Edo or EDO may refer to:

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Edo language, a language spoken in Nigeria * Edo people, the inhabitants of the province, creators of the Benin Empire * Edo period, in Japanese history


Edo, the historical name for Tokyo, Japan * Edo River, a river in Japan * Edo State, a state in Nigeria * Edo (Wolaita), town in Wolayita Zone of Ethiopia * Edo, the historical name for Benin City, Nigeria


Edo Aircraft Corporation, a defunct American aircraft float designer * EDO Corporation, an American technology company * Extended data out DRAM, a type of computer memory * Extended Duration Orbiter, a NASA program

Other uses

9782 Edo, a main-belt asteroid * Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport, IATA code EDO * Economic development organization * Ejaculatory duct obstruction * Environmental Defender's Office NSW * Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc. +more * European Drought Observatory, of the European Commission * HFC EDO, a football club based in Haarlem, Netherlands * Edo, a fictional race in Star Trek; see "Justice" (Star Trek: The Next Generation) * Equal division of the octave, a system of equal temperament tuning in music.