Brooks Memorial Library

12 hours ago
Albert Flores

Brooks Memorial Library is a public library in the municipality of Brattleboro, Vermont. The library was founded in 1887. The current head librarian is Starr LaTronica who joined the library in December 2015. The library is part of the Catamount Library Network, which provides a unified library system for over a dozen Vermont libraries.



The library was founded in 1887, when the Brattleboro Library Association's "Free Library" was moved to George J. Brooks Free Library. +more Brooks was a successful paper wholesale entrepreneur, and upon his return to his hometown founded the library. The library was designed by New England architect Alexander Curtis Currier.

The original property was torn down in 1971, when the Brattleboro post office expanded, and the new library was completed in 1967 at its current location. Since then, the library has been funded by a mix of the annual town budget and gifts to the Friends of the Brooks Memorial Library.

The library received national press attention when a reclusive and frugal millionaire, Ronald Read, died and left $1. 2 million to the library alongside an additional 4. +more8 million to Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

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