi Yonezu2018-2019 & August 2020
- | "Dried Flower"Yuuri2020-2022
"Yoru ni Kakeru"Yoasobi2020-2021
"Pretender"Official Hige Dandism2019-2020
" | "Dynamite"BTS2020-2021
"Hakujitsu"King Gnu2019-2020
"Gurenge"LiSA2019-2020 & January 2021
"Shukumei"Official Hige Dandism2019-2020

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