Deaths in 2022

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Albert Flores

The following notable deaths occurred in 2022. Names are reported under the date of death, in alphabetical order. A typical entry reports information in the following sequence:

* Name, age, country of citizenship at birth, subsequent nationality (if applicable), what subject was noted for, cause of death (if known), and reference.




Fatima Bernawi, 83, Palestinian militant (Palestinian Freedom Movement). *Peter Danckert, 82, German politician, MP (1998-2013). +more *Benoît Dauga, 80, French rugby union player (Stade Montois, national team). *Ray Guy, 72, American Hall of Fame football player (Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders), Super Bowl champion (XI, XV, XVIII). *Yocheved Kashi, 93, Israeli military officer.


, 65, Turkish actor (In Darkness, Hükümet Kadın, Aile Arasında) and journalist. *Ela Bhatt, 89, Indian social activist, founder of SEWA and chancellor of the Gujarat Vidyapith (since 2015). +more *Bubba Cascio, 90, American racehorse trainer. *Alan Chui Chung-San, 70, Hong Kong actor (The Rebellious Reign, Kung Fu vs. Yoga, Two Fists Against the Law). *Leo Delcroix, 72, Belgian politician, senator (1991-1999), minister of defense (1992-1994). *Jakob Eng, 85, Norwegian politician. *Mauro Forghieri, 87, Italian mechanical engineer. *Nicholas Harding, 66, English-born Australian painter, Archibald Prize winner (2001), cancer. *John Raymond Henry, 79, American sculptor. *Bello Musa Kofarmata, 34, Nigerian footballer (Kano Pillars, Heartland, national team). *Patricia Laurent Kullick, 60, Mexican novelist, complications from surgery. *Dejan Mikavica, 58, Serbian historian and politician, deputy (2004-2007). *Kelu Mooppan, 90, Indian actor (Salt N' Pepper). *Alexander Pisarev, 33, Russian mixed martial arts fighter, food poisoning. *Ronnie Radford, 79, English football player (Hereford United, Newport County) and manager (Worcester City). *T. P. Rajeevan, 63, Indian novelist (Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathirakolapathakathinte Katha), kidney disease. *Sir Erich Reich, 87, Austrian-born British entrepreneur and philanthropist. *Atilio Stampone, 96, Argentine pianist, composer and arranger. *Jambey Tashi, 44, Indian politician, Arunachal Pradesh MLA (since 2009). *Franco Tatò, 90, Italian businessman, CEO (1996-2002) and chairman (2002-2005) of Enel, chairman of RCS MediaGroup (2002-2003). *Andrey Titenko, 103, Ukrainian-born Russian World War II veteran, Hero of the Soviet Union (1945).


Mbazulike Amaechi, 93, Nigerian politician, minister of aviation (1963-1966). *George Booth, 96, American cartoonist. +more *Kateřina Fialková, 55, Czech diplomat. *Tsuneo Fukuhara, 89, Japanese composer and music producer. *Gael Greene, 88, American restaurant critic (New York). *Moshe Ha-Elion, 97, Greek-born Israeli Holocaust survivor and writer. *Filep Karma, 63, Indonesian Papuan independence activist, diving accident. *Wilson Kiprugut, 84, Kenyan middle-distance runner, Olympic silver medallist (1968). *, 66, Chinese actor (A Terra-Cotta Warrior). *, 80, Taiwanese actress (Silk). *Aydin Mammadov, 90, Azerbaijani politician. *Max Maven, 71, American magician and mentalist, brain cancer. *Romano Mazzoli, 89, American politician and lawyer, member of the U. S. House of Representatives (1971-1995) and Kentucky Senate (1968-1970). *Vijayakumar Menon, 76, Indian art critic, writer and translator. *Brent Pope, 49, Canadian ice hockey player (Cardiff Devils, Slough Jets, London Racers), cancer. *Mashiur Rahman, 69, Bangladeshi politician, MP (1991-2006), heart attack. *Ray Rodgers, 87, American boxer and boxing coach. *Patricia Ruanne, 77, British ballet dancer. *Norman D. Shumway, 88, American politician, member of the U. S. House of Representatives (1979-1991), brain cancer. *Takeoff, 28, American rapper (Migos) and songwriter ("Versace", "MotorSport"), shot. *Joseph Tarsia, 88, American recording engineer and studio owner (Sigma Sound Studios). *Oswald Van Ooteghem, 98, Belgian politician, senator (1974-1987), member of the Flemish Council (1980-1987).



Abbas Ali Akhtari, 82, Iranian ayatollah, MP (1980-1984, 2004-2008) and member of the Assembly of Experts (since 2020), cancer. *Philippe Alexandre, 90, French journalist and writer. +more *Michal Ambrož, 68, Czech guitarist, singer and composer (Jasná Páka). *Sonali Chakraborty, 59, Indian actress (Tak Jhal Mishti, Bandhan). *T. J. Chandrachoodan, 82, Indian politician. *Gentil Delázari, 82, Brazilian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Sinop (1995-2016). *Andrew Duncan, American actor (Love Story, The Hospital, Used Cars). (death announced on this date) *Patrick Haggerty, 78, American country singer-songwriter (Lavender Country). *Jamshed Jiji Irani, 86, Indian steel industrialist, director of Tata Steel (1998-2001). *Danny Javier, 75, Filipino musician (APO Hiking Society). *Raj Kanwar, 92, Indian journalist (The Tribune, The Indian Express, The Statesman) and writer, heart attack. *Samuel Katz, 95, American pediatrician and virologist. *Jeremy Mansfield, 59, South African radio presenter (Radio 702, 947), liver cancer. *John McVay, 91, American football coach (New York Giants) and executive (San Francisco 49ers). *José Nambi, 73, Angolan Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Kwito-Bié (since 1997). *Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye, 53, Nigerian Anglican prelate, bishop of Lagos (since 2018). *Willy Padrutt, 94, Swiss jurist. *Mike Potter, 73, American racing driver (NASCAR, CARS Tour). *Andrew Prine, 86, American actor (The Devil's Brigade, Chisum, V). *, 65, Egyptian chef. *Vage Shakhverdyan, 77, Armenian stage director and politician, MP (1995-1999). *Keith Taylor, 69, British politician, MEP (2010-2019). *Alan Thomson, 76, Australian cricketer (Victoria, national team). *, 65, Greek actor (A Touch of Spice). *Adam Zimmer, 38, American football coach (New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings).


Andrew Dawes, 82, Canadian violinist. *Peter de Savary, 78, British businessman, chairman of +moreC. '>Millwall F. C. (2005-2006), heart attack. *Martine Djibo, Ivorian educator and politician, MP (1975-1980, 1990-2010). *Mike Fanning, 69, American football player (Los Angeles Rams, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks). *René Fatoux, 86, French footballer (Lille OSC, Red Star F. C. ). *, 92, Russian painter. *Ștefan Ionescu, 87, Romanian Olympic ice hockey player (1964, 1968). *Kim Won-ung, 78, South Korean politician, MNA (1992-1996, 2000-2008). *Rosemarie Köhn, 83, German-born Norwegian Church of Norway clergywoman, bishop of Hamar (1993-2006). *Miklós Lukáts, 76, Hungarian politician, MP (1990-1994). *, 49, Russian writer and translator. *John McGale, 66, Canadian musician and singer (Offenbach). *Hugh McKean, 55, American politician, member of the Colorado House of Representatives (since 2017), heart attack. *Anthony Ortega, 94, American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist and flautist. *Shane Reed, 49, New Zealand Olympic triathlete (2008), brain cancer. *Reza Rezaee, 61, Iranian-Norwegian politician. *Sammy Wilson, 85, Northern Irish footballer (Coleraine, Glenavon, Falkirk). *Lucyna Wiśniewska, 67, Polish politician, deputy (2005-2007). *Marek Wojtera, 58, Polish politician and farmer, deputy (2005-2007).


Serafín Bejérez, 70, Uruguayan farmer and politician, intendant of Cerro Largo (1998-1999). *Hugo Camps, 79, Belgian journalist, columnist and writer. +more *François Chesnais, 88, French economist. *Curt Gentry, 81, American football player (Chicago Bears) and coach. *Ryan Karazija, 40, American-Icelandic musician (Low Roar), complications from pneumonia. (death announced on this date) *Wolfgang Lange, 84, German canoeist. *Maurice Ligot, 94, French civil administrator and politician, deputy (1973-1976, 1978-2002), mayor of Cholet (1965-1995). *Mikhail Mashkovtsev, 75, Russian politician, governor of Kamchatka Krai (2000-2007). *Sir Peter Morris, 88, Australian surgeon, bowel cancer. *Donal Moynihan, 81, Irish politician, TD (1982-1989, 1992-2007). *Lukas Nola, 58, Croatian film director (Russian Meat, Celestial Body, Alone), cancer. *Park Sil, 83, South Korean journalist and politician, MNA (1985-1996). *Hava Pinhas-Cohen, 67, Israeli poet and writer. *Daniel Schmutz, 79, Swiss administrator and politician, Vaud state councillor (1981-1998). *Heinrich Schneier, 96, German politician, member of the Landtag of Bavaria (1962-1974). *Robin Sylvester, 71-72, British bassist (RatDog). *Kirpa Ram Vij, 87, Singaporean civil servant and military officer, director, general staff (1970-1974).


Eric Jean Baptiste, 52, Haitian politician and entrepreneur, shot. *, 86, Indian artist. +more *, 71, German theater manager. *Calvin O. Butts, 73, American pastor and academic administrator, president of the State University of New York at Old Westbury (1999-2020). *Domenico Contestabile, 85, Italian lawyer and politician, senator (1994-2006). *Herman Daly, 84, American economist. *Vince Dooley, 90, American Hall of Fame college football coach (Georgia Bulldogs). *Dan Flynn, 79, American politician, businessman and rancher, member of the Texas House of Representatives (2003-2021). *Saroj Kumari Gaurihar, 93, Indian writer and politician, Madhya Pradesh MLA (1967-1972). *Ian Jack, 77, British journalist (Granta, The Guardian) and writer. *Marc Kravetz, 80, French journalist. *Jerry Lee Lewis, 87, American Hall of Fame singer ("Great Balls of Fire", "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On", "High School Confidential") and pianist. *Helena Łazarska, 88, Polish operatic and vocal pedagogue. *Andrzej Magowski, 56, Polish football player (Olimpia Poznań, Herzlake) and coach (Dąb Barcin). *P. J. McElroy, 90, Northern Irish Gaelic footballer (Liatroim Fontenoys). *D. H. Peligro, 63, American drummer (Dead Kennedys, Red Hot Chili Peppers), head trauma. *Hannah Pick-Goslar, 93, German-born Israeli Holocaust survivor (Laatste Zeven Maanden van Anne Frank). *Safwan al-Qudsi, 82, Syrian politician, MP (since 1977). *Heinz Winkler, 73, Italian-German chef, multiple organ failure.


Pedro Nicolás Bermúdez Villamizar, 93, Venezuelan Roman Catholic prelate, auxiliary bishop of Caracas (1997-2009), member of the C. I. +moreM. *Stan Bingham, 76, American politician, member of the North Carolina Senate (2001-2017). *Semisi Fakahau, 74, Tongan politician, MP (since 2014). *Joe Frank, 79, American politician, mayor of Newport News, Virginia (1996-2010). *Vladimir Gligorov, 77, Serbian economist. *Nipon Goswami, 80, Indian actor (Shakuntala Aru Sankar Joseph Ali, Hiya Diya Niya, Jonaki Mon). *Stephen C. Grossman, 76, American television producer (Newhart), complications from COVID-19. *William W. Hay, 88, American geologist. *Fritz Huitfeldt, 83, Norwegian lawyer and politician. *Geraldine Hunt, 77, American R&B singer ("Can't Fake the Feeling"). *Irakli Khakhubia, 51, Georgian economist, engineer, and politician. *Donato Manfroi, 82, Italian politician, senator (1992-2001). *Joyce Molyneux, 91, British restaurateur. *Maurice Olender, 76, French historian. *Satheeshan Pacheni, 54, Indian politician, stroke. *Carlos de la Rosa, 78, Argentine lawyer and politician, senator (1995-2001). *Terry Ryan, 80, New Zealand Māori genealogist and language advocate. *Gerald Stern, 97, American poet. *Bahaa Taher, 87, Egyptian novelist.


Mashallah Abdullayev, 72, Azerbaijani military officer, National Hero (1992). *Michael Basman, 76, English chess master. +more *Mike Birch, 90, Canadian navigator. *Imre Forgács, 73, Hungarian jurist, minister of justice (2009-2010). *Lucianne Goldberg, 87, American literary agent and author. *Hsu Yung Chin, 70, Taiwanese calligrapher. *Vladimir Kostrov, 87, Russian poet, translator and playwright. *George Nedungatt, 89, Indian Jesuit priest and canonist. *Vinayak Nimhan, Indian politician, Maharashtra MLA (1999-2014), cancer. *Lia Origoni, 103, Italian singer and stage actress. *Julie Powell, 49, American author, subject of Julie & Julia, cardiac arrest. *Agustín Ramírez, 70, Mexican singer-songwriter (Los Caminantes). *James Roose-Evans, 94, British theatre director, priest and writer. *Sebastian von Rotenhan, 72, German forester and politician, member of the Landtag of Bavaria (1998-2008). *Esmayeel Shroff, 62, Indian film director (Thodisi Bewafaii, God and Gun, Police Public). *Pierre Soulages, 102, French visual artist. *Rosalind Wiener Wyman, 92, American politician, member of the Los Angeles city council (1954-1965).


Mohammad Abbas Ansari, 86, Indian Islamic cleric and political activist. *Husnija Arapović, 78, Bosnian football player (Čelik Zenica, Borac Banja Luka) and manager (Schaffhausen). +more *Jules Bass, 87, American animator and television producer (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, The Last Unicorn), co-founder of Rankin/Bass Productions. *Othman Battikh, 81, Tunisian Islamic scholar. *, 75, Czech singer and actress (Hospital at the End of the City, My Sweet Little Village, Návštěvníci). (death announced on this date) *Barbara Cooper, 93, American politician, member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (since 1996). *Mike Davis, 76, American author (City of Quartz, Late Victorian Holocausts, Set the Night on Fire) and activist, esophageal cancer. *Gordon Fee, 88, American Christian theologian. *Leonie Forbes, 85, Jamaican actress (Milk and Honey, Soul Survivor, Shattered Image), broadcaster and producer. *Peter Gabel, 75, American legal scholar, editor (Tikkun). *Jim Halligan, 86, American academic administrator (Oklahoma State University) and politician, member of the Oklahoma Senate (2008-2016). *Branislav Hronec, 81, Slovak composer, pianist and conductor. *Kim Keum-soo, 84, South Korean labor activist. *Halit Kıvanç, 97, Turkish journalist (Milliyet, Tercüman, Hürriyet), television and radio presenter. *Aristotelis Pavlidis, 78, Greek politician, minister for the Aegean (2004-2007). *Brian Robinson, 91, British road racing cyclist. *Paul Stoddard, American singer (Diecast). *Franco Stradella, 81, Italian businessman and politician, deputy (1996-2013). *Tony Street, 96, Australian politician, minister for foreign affairs (1980-1983) and MP (1966-1984). *Charles Wheeler, 96, American politician, member of the Missouri Senate (2003-2007) and mayor of Kansas City, Missouri (1971-1979). *Farquhar Wilkinson, 90, New Zealand cellist, principal cellist of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (1955-1992).


Ash Carter, 68, American politician, secretary of defense (2015-2017), heart attack. *Pinaki Chaudhuri, 82, Indian film director (Chena Achena, Kakababu Here Gelen?, Ek Tukro Chand), cancer. +more *Ken Fairweather, 77, Papua New Guinean politician, MP (2007-2017). *Christine Farnon, 97, American music industry executive (NARAS). *Ben Feigin, 47, American television producer (Schitt's Creek, Cheech & Chong: Roasted), Emmy winner (2020), pancreatic cancer. *Tim Gough, 55, British radio presenter, heart attack. *Myer Horowitz, 89, Canadian academic, president of the University of Alberta (1979-1989). *Leslie Jordan, 67, American actor (Will & Grace, Hearts Afire, Call Me Kat), Emmy winner (2006). *Yuri Kosin, 74, Ukrainian photographer. *Milomir Kovac, 60, Serbian-German veterinary surgeon, equine specialist and columnist. *Vladimir Kulakov, 86, Belarusian politician. *Patricia Morán, 97, Mexican actress (Another Spring), first lady of Chihuahua (1968-1974). *Urs Nussbaumer, 91, Swiss agronomic engineer and politician, councilor (1979-1991). *Gregg Philbin, 75, American rock bassist (REO Speedwagon). *Fa'afiaula Sagote, 41, Samoan actor (The Orator). *Laila Shawa, 82, Palestinian visual artist. *Dieter Werkmüller, 85, German academic and lawyer. *Tomasz Wójtowicz, 69, Polish Hall of Fame volleyball player (Legia Warsaw, Santal Parma), Olympic champion (1976). *Peter Yang, 87, Hong Kong film director (The Escape) and actor (You Can't Tell Him, The Ammunition Hunters), bladder cancer. *Anatoly Zourpenko, 46, Greek-Russian basketball player (Olympiacos, Papagou, Panellinios).


Vanilla Beane, 103, American milliner and fashion designer. *Walt Corey, 84, American football player and coach (Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills). +more *Don Edwards, 86, American cowboy singer and actor (The Horse Whisperer). *Marian Fuks, 108, Polish historian, director of the Jewish Historical Institute (1968-1969, 1971-1973). *Walter Gaudnek, 91, German artist. *Amou Haji, 94, Iranian hermit, known as "the world's dirtiest man". *George Nelson Hunt III, 90, American Episcopal prelate, bishop of Rhode Island (1980-1994). *Michael Kopsa, 66, Canadian actor (X-Men: Evolution, Mobile Suit Gundam, Fantastic Four), complications from a brain tumour. *, 87, Czech linguist and translator, director of the Institute of the Czech Language (1994-2002). *John Lilipaly, 79, Dutch politician, MP (1986-1998), complications from Alzheimer's disease. *Ian MacLeod, 77, Canadian football player (Edmonton Eskimos). *Carlos Melancia, 95, Portuguese politician, governor of Macau (1987-1991). *Paul Morantz, 77, American attorney and investigative journalist. *Adriano Moreira, 100, Portuguese lawyer and politician, MP (1980-1995) and member of the council of state (2016-2019). *, 90, Belarusian sculptor. *, 68, South African actor (Boetie Gaan Border Toe, Oh Schucks. ! Here Comes UNTAG, The Fourth Reich). *Libor Pešek, 89, Czech conductor (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, CNSO, Slovak Philharmonic). *Galina Pisarenko, 88, Russian opera singer (Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre, Komische Oper Berlin) and voice teacher (Moscow Conservatory). *Aristidis Rapanakis, 68, Greek sailor, Olympic bronze medalist (1980). (death announced on this date) *Rock of Gibraltar, 23, Irish thoroughbred racehorse and sire, heart failure. *Arshad Sharif, 49, Pakistani investigative journalist (ARY News, Aaj News, Dunya News), shot. *Benno Zech, 94, German teacher and politician, member of the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate (1983-1987).


Bernard Atha, 94, English actor (Kes, Coronation Street) and politician, mayor of Leeds (2000-2001). *Umberto Bellocco, 84, Italian mobster, founder of Bellocco 'ndrina. +more *John Blackburn, 90, British abstract painter. *, 66, Czech actor (Jak básníci neztrácejí naději, Kolya, Lotrando a Zubejda). *Patrick Coveney, 88, Irish Roman Catholic prelate, archbishop and apostolic nuncio (1985-2009). *Leszek Engelking, 67, Polish writer and translator. *, 87, Brazilian songwriter (Novos Baianos). *Rodney Graham, 73, Canadian visual artist and musician. *Pádraigh Griffin, 47, Irish Gaelic footballer (Clonakilty, Cork). *Burt Gustafson, 96, American football coach (Green Bay Packers). *, 103, Argentinian painter and writer. *Dietrich Mateschitz, 78, Austrian businessman, co-founder of Red Bull GmbH. *Aksel Nærstad, 70, Norwegian politician. *Qian Zhengying, 99, Chinese hydrologist and politician, vice chairperson of the CPPCC (1988-1993), minister of water resources (1974-1988) and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. *Maurice Rich, 90, Australian Olympic athlete (1956). *Marianna Roshal-Stroyeva, 97, Russian film director (The White Poodle). *Lori Saint-Martin, 63, Canadian writer and translator.


May Blood, Baroness Blood, 84, Northern Irish peer, member of the House of Lords (1999-2018), brain cancer. *Jim Bolla, 70, American college basketball coach (UNLV Lady Rebels, Hawaii Rainbow Wahine). +more *Zuri Craig, 44, American actor and singer (America's Got Talent). *Waldemar Fibigr, 56, Czech Olympic sprint canoer (1988, 1992). *, 96, Bulgarian film director. *Robert Gordy, 91, American music publishing executive and actor (Lady Sings the Blues). *Tom Hoover, 81, American drag racer. *Wolfgang Jenssen, 80, German politician, member of the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate (1971-1979). *Masato Kudo, 32, Japanese footballer (Kashiwa Reysol, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, national team), complications from brain surgery. *Cynthia Lai, 68, Hong Kong-born Canadian politician, Toronto city councillor (since 2018), gallbladder cancer. *, 96, Czech screenwriter and dramaturge. *Yoshimi Osawa, 96, Japanese judoka, pneumonia. *John Ponsonby, 67, British Royal Air Force officer. *Carmelo Ríos, 63, Puerto Rican Olympic athlete (1984). *Rainer Schaller, 53, German entrepreneur (McFit, Gold's Gym), plane crash. *Peter Schjeldahl, 80, American art critic (The New Yorker, The New York Times, ARTnews) and poet, lung cancer. *David Scott, 75, English poet. *, 99, Chinese archaeologist, discoverer of Banpo, key excavator of the Terracotta Army. *Giorgio Soffritti, 76, Italian actor (Night Nurse, The Voice of the Moon). *Silvana Suárez, 64, Argentine beauty queen, Miss World (1978), colon cancer. *Asher Tlalim, 72, Israeli filmmaker, cancer. *Chet Walker, 68, American choreographer (On the Town, Pippin, Fosse), glioblastoma. *War of Attrition, 23, Irish racehorse, Cheltenham Gold Cup winner (2006). *Harry White, 78, Australian jockey. *Xu Guangchun, 77, Chinese politician, CPC secretary of Henan (2004-2009).


Travis Basevi, 47, Australian cricket statistician and historian, cancer. *Atarah Ben-Tovim, 82, British flautist, cancer. +more *Jacques Brault, 89, Canadian poet and translator. *Tony Brown, 55, American basketball referee (NBA, WNBA, CBA), pancreatic cancer. *Bettye Crutcher, 83, American songwriter ("Who's Making Love"). *Anton Donchev, 92, Bulgarian writer (Time of Parting). *Tom Emberton, 90, American politician and jurist, judge of the Kentucky Court of Appeals (1987-2004), house fire. *Helmut Kuhlmann, 82, German politician, member of the Landtag of Lower Saxony (1974-1998). *Blanche Lemco van Ginkel, 98, British-born Canadian architect and city planner. *José Manuel Llaneza, 74, Spanish football club owner, vice president of Villarreal CF. *, 79, Czech criminologist (The Spartakiad Killer, Ladislav Hojer). *Ron Masak, 86, American actor (Murder, She Wrote, Tora! Tora! Tora!, Evel Knievel). *Josephine Melville, 61, British actress (EastEnders, The Bill). *Jimmy Millar, 87, Scottish football player (Rangers, national team) and manager (Raith Rovers). *Lucy Simon, 82, American composer (The Secret Garden) and folk singer (The Simon Sisters), Grammy winner (1981, 1983), breast cancer. *Trevor Stamp, 4th Baron Stamp, 87, British medical doctor and hereditary peer, member of the House of Lords (1987-1999). *Al Sutton, 88, American anti-racism activist, jazz pianist and actor. *Tsin Ting, 88, Taiwanese singer and voice actress (Diau Charn, The Love Eterne, The Mermaid). *Louis Kotra Uregei, 71, New Caledonian businessman, politician, and trade unionist.


Funminiyi Afuye, 66, Nigerian lawyer and politician, member (2007-2011, since 2019) and speaker (since 2019) of the Ekiti State House of Assembly. *Omar Borrás, 93, Uruguayan football manager (national team). +more *, 88, Spanish basketball player (Estudiantes, Real Madrid, national team). *Nicole Catala, 86, French academic and politician, member of the Council of Paris (1989-2008) and deputy (1988-2002). *Stanisław Ciosek, 83, Polish politician, deputy (1972-1985), minister of labor and social policy (1983-1984). (death announced on this date) *Dália da Cunha-Sammer, 93, Portuguese Olympic gymnast (1952, 1960). *Louis Gigante, 90, American Roman Catholic priest. *Dave Herman, 81, American football player (New York Jets). *Kassian Lauterer, 88, Austrian Roman Catholic priest, abbot of Wettingen-Mehrerau (1968-2009) and member of the Cistercians (since 1952). *Lucienne Legrand, 102, French actress (Hungarian Rhapsody, The Contessa's Secret, A Little Romance). *, 73, Romanian biologist, pulmonary fibrosis. *Dina Merhav, 86, Yugoslav-born Israeli sculptor. *Kōji Nakamoto, 81, Japanese actor (Yawara!, Asako I & II), comedian, and guitarist (The Drifters), traffic collision. *Geoff Nuttall, 56, Canadian violinist (St. Lawrence String Quartet). *John Jay Osborn Jr. , 77, American author (The Paper Chase), squamous cell carcinoma. *Joanna Simon, 85, American opera singer, thyroid cancer. *Ali Tehrani, 96, Iranian Shia Islamic theologian and writer. *Charley Trippi, 100, American Hall of Fame football player (Chicago Cardinals). *Philip Waruinge, 77, Kenyan boxer, Olympic silver medallist (1972). *Ibrahim Zukanović, 64, Bosnian football player (Čelik Zenica) and manager (Sloga Uskoplje, Iskra Bugojno).


Roger Amuruz, 63, Peruvian engineer and politician, deputy (1992-2000). *Robert Arrigo, 67, Maltese politician, MP (since 2003) and mayor of Sliema (1994-2003), cancer. +more *Clerence Chyntia Audry, 28, Indonesian actress (Anak Jalanan), blood cancer. *Guy Avanzini, 93, French academic and philosopher. *Thomas Cahill, 82, American scholar and writer (How the Irish Saved Civilization). *Charles Duncan Jr. , 96, American businessman and politician, secretary of energy (1979-1981) and president of the Coca-Cola Company (1972-1974), complications from a fall. *Pablo Eisenberg, 90, American scholar, social justice advocate, and tennis player. *Ole Ellefsæter, 83, Norwegian cross-country skier, world (1966) and Olympic champion (1968), and singer, cardiac arrest. *Franco Gatti, 80, Italian singer, guitarist and keyboardist (Ricchi e Poveri). *Robert Gordon, 75, American rockabilly singer. *Henri Le Breton, 94, French politician, senator (1981-2001), mayor of Buléon (1953-2008). *Tom Maddox, 77, American science fiction writer, stroke. *John P. Meier, 80, American biblical scholar and Roman Catholic priest. *Bülend Özveren, 79, Turkish television presenter and sports commentator. *Valery Rubakov, 67, Russian theoretical physicist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1998), complications from COVID-19. *, 63, Ukrainian painter. *, 89, Romanian essayist and historian. *Charlie Smithgall, 77, American politician, mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (1998-2006), heart disease. *Gus Stavros, 97, American businessman and philanthropist. *Earl Strinden, 90, American politician, member of the North Dakota House of Representatives (1967-1989). *Jean Teulé, 69, French novelist (The Suicide Shop), cartoonist, and screenwriter, cardiac arrest. *Harvey Wollman, 87, American politician, governor (1978-1979) and lieutenant governor (1975-1978) of South Dakota, member of the South Dakota Senate (1968-1970). *Yuri Zubakov, 78, Russian politician.


Ahmad Akbari, 75, Iranian Olympic fencer (1976). *Masum Aziz, 70, Bangladeshi actor (Ghani, Rabeya, Eito Prem), cancer. +more *Borys Bespalyi, 69, Ukrainian politician, MP (1998-2007). *Jagoda Buić, 92, Croatian visual artist. *Dame Carmen Callil, 84, Australian publisher, founder of Virago Press, leukaemia. *Antonio Del Prete, 87, Italian lawyer and politician, senator (1983-1987), deputy (1994-1996). *Heinz-Jörg Eckhold, 81, German politician, member of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia (1995-2005). *Josef Fales, 84, Ukrainian footballer (Karpaty Lviv). *Om Gurung, 69, Nepali sociologist, cancer. *Reza Haghighatnejad, 45, Iranian journalist (Radio Farda), colon cancer. *Sayed Yousuf Halim, 62, Afghan judge, chief justice of Afghanistan (2014-2021), heart failure. *Daniel Hwang, 69, Taiwanese politician, member of the Legislative Yuan (1999-2012). *Yury Klimov, 82, Russian handball player and coach, Olympic champion (1976). *Albert Nolan, 88, South African Roman Catholic priest and theologian. *Rajes Perumal, 37, Malaysian footballer (PKNS, Kedah Darul Aman, Petaling Jaya City), traffic collision. *Peter Polleruhs, 72, Austrian engineer and politician, MP (1993-2002). *Michael Ponti, 84, German pianist. *Roberto Rojas, 55, Bolivian politician, deputy (2010-2015). *Ashot Sarkisov, 98, Russian nuclear physicist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1994). *Leonardas Sauka, 91, Lithuanian folklorist, linguist and translator. *Claude Saunier, 79, French politician, mayor of Saint-Brieuc (1983-2001) and senator (1989-2008), cardiac arrest. *Zbigniew Senkowski, 66, Polish trade union activist and politician, deputy (1997-2001). (death announced on this date) *Ethevaldo Mello de Siqueira, 90, Brazilian journalist, science writer, and consultant. *, 96, Polish actor (07 zgłoś się). *Younoussi Touré, 80, Malian politician, prime minister (1992-1993) and president of the National Assembly (2012-2013). *Angelo Venosa, 68, Brazilian sculptor, complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. *Franz Vorrath, 85, German Roman Catholic prelate, auxiliary bishop of Essen (1995-2014).


Jüri Arrak, 85, Estonian painter. *Joyce Aylard, 97, British codebreaker. +more *Vidmantas Bačiulis, 82, Lithuanian screenwriter and film director. *Lodewijk van den Berg, 90, Dutch-born American chemical engineer and astronaut (STS-51-B). *Claudio Biern Boyd, 81, Spanish animator (The World of David the Gnome, Gladiator Academy), founder of BRB Internacional. *Benjamin Civiletti, 87, American lawyer, attorney general (1979-1981) and deputy attorney general (1978-1979), complications from Parkinson's disease. *Katherine Duncan-Jones, 81, British literature and Shakespeare scholar, complications of dementia. *Malcolm Patrick Galt, 93, Trinidadian-born Barbadian Roman Catholic prelate, bishop of Bridgetown (1995-2005). *Satya Mohan Joshi, 102, Nepali literary scholar (Hamro Lok Sanskriti). *Lee Yong-hui, 91, South Korean politician, MNA (1973-1980, 1985-1988, 2004-2012). *Dilip Mahalanabis, 87, Indian pediatrician. *Manoj Singh Mandavi, 58, Indian politician, Chhattisgarh MLA (since 2013), heart attack. *Cyrus Mann, 66, American basketball player (Crispa Redmanizers), COVID-19. *Robert McKinley, 94, Canadian politician, MP (1965-1980). *Helen Michaluk, 92, Belarusian activist, chair of the Association of Belarusians in Great Britain (1997-2013). *Nosfe, 37, Romanian rapper, heart attack. *, 81, Czech painter. *Paulo Henrique Paes Landim, 84, Brazilian doctor and politician, Piauí MLA (1991-2007). *, 99, Russian army officer. *Cormac Roth, 25, American musician, germ cell cancer. *, 109, Mexican centenarian, inspiration of Coco. *Josef Somr, 88, Czech actor (Closely Watched Trains, The Joke, How the World Is Losing Poets). *Margaret Sumner, 81, Australian lawn bowler. *, 50, South African television presenter, news reader and actress (Abraham). *Vaishali Takkar, 30, Indian actress (Sasural Simar Ka, Super Sisters - Chalega Pyar Ka Jaadu, Vish Ya Amrit: Sitara), suicide by hanging. *Ian Whittaker, 94, British set decorator (Alien, Howards End) and actor (The Revenge of Frankenstein), Oscar winner (1993), prostate cancer.


Ferret Baudoin, American video game designer (Fallout 76). *Milton Cabral, 101, Brazilian engineer and politician, deputy (1964-1971), two-time senator, governor of Paraíba (1986-1987). +more *Noel Duggan, 73, Irish musician (Clannad, The Duggans). *Margaret Farry-Williams, 89, New Zealand fashion leader and fundraiser. *Billur Kalkavan, 59, Turkish actress (The Blue Exile, The Queen Is in the Factory, Acayip Hikayeler), lung cancer. *Ken Kortas, 80, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers). *Sylvia Laughter, 63, American politician, member of the Arizona House of Representatives (1999-2005), complications from COVID-19. *Jay Owen Light, 81, American academic administrator. *Horst Metz, 77, German politician, member of the Landtag of Saxony (1990-2009). *Mikaben, 41, Haitian singer, songwriter, and producer, cardiac arrest. *K. Murari, 78, Indian film producer (Seetamalakshmi, Seetharama Kalyanam, Srinivasa Kalyanam). *Tullio Pozzan, 73, Italian biochemist. *Arsenio Puro, 46, Spanish magician, heart attack. *Simon Roy, 54, Canadian author, brain cancer. *Marty Sammon, 45, American blues pianist (Buddy Guy). *O. P. Sharma, 80, Indian magician. *Jitendra Shastri, 65, Indian actor (Daud, Black Friday, Rajma Chawal). *Joyce Sims, 63, American R&B singer-songwriter ("Come Into My Life"). *Thomas Sleeper, 66, American composer and conductor, complications from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. *, 89, Czech actress.


, 85, Albanian archeologist. *Raymond Argentin, 97, French Olympic sprint canoeist (1948). +more *, 79, Latvian actress. *Alfredo Chiappori, 79, Italian cartoonist. *Adam Clapham, 82, British television director and producer (Doomsday Gun). *Robbie Coltrane, 72, Scottish actor (Harry Potter, Cracker, GoldenEye) and comedian, multiple organ failure. *Étienne Gaboury, 92, Canadian architect (Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church, Saint Boniface Cathedral, Esplanade Riel). *Jan van der Graaf, 85, Dutch church administrator, general secretary of the Reformed Association in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (1973-2001). *Alan Halsey, 73, British poet. *George Johanson, 94, American painter, printmaker, and ceramic tile artist. *Feliks W. Kres, 56, Polish writer. *Stanislav Kropilák, 67, Slovak Hall of Fame basketball player (Inter Bratislava, BK Pardubice, CEP Fleurus). *Gerrit van der Linde, 95, Dutch jurist, justice of the Supreme Court (1981-1997). *Muhammad Noor Meskanzai, 66, Pakistani jurist, chief justice of the Balochistan High Court (2014-2018) and the Federal Shariat Court (since 2021), shot. *Mariana Nicolesco, 73, Romanian operatic soprano. *Alexandros Nikolaidis, 42, Greek taekwondo athlete, Olympic silver medalist (2004, 2008), cancer. *, 75, Spanish microbiologist and academic. *Timothy O'Brien, 93, British theatre designer, prostate cancer. *Ed Olivares, 84, Puerto Rican baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals). *Kay Parker, 78, British pornographic actress (Sex World, Dracula Sucks, Taboo), cancer. *Kedar Singh Phonia, 92, Indian politician, Uttar Pradesh (1991-2002) and Uttarakhand (2007-2012) MLA. *N. U. Prabhu, 98, Indian-American mathematician. *Jan Rabson, 68, American voice actor (Akira, Leisure Suit Larry, James Bond Jr. ). *Ljubisav Rakić, 91, Serbian neurobiologist and academic. *Jose Luis Rivera, 62, Puerto Rican professional wrestler (WWF, NWA, WCW). *Preben Rudiengaard, 78, Danish physician and politician, MP (1998-2011). *Georg Scholz, 64, German medical officer and politician, member of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia (2000-2005). *André Spénard, 72, Canadian politician, Quebec MNA (2012-2018). *Roberto Vencato, 70, Italian Olympic sailor (1976). *Julien Vrebos, 75, Belgian film director. *Ted White, 96, American stuntman (Escape from New York, Road House) and actor (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter). *Ralf Wolter, 95, German actor (One, Two, Three, Cabaret, What Is the Matter with Willi?).


Jeff Barnaby, 46, Canadian film director (Rhymes for Young Ghouls, Blood Quantum), cancer. *Jon Brittenum, 78, American football player (Arkansas Razorbacks, San Diego Chargers). +more *Peter Butler, 90, English golfer. (death announced on this date) *Ding Wenchang, 89, Chinese air force officer. *, 67, Italian journalist. *Fuzzy, 83, Danish composer (Eight Hours Don't Make a Day). *Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta, 78, Congolese saxophonist and composer. *James McDivitt, 93, American astronaut (Gemini 4, Apollo 9). *Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, 72, Singaporean poet and writer. *Pim van de Meent, 84, Dutch football player (DOS) and coach (De Graafschap, NEC Nijmegen). *, 70, Swiss singer and composer (Krisma). *Halvor Næs, 94, Norwegian Olympic ski jumper (1952, 1960). *Steve Roberts, 68, British drummer (U. K. Subs), suicide. (death announced on this date) *Dagmar Rom, 94, Austrian skier, Olympic silver medallist (1952). *Joe Sample, 99, American philanthropist, founder of the Montana Television Network. *Stavros Sarafis, 72, Greek football player (PAOK, national team) and manager, stroke. *Moe Savransky, 93, American baseball player (Cincinnati Redlegs). *Kenneth M. Sayre, 94, American philosopher. (death announced on this date) *Mike Schank, 53, American musician and actor (American Movie, Storytelling, Hamlet A. D. D. ), cancer. *Rollie Seltz, 98, American basketball player (Anderson Packers, Waterloo Hawks, Saint Paul Lights). *Lennart Söderberg, 81, Swedish football player (AIK) and manager (Gefle, Västerås). *John Spender, 86, Australian politician and diplomat, MP (1980-1990) and ambassador to France (1996-2000). *Ben Stevens, 63, American politician, member (2001-2007) and president (2005-2007) of the Alaska Senate. *Bruce Sutter, 69, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves).


Bernardo Adam Ferrero, 80, Spanish composer, conductor and musicologist. *Jim Bailey, 87, American baseball player (Cincinnati Reds). +more *Linos Benakis, 94, Greek historian of philosophy. *Manoel Victor Cavalcante, 63, Brazilian politician, Santa Catarina MLA (1991-1995). *Jacques Cresta, 67, French politician, deputy (2012-2017). *Peter Gumpel, 98, German Jesuit priest and historian. *Lucious Jackson, 80, American basketball player (Philadelphia 76ers, national team), Olympic champion (1964), heart failure. *Katsuya Kitamura, 36, Japanese professional wrestler (NJPW), bodybuilder, and mixed martial artist. *N. Kovaithangam, 73, Indian politician, Tamil Nadu MLA (2001-2011). *Konstantin Landa, 50, Russian chess grandmaster. *Gary A. Lee, 89, American politician, member of the U. S. House of Representatives (1979-1983) and New York State Assembly (1975-1979). *Ngo Vinh Long, 78, Vietnamese-American historian. *Mary Adelia McLeod, 84, American Episcopal bishop, bishop of Vermont (1993-2001). *Monsta O, 56, American rapper (Boo-Yaa T. R. I. B. E. ). *John Mulholland, 76, Irish politician, mayor of Galway (1986-1987, 1996-1997). *Billy Newman, 75, Irish footballer (Shelbourne, national team). *Ralph Pearson, 103, American chemist (HSAB theory). *Osmo Pekonen, 62, Finnish mathematician, science historian and writer. *Nikolay Petrunin, 46, Russian politician, deputy (since 2016), COVID-19. *Karen Poniachik, 57, Chilean journalist and politician, minister of mining (2006-2008). *Dariusz Raczyński, 60, Polish footballer (Lechia Gdańsk). *Jeremy Rogers, 85, British boat builder and sailor, complications of Alzheimer's disease and COVID-19. *Dolores Sloviter, 90, American jurist, judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (since 1979). *Robert West, 94, American chemist.


, 75, Algerian da'i. *Doru Ana, 68, Romanian actor (The Man of the Day, Next Stop Paradise, Stuff and Dough). +more *Frøydis Armand, 73, Norwegian actress (Wives - Ten Years After, Hotel Cæsar). *Ken Barcus, 67, American journalist and editor (NPR), cancer. *Marion Boyd, 76, Canadian politician, Ontario MPP (1990-1999). *André Brassard, 76, Canadian film (Once Upon a Time in the East, The Late Blossom) and theatre director. *, 68, Italian footballer (Taranto, Pisa, Parma). *Jaroslav Čejka, 86, Czech dancer, mime, and actor. *Rick Cessar, 93, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1971-1994), heart failure. *Herbert Chabot, 91, American jurist, judge of the United States Tax Court (1978-2016), complications from COVID-19. *Joe Crozier, 93, Canadian ice hockey player (Toronto Maple Leafs) and coach (Buffalo Sabres, Rochester Americans). *Louis Denis, 94, Canadian ice hockey player (Montreal Canadiens). *Harold Garde, 99, American painter. *Beryl Goldwyn, 91, English ballet dancer, cancer. *A. Gopalakrishnan, 85, Indian nuclear engineer. *François Iselin, 82, Swiss architect and writer. *Dame Angela Lansbury, 96, British-American-Irish actress (The Manchurian Candidate, Sweeney Todd, Murder, She Wrote) and singer, five-time Tony winner. *Hikaru Matsunaga, 93, Japanese politician, minister of finance (1998), international trade (1989-1990) and education (1984-1985). *Jean-Louis Pelletier, 86, French criminal lawyer. *Sheikh Anne Rahman, 62, Bangladeshi politician, MP (since 2018). *Reza Roosta Azad, 60, Iranian academic, chancellor of Sharif University of Technology (2010-2014). *Altaf Ahmad Shah, 66, Indian Kashmiri separatist, renal cancer. *Charles Sherrod, 85, American civil rights activist. *Peter Siragusa, 67, American actor (Dinosaur, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Love Don't Cost a Thing). *Willie Spence, 23, American singer (American Idol), traffic collision. *Victor Steeman, 22, Dutch motorcycle racer, injuries sustained in race collision.


Subbu Arumugam, 94, Indian writer and storyteller. *Emeric Arus, 84, Romanian Olympic fencer (1960). +more *Roberto Bisacco, 83, Italian actor (Torso, Detective Belli, Romeo and Juliet). *Sergio Brighenti, 90, Italian football player (Inter Milan, Sampdoria, national team) and manager, heart attack. *Michael Callan, 86, American actor (West Side Story, Cat Ballou, Gidget Goes Hawaiian), pneumonia. *Kenny Clayton, 86, British record producer, arranger and conductor. *Keith Eddy, 77, English footballer (Watford, Barrow, Sheffield United). *Dick Ellsworth, 82, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians). *Ferdinando Facchiano, 95, Italian lawyer and politician, deputy (1987-1994), minister for cultural and environmental heritage (1989-1991). *Sterling Johnson Jr. , 88, American jurist, judge of the U. S. District Court of Eastern New York (since 1991). *Anita Kerr, 94, American singer, Grammy winner (1966, 1967). *Viktor Logunov, 78, Russian track cyclist, Olympic silver medalist (1964). *Fred Martin, 95, American artist. *Jim Niekamp, 76, American ice hockey player (Detroit Red Wings). *Roman Pelts, 85, Ukrainian-American chess master. *, 95, Czech soldier, chief of the General Staff of Czechoslovakia (1991-1992) and Czech Republic (1993). *Joe Roberts, 86, American basketball player (Ohio State Buckeyes, Syracuse Nationals, Kentucky Colonels) and coach. *Leon Schidlowsky, 91, Chilean-Israeli composer. *Allan Wood, 79, Australian swimmer, Olympic bronze medallist (1964), cancer. *James Wright, 83, American historian, president of Dartmouth College (1998-2009). *Mulayam Singh Yadav, 82, Indian politician, minister of defence (1996-1998), MP (1996-2004, since 2009) and three-time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.


Temsüla Ao, 76, Indian poet and writer (Laburnum For My Head). *, 47, Russian music journalist, music critic and translator. +more *Leszek Tadeusz Biały, 82, Polish politician and teacher, deputy (1991-1993). *Samarjit Roy Chowdhury, 85, Bangladeshi painter. *Ted Crosbie, 91, Irish businessman and newspaper publisher. *Andrés Cuervo, 34, Colombian singer-songwriter. *Chuck Deardorf, 68, American jazz musician, COVID-19. *Yuriy Dehteryov, 74, Ukrainian footballer (Shakhtar Donetsk, Soviet Union national team). *Tony DeLuca, 85, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (since 1983), lymphoma. *George Drysdale, 95, Canadian ice hockey player (Fort Wayne Komets). *Nikki Finke, 68, American blogger and entertainment journalist, founder of Deadline Hollywood. *Alastair Fowler, 92, Scottish literary critic and editor. *, 92, Russian painter. *Bruno Latour, 75, French philosopher and sociologist (Laboratory Life, Science in Action, We Have Never Been Modern), pancreatic cancer. *Cees Lute, 81, Dutch racing cyclist. *Margie Masters, 87, Australian professional golfer. *, 91, Spanish actor (The Great House, The Crime of Cuenca, Gary Cooper, Who Art in Heaven). *Bruce Pairaudeau, 91, Guyanese-New Zealand cricketer (British Guyana, Northern Districts, West Indies). *Eileen Ryan, 94, American actress (Magnolia, Parenthood, Benny & Joon). *Bhanwar Lal Sharma, 77, Indian politician, Rajasthan MLA (1985-1993, 1996-2008, since 2013). *Josep Soler i Sardà, 87, Spanish composer, writer, and music theorist. *Jack Thiessen, 91, Canadian lexicographer. *Kevin Thomas, 78, English footballer (Blackpool, Tranmere Rovers, Southport), stroke.


Manuel Aguilera Gómez, 86, Mexican economist and politician, senator (1991-1993). *Martine Allain-Regnault, 85, French scientific journalist. +more *Brígida Baltar, 62, Brazilian visual artist, leukemia. *Billy Al Bengston, 88, American visual artist and sculptor. *Chuck Bradley, 71, American football player (San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears). *Charlie Brown, 80, American DJ (WKIX) and radio presenter. *André Chagnon, 94, Canadian telecommunications executive and philanthropist, founder of Vidéotron. *William Chepkut, Kenyan politician, MP (2017-2022). *, 86, Ukrainian writer and journalist. *Ogunlade Davidson, 73, Sierra Leonean scientist. *John Duncan, 73, Scottish football player (Dundee, Tottenham Hotspur) and manager (Chesterfield). *Ron Gassert, 82, American football player (Green Bay Packers). *Grace Glueck, 96, American arts journalist (The New York Times, The New Criterion, Los Angeles Review of Books). *Julian Hammond, 79, American basketball player (Denver Rockets). *Val Joyce, 91, Irish radio broadcaster. *Gerben Karstens, 80, Dutch racing cyclist, Olympic champion (1964), complications from a stroke. *Faustino López Vargas, 64, Mexican politician, senator (since 2022), traffic collision. *Esther Peter-Davis, 90, French human rights activist and environmentalist. *Luis Sáinz Hinojosa, 86, Bolivian Roman Catholic prelate, auxiliary bishop of Cochabamba (1982-1987, 2001-2012) and archbishop of La Paz (1987-1996). *Ann Savours Shirley, 94, British polar exploration historian. *Peter Tobin, 76, Scottish serial killer and rapist. *Angus Trumble, 58, Australian art curator and historian, director of the National Portrait Gallery of Australia (2014-2018). *Meike de Vlas, 80, Dutch rower, European championships silver medallist (1964), cancer. *Frank Youso, 86, American football player (New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders).


Warren J. +more Baker, 84, American academic administrator, president of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (1979-2010). *Arun Bali, 79, Indian actor (Chanakya, Swabhimaan, Hey Ram). *Leon Burton, 87, American football player (Arizona State Sun Devils, New York Titans). *Ronnie Cuber, 80, American jazz saxophonist. *Ada Fisher, 74, American physician and politician. *Ann Flood, 89, American actress (The Edge of Night, From These Roots, Mystic Pizza). *, 61, Uzbek singer. *Fernando González Gortázar, 79, Mexican architect, sculptor and writer. *Paul-Mounged El-Hachem, 88, Lebanese Maronite Catholic prelate, eparch of Baalbek-Deir El Ahmar (1995-2005). *Winston Henry, 74, Trinidadian calypso artist. *Horst Hülß, 84, German football player (Viktoria Köln, 1. FSV Mainz 05) and manager (SV Wiesbaden). *Toshi Ichiyanagi, 89, Japanese composer and pianist. *, 71, Turkish actor (Valley of the Wolves, Offside, Husband Factor). *Avtar Singh Jouhl, 84, Indian-born British anti-racism campaigner and lecturer. *Art Laboe, 97, American disc jockey (KXLA, KPOP), founder of Original Sound Records, pneumonia. *Brenda MacGibbon, 78, Canadian mathematician and statistician, complications from Alzheimer's disease and ALS. *Richard Mawe, 93, American actor (Rounders, Small Time Crooks, The Human Stain). *Susanna Mildonian, 82, Belgian harpist. *Shoshana Netanyahu, 99, Israeli lawyer, justice of the Supreme Court (1981-1993). *Bill Nieder, 89, American shot putter, Olympic champion (1960). *Toru Ohno, 87, Japanese literary scholar. *Robert Pennywell, 67, American football player (Atlanta Falcons, Michigan Panthers). *Al Ries, 95, American marketing professional and author. *Cheryl Roberts, 60, South African Olympic table tennis player (1992), cancer. *Jure Robežnik, 89, Slovenian pianist and composer. *Austin Stoker, 92, Trinidadian-American actor (Assault on Precinct 13, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Abby), kidney failure. *Sergio Tagliapietra, 87, Italian Olympic rower (1956, 1964). *Robert I. Toll, 81, American homebuilder, co-founder of Toll Brothers, complications from Parkinson's disease. *Anna Wahlgren, 80, Swedish author. *Zita Leeson Weinshienk, 89, American jurist, judge of the U. S. District Court of Colorado (1979-2011). *Ivan Wolffers, 74, Dutch writer and physician, prostate cancer.


Araz Alizadeh, 70, Azerbaijani politician, people's deputy (1991-1995). *Tekeste Baire, 69, Eritrean trade union activist (NCEW). +more *Hans Berger, 84, German trade unionist and politician, MP (1990-1994), president of the Union of Mining and Energy (1990-1997). *Adriana Breukink, 65, Dutch recorder player and maker. *Carl Fredrik Bunæs, 82, Norwegian Olympic sprinter (1960). *Fred Catero, 89, American record producer and engineer. *Husnija Fazlić, 79, Bosnian football player (1. FC Saarbrücken, Borac Banja Luka) and manager (SD Croatia Berlin). *, Moroccan singer. *Michel Herjean, 78, French trade unionist and Breton separatist. *Ivy Jo Hunter, 82, American songwriter ("Behind a Painted Smile", "Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever", "Dancing in the Street"). *Noé Jitrik, 94, Argentine literary critic, stroke. *Jody Miller, 80, American country singer ("Queen of the House"), Grammy winner (1966), complications from Parkinson's disease. *Gordon Mydland, 100, American politician, attorney general of South Dakota (1969-1973) and member of South Dakota Senate (1963-1968). *Vincent Eze Ogbulafor, 73, Nigerian politician. *Mary Ogg, 77, New Zealand politician, mayor of Gore (1995-2001). *Roy Radner, 95, American economist. *Phil Read, 83, English motorcycle racer, seven-time F. I. M. Road Racing champion. *Chrissy Rouse, 26, English motorcycle racer and educator, injuries from race crash. *Andreas Schnieders, 55, German Olympic boxer (1988). *Judy Tenuta, 72, American comedian, actress (The Weird Al Show, Going Down in LA-LA Land, There's No Such Thing as Vampires), and musician, ovarian cancer. *Ankica Tuđman, 96, Croatian socialite. *Gian Piero Ventrone, 62, Italian football fitness coach (Juventus, Tottenham Hotspur, national team), acute myeloid leukemia. *Günter Vetter, 86, Austrian politician.


Tommy Boggs, 66, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers) and coach Concordia University Texas, cancer. *Alejandra González Pino, 54, Chilean politician, heart failure. +more *Wolfgang Kohlhaase, 91, German screenwriter (I Was Nineteen, Mama, I'm Alive) and film director (Solo Sunny). *Hans Lagerwall, 81, Swedish Olympic fencer (1960, 1964). *Sara Lee, 30, American professional wrestler (WWE) and television personality (WWE Tough Enough). *Harry Lehman, 87, American politician, member of the Ohio House of Representatives (1971-1980). *Lenny Lipton, 82, American poet and lyricist ("Puff, the Magic Dragon"), brain cancer. *Sulejman Maliqati, 94, Albanian footballer (Besa, Partizani, national team). *Bernard McGuirk, 64, American radio personality, brain cancer. *Ann-Christine Nyström, 78, Finnish singer. *Michael Papps, 90, Australian Olympic sport shooter (1960, 1964). *Barbara Stamm, 77, German politician, member (1976-2018) and president (2008-2018) of the Landtag of Bavaria.


Philippe Ascher, 86, French neuroscientist. *Walter Dean Burnham, 92, American political scientist and author (Presidential Ballots, 1836-1892). +more *Viktor Donskikh, 87, Russian politician, deputy (1991-1993). *Dave Dryden, 81, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres). *Jean Gallois, 93, French musicologist. *Shekhar Joshi, 90, Indian author. *Kim Dong-gil, 94, South Korean poet and politician, MNA (1992-1996). *Günter Lamprecht, 92, German actor (Berlin Alexanderplatz, Das Boot, World on a Wire). *Loretta Lynn, 90, American Hall of Fame country singer-songwriter ("Coal Miner's Daughter", "You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)", "The Pill"), Grammy winner (1972, 2004, 2010). *Gordon Beattie Martin, 90, Canadian sportscaster and politician, Saskatchewan MLA (1986-1991). *César Mascetti, 80, Argentine journalist and television news host (Telenoche). *Eleanor Moore, 88, American baseball player (Fort Wayne Daisies, Grand Rapids Chicks), complications from pneumonia. *Jesús del Muro, 84, Mexican football player (Atlas, national team) and manager (Jalisco). *Peter Robinson, 72, British-born Canadian crime writer (Inspector Alan Banks). *Lucienne Schmidt-Couttet, 95, French Olympic alpine skier (1948). *Jürgen Sundermann, 82, German football player (FC Basel, West Germany national team) and manager (VfB Stuttgart). *Shigeki Tanaka, 91, Japanese runner. *Jerry Vainisi, 80, American football executive (Chicago Bears). *Adam Walker, 31, Scottish rugby league player (Hull Kingston Rovers, Wakefield Trinity, national team), suicide. *Liam Ward, 92, Irish jockey. *Zhang Qiusheng, 83, Chinese children's book writer.


Aïda Ba, 39, French rugby union player (national team), breast cancer. *Ekow Blankson, 50, Ghanaian actor (Checkmate, Sun City). +more *Per Bredesen, 91, Norwegian footballer (Lazio, Ørn Horten, national team). *William K. Brewster, 80, American politician, member of the U. S. House of Representatives (1991-1997) and Oklahoma House of Representatives (1983-1990). *Ron Franz, 76, American basketball player (Oakland Oaks, New Orleans Buccaneers, The Floridians). *Charles Fuller, 83, American playwright (A Soldier's Play, Zooman and the Sign), Pulitzer winner (1982). *Simon Hallenbarter, 43, Swiss Olympic biathlete (2006, 2010), suicide. *Ian Hamilton, 97, Scottish lawyer and independence activist (1950 removal of the Stone of Scone). *David Huerta, 72, Mexican poet. *Tiffany Jackson, 37, American basketball player (New York Liberty, Tulsa Shock, Los Angeles Sparks) and coach, cancer. *Kim Jung Gi, 47, South Korean illustrator and comics artist, heart attack. *Johann Müllner, 90, Austrian farmer and politician. *Al Neiger, 83, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies). *Jesús Quintero, 82, Spanish journalist, respiratory failure. *Pandurang Raut, 76, Indian politician, Goa MLA (1989-1994, 1999-2002). *Fabián Ríos, 58, Argentine politician, senator (2003-2009) and deputy (2011-2013), heart failure. *Léonie Sazias, 65, Dutch television presenter and politician, MP (2017-2021), colon cancer. *Nicolas Tikhobrazoff, 76, French painter and radio host. *Howard Tripp, 95, British Roman Catholic prelate, titular bishop of Newport and auxiliary bishop of Southwark (1980-2004). *Jerzy Urban, 89, Polish journalist (Polityka, Nie) and writer. *Wang Hongfan, 89, Chinese politician, member of the National People's Congress (1993-1998). *Florin Zalomir, 41, Romanian fencer, Olympic silver medallist (2012).


Raymond Allen, 82, British television screenwriter (Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Comedy Playhouse, The Little and Large Show) and playwright, cancer. *Tyrone Davis, 50, American football player (Green Bay Packers, New York Jets). +more *Darshan Dharmaraj, 41, Sri Lankan actor (Prabhakaran, Ini Avan, Address Na), heart attack. *Shirley Englehorn, 81, American golfer. *Pietro Fabris, 87, Italian politician, senator (1987-1996). *Paul Harriss, 68, Australian politician, Tasmanian MHA (2014-2016) and MLC (1996-2014). *Éder Jofre, 86, Brazilian Hall of Fame boxer, world bantamweight (1960-1965) and WBC featherweight (1973-1974) champion, complications from pneumonia. *Jeff Jordan, 78, American football player (Minnesota Vikings). *Douglas Kirkland, 88, Canadian-American photographer. *Vladimir Kuts, 94, Russian World War II veteran. *Sacheen Littlefeather, 75, American civil rights activist and actress (Johnny Firecloud, Winterhawk, Counselor at Crime), breast cancer. *Jean-Pierre Machelon, 77, French academic and jurist. *Eamonn McCabe, 74, British photographer. *Mary McCaslin, 75, American folk singer-songwriter, progressive supranuclear palsy. *Bjarne Mørk Eidem, 85, Norwegian politician, MP (1969-1993), minister of fisheries (1986-1989) and auditor general (1990-2005). *Atlas Ramachandran, 80, Indian jeweller, film producer (Vaisali, Sukrutham) and actor. *François Remetter, 94, French footballer (Strasbourg, Metz, national team). *Larry Sather, 81, American politician, member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives (1993-2006). *Annie Shekhar, 84, Indian politician, Maharashtra MLA (2004-2014). *John Shinners, 75, American football player (Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Colts). *Laurence Silberman, 86, American jurist, judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia (since 1985). *André Sinédo, 44, New Caledonian footballer (AS Magenta, national team). *Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, 79, Hungarian pianist and composer. *Carl Walker, 88, British police inspector, George Cross recipient (1972). *Bill Whitaker, 63, American football player (Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Cardinals). *Camille Ziade, 79, Lebanese politician, MP (1992-2000).


Colin Alevras, 51, American restaurateur. *Marguerite Andersen, 97, German-born Canadian writer, poet, and educator. +more *Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, 68, Indian politician, Kerala MLA (1982-1991, 2001-2016), pancreatic cancer. *Beryl Benacerraf, 73, American radiologist, cancer. *William G. Borchert, 89, American screenwriter (My Name Is Bill W. ). *John Boxtel, 92, Dutch-Canadian sculptor and art teacher. *Àngel Casas, 76, Spanish journalist, television talk show host and writer, calciphylaxis. *Kurt Fenske, 92, German economist and politician, member of the Volkskammer (1967-1990). *Antonio Inoki, 79, Japanese Hall of Fame professional wrestler (NJPW), wrestling promoter, and politician, MP (1989-1995, 2013-2019), amyloidosis. *Toab Khan, 88, Bangladeshi journalist (Janakantha). *Stamatis Kokotas, 85, Greek singer. *Lorry I. Lokey, 95, American businessman and philanthropist, founder of Business Wire. *Rosetta Loy, 91, Italian writer, cardiac arrest. *Lech Krzysztof Paprzycki, 75, Polish lawyer and politician, MP (1989-1991), acting first president of the Supreme Court (2014). *Raymond Strother, 81, American political consultant. *Jim Sweeney, 60, American football player (New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks) and coach. *Tulsi Tanti, 64, Indian renewable energy executive, founder of Suzlon, cardiac arrest. *Kay Zinck, 61, Canadian curler.

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