Exile (stylized as EXILE) is a 19-member Japanese boy band. Hiro is the group's leader, who debuted as a member of Zoo under For Life Music, but Exile have released their singles and albums under Avex Group's label Rhythm Zone. +more Hiro and Avex's president Max Matsuura came from the same high school. In 2003, the six original members of Exile founded the management and entertainment company LDH which has debuted many successful groups and soloists ever since. Exile is the representative group of the company.

In total, they have sold over 24 million records in Japan alone.




The current leader, Hiro, was originally in the pop group Zoo before they split up in 1995. In 1999, he started a new group called J Soul Brothers, which later changed its name to Exile in 2001. +more (But the name of J Soul Brothers was later revived by Hiro again in 2007 when he helped to form another 7-member group under the new J Soul Brothers moniker. ).

Debut and second generation

Atsushi and Shun became the lead vocalists of the group. Atsushi is a fan of American R&B group Boyz II Men. +more In November 2003, Exile remade Zoo's hit single "Choo Choo Train", which became a strong promotional single for their third studio album Exile Entertainment. The album sold over a million copies. They took part in the NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen of the year, singing "Choo Choo Train". At first, their music style was influenced by R&B, but their style later became more pop-oriented form. Their 2004 single "Real World" became their first number-one single on Oricon weekly charts. They released the collaboration "Scream" with Japanese rock band Glay in July 2005, peaking at No. 1 and selling over 500,000 copies on Oricon charts.

The group released "Tada. +moreAitakute" in December 2005 and "Yes!" in March 2006. Both singles topped the Oricon weekly charts. However, Shun left the group in March 2006 and became a solo singer. After the group sought a new vocalist from the public, Takahiro joined the group in September 2006. Takahiro originally tried to become a hairdresser in his school days, but eventually joined the group as a vocalist.

On February 14, 2007, the group released the single "Michi", which became their first number-one single on the Oricon charts since Takahiro joined the group. Their 2007 studio album, Exile Love, became the highest selling album of Japan in 2008, selling nearly 1. +more5 million copies on Oricon charts. Their compilation album Exile Ballad Best sold nearly 1 million copies in its first week on Oricon charts, making it the highest first week sales for an album of Japan in 2008. The song, "Ti Amo", was certified Million by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) for 1,000,000 full-track ringtone digital music downloads (Chaku Uta Full). They also won the Grand Prix Award at the 50th edition of Japan Record Awards for "Ti Amo".

Wider success: Third generation and Hiro's departure

In 2009, Exile's song "The Next Door" was featured as the theme of the Japanese edition of Street Fighter IV. The song was released at the iTunes Store on February 22, 2009. +more The English version "The Next Door -Indestructible-" was used for the international edition of the game. The English version was released as the third track of their single "The Hurricane (Fireworks)" on July 22, 2009, featuring American rapper Flo Rida.

On March 1, 2009, Exile and Nidaime J Soul Brothers announced that they would merge to become a 14-member group. They released their first studio album with 14 members, Aisubeki Mirai e, on December 2, 2009. +more They won the Grand Prix Award for the second year in a row with the song, "Someday", at the 51st Japan Record Awards. From May 9, Exile Live Tour 2009 'The Monster' started. At the end of the year, They won the Grand Prix Award for the second year in a row with the song, "Someday", at the 51st Japan Record Awards.

On April 17, 2010, Exile's TV talk show EXE started to be broadcast on TBS, while the show was also broadcast simultaneously on Taiwan's CTV channel. On May 19, 2010, Avex released the CD maxi of the suite "Taiyō no Kuni" (太陽の国), or "The Country of the Sun," written by Yasushi Akimoto and sung by Exile, for the 20th anniversary of the accedence of the Emperor of Japan Akihito. +more However, the CD was not reflected on the Oricon charts. From July 2010, Exile held their first stadium tour, Exile Live Tour 2010 Fantasy. For the 52nd Japan Record Awards, the group earned their third consecutive win with the song "I Wish For You". "I Wish For You" was also the theme song for Tokyo Broadcasting System's (TBS) domestic broadcasts of the 2010 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship and members of the band were in the crowd for Japan's bronze medal win, which was their first medal in 32 years.

From 2011, Exile started to perform in other Asian countries apart from its homeland Japan. They performed in The 2011 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation in Hong Kong on January 15 as special guests. +more On September 25, Exile performed in Three Kingdoms Performing Arts - China, Japan, and Korea Music Festival in Beijing, which was Exile's first participation in a live performance events outside Japan. On September 14, 2011, Exile released "Rising Sun", a single contain Rising Sun, the famous and popular song in support of the recovery after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. From November 2011, Exile started their second dome tour, Exile Live Tour 2011 Tower of Wish ~Tower of Wish~. The group was the 3rd artist by total sales revenue in Japan in 2011, with ¥5. 603 billion, and the 2nd in 2012, with ¥12. 177 billion.

On January 1, 2012, Exile released their ninth album EXILE JAPAN/Solo . The album landed 1st on Oricon Albums Chart for three continual weeks, which set a new record for the group. +more In June, Exile won Best Video of the Year at MTV Video Music Awards Japan, which marked Exile 4th wins in the award's 11 years history.

On April 3, 2013, EXILE's leader HIRO, who had been a performer for 24 years prior, announced that he would be retiring from the group as a performer at the end of 2013. He stated that he would still continue to be the leader and producer of the group. +more On the same day, EXILE released their 41st single "EXILE PRIDE ~Konna Sekai wo Aisuru Tame~". The single became Exile's first single to be sold more than 1 million copies in October of the same year, and it won the group a fourth Japan Record Award. This was the group's first win since their consecutive winning streak was broken by the Idol group AKB48, and Exile became the first artist to win the award four times. In April, Exile held their third dome tour called Exile Live Tour 2013 'Exile Pride' .

New era: Fourth generation members

In April 2014, EXILE's Chapter 4 kicked off. On the final stage of EXILE's 3rd audition "EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION", the winners, aka new members of Exile, were announced. +more Out of 2000 applicants, only 5 members were chosen. Those members were Takanori Iwata from Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Alan Shirahama and Mandy Sekiguchi from Generations, Sekai Yamamoto and Taiki Sato. Their first single in EXILE, "NEW HORIZON", was released a few months later, on July 23, 2014. From September, The new Exile started their first tour, Exile Tribe Perfect Year Live Tour Tower of Wish 2014 〜The Revolution〜. On March 25, 2015, the group released their tenth studio album 19 -Road to AMAZING WORLD-. From September 2015, They started a new national tour, Exile Live Tour 2015 'Amazing World'.

On June 22, 2015, members Toshio Matsumoto, ÜSA and MAKIDAI announced to be retiring from their positions of performers on the group within the year. Their last single with the group would be "Ki・mi・ni・mu・chu", a song which was used for the CM advertising Suntory's "The Malts". +more On December 31, 2015, Matsumoto Toshio, ÜSA and MAKIDAI retired from their positions of performers on the group on the New Year's special show CDTV Special! New Year's Eve Premiere Live 2015 → 2016. Although retiring as EXILE performers, ÜSA was revealed to remain as performer on the unit DANCE EARTH PARTY, and MAKIDAI would continue his music career as DJ MAKIDAI.

On April 14, 2016, a Documentary of Matsumoto Toshio, ÜSA and MAKIDAI's final tour 'AMAZING WORLD' was released .On August 17, 2016, Exile released their 48th singles, "Joy-ride ~Kanki no Drive~", which was Fuji television's theme song for the Rio Olympics.

On 25 July 2018, Exile released a new original Album, Star of Wish . From September, they started their 5th dome tour Exile Live Tour 2018-2019 'Star of Wish'.

Band members

Since the formation of EXILE there have been many new generations of members as well as departures. As of 2021, AKIRA (Performer) is the longest serving active member of EXILE. +more Although HIRO is no longer an active member, he still remains EXILE's leader and occasionally appears in EXILE's Music Video's and Events. There are currently 14 active members in the group.


Stage nameBirth nameBirthdayNotes
Exile HiroHiroyuki Igarashi1969-06-01Leader & performer
Toshio Matsumoto (MATSU)Toshio Matsumoto1975-05-27Performer
Exile MakidaiDaisuke Maki1975-10-27Performer
Exile ÜsaYoshihiro Usami1977-02-02Performer
Exile AkiraRyōhei Kurosawa1981-08-23member of Exile The Second
Kenchi Tachibana (KENCHI)Kenichirō Teratsuji1979-09-28member of Exile The Second
Keiji Kuroki (KEIJI)Keiji Kuroki1980-01-21member of Exile The Second
Exile TetsuyaTetsuya Tsuchida1981-02-18member of Exile The Second
Exile NaotoNaoto Kataoka1983-08-30member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Naoki Kobayashi (NAOKI)Naoki Kobayashi1984-11-10member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Takanori IwataTakanori Iwata1989-03-06member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers
Alan ShirahamaAlan Shirahama1993-08-04member of Generations
Mandy SekiguchiMandy Sekiguchi1991-01-25member of Generations
SekaiSekai Yamamoto1991-02-21member of Fantastics
Taiki SatoTaiki Sato1995-01-25member of Fantastics


Stage nameBirth nameBirthdayNotes
Exile AtsushiAtsushi Satō1980-04-30Concentrate on his solo activities from 2020
Exile TakahiroTakahiro Tasaki1984-12-08

Vocalists and performers

Stage nameBirth nameBirthdayNotes
Exile NesmithRyuta Karim Nesmith1983-08-01member of Exile The Second
Exile ShokichiShokichi Yagi1985-10-03member of Exile The Second

Former members

Stage nameBirth nameBirthdayNotes
ShunShunsuke Kiyokiba1980-01-11Vocalist

Timeline of active members

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Studio albums

TitleRelease datePeak positionRIAJ CertificationTotal sales
Our StyleMarch 6, 20025Platinum291,000
Styles of BeyondFebruary 13, 20031Platinum430,000
Exile EntertainmentDecember 3, 20031Million1,176,090
AsiaMarch 29, 200612× Platinum520,319
Exile EvolutionMarch 7, 200713× Platinum762,335
Exile LoveDecember 12, 20071Million1,480,088
Aisubeki Mirai eDecember 2, 20091Million1,299,235
Negai no TōMarch 9, 20111Million760,341
Exile Japan/SoloJanuary 1, 201213× Platinum767,274
19: Road to Amazing WorldMarch 25, 20151Platinum283,862
Star of WishJuly 25, 20181
PhoenixJanuary 1, 2022616,132

Best-of albums

TitleRelease datePeak positionRIAJ CertificationTotal sales
Perfect BestJanuary 1, 20051Million1,624,541
Exile Catchy BestMarch 26, 20081Million1,287,955
Exile Entertainment BestJuly 23, 200813× Platinum638,959
Exile Ballad BestDecember 3, 200812x Million1,852,823
Exile Best Hits: Love Side/Soul SideDecember 5, 201213× Platinum700,030
Extreme BestSeptember 27, 20162--

Other albums

TitleRelease datePeak positionSales
The Other Side of Ex Vol. 1September 10, 20035
Appreciation to the Million BreakthroughMarch 31, 200455
Heart of Gold: Street Future Opera Beat PopsSeptember 29, 20041476,626
Exile Perfect Year 2008 Ultimate Best BoxMarch 25, 200927


TitleRelease datePeak positionOricon Sales
"Your Eyes Only: Aimai na Boku no Katachi"September 27, 20014249,880
"Style"December 12, 200111112,760
"Fly Away"February 20, 20021831,880
"Song for You"April 17, 2002691,750
"Cross: Never Say Die"August 7, 20021338,410
"Ex-style: Kiss You"November 13, 2002692,769
"We Will: Ano Basho de"February 5, 20031632,703
"Breezin: Together"May 28, 20032366,804
"Let Me Luv U Down" feat. Zeebra & MacchoJuly 9, 2003364,854
"Choo Choo Train"November 6, 20032286,812
"Eternal. +more"November 12, 2003746,762
"Ki•zu•na"November 19, 2003540,468
"O'ver"November 27, 2003733,822
"Carry On" / "Unmei no Hito"May 12, 20042233,120
"Real World"June 30, 20041125,809
"Heart of Gold"August 18, 2004493,873
"Hero"December 1, 20042181,997
"Exit"August 24, 20052202,827
"Tada. Aitakute" (ただ. 逢いたくて)December 14, 20051562,196
"Yes!"March 1, 2006192,622
"Everything"December 6, 20062153,065
"Lovers Again"January 17, 20072257,393
"Michi"February 14, 20071112,106
"Summer Time Love"May 16, 20073132,824
"Toki no Kakera / 24 karats: type EX" (時の描片 ~トキノカケラ~)August 29, 20072142,202
"I Believe"November 21, 20073142,228
"Pure" / "You're My Sunshine"February 27, 20082160,605
"Ti Amo"September 24, 20081320,445
"Last Christmas" (Wham! cover with new Japanese lyrics)November 26, 20081226,829
"Someday"April 15, 20091270,513
"Fireworks"July 22, 20091279,264
"Futatsu no Kuchibiru"November 11, 20092288,454
"Fantasy"June 9, 20101473,051
"Motto Tsuyoku" (もっと強く)September 15, 20101230,564
"I Wish For You"October 6, 20102276,875
"Each Other's Way (Tabi no Tochū)"February 9, 20111119,419
"Rising Sun" / "Itsuka Kitto. "September 14, 20111317,630
"Anata e" / "Ooo Baby"November 23, 20112151,551
"All Night Long"June 20, 20121242,290
"Bow & Arrows"July 25, 20122117,334
"Exile Pride (Konna Sekai o Ai Suru Tame)" (こんな世界を愛するため)April 3, 201311,016,992
"Flower Song"June 19, 20132126,405
"No Limit"September 25, 2013295,204
"New Horizon"July 23, 20141147,572
"Craving in My Soul"July 23, 20141147,572
"Jonetsu no Hana" (情熱の花)March 4, 2015273,956
"24karats Gold Soul"August 19, 20153103,021
"Ki mi ni mu chu"December 9, 20152123,642
"Joy-ride (Kanki no Drive)" (歓喜のドライブ)August 17, 20162
"Party All Night (Star of Wish)"February 2, 2018
"Melody"March 2, 2018
"My Star"April 6, 2018
"Turn Back Time" featuring FANTASTICSMay 4, 2018
"Awakening"June 1, 2018
"Step Up"July 6, 2018
"Love of History"January 3, 2019
"Ai no Tame ni (For love, for a child)"January 1, 20202
"Sunshine"December 16, 20203
"Paradox"April 27, 20217
"One Nation"May 27, 2021
"Havana Love"July 1, 2021
"Be The One"May 27, 2022
"Power Of Wish"July 1, 2022


Collaborated withTitleRelease datePeak positionOricon Sales
Glay"Scream"July 20, 20051537,783
Kumi Koda"Won't Be Long"November 22, 20062223,637
Exile Tribe"24karats Tribe of Gold"September 5, 20122203,584


TitleRelease date
"Song Soldier: Ashita no Senshi" (ソングソルジャー~明日の戦士~)March 7, 2007

Awards and nominations

Billboard Japan Music Awards2009Artist of the YearExileWon
Top Pop ArtistsWon
Album of the YearExile Ballad BestWon
2010Artist of the YearExileWon
Top Pop ArtistsWon
Album of the YearAisubeki Mirai eWon
2012Top Pop ArtistsExileWon
Japan Gold Disc Award2004Rock & Pop Album of the YearExile EntertainmentWon
2005Heart of Gold: Street Future Opera Beat PopsWon
2006Song of the Year"Tada···Aitakute"Won
"Scream" (Glay X Exile)Won
Rock & Pop Album of the YearSingle BestWon
Perfect BestWon
2007Best 10 AlbumsAsiaWon
2008Artist of the YearExileWon
Best 5 Chaku-Uta Songs"Lovers Again"Won
Best 5 Chaku-Uta Full SongsWon
Best 5 PC Download SongsWon
Album of the YearExile LoveWon
Best 10 AlbumsWon
Exile EvolutionWon
Best Music VideosExile Live Tour 2007 Exile EvolutionWon
2009Artist of the YearExileWon
Best 5 Chaku-Uta Songs"Ti Amo"Won
Best 5 Chaku-Uta Full SongsWon
Album of the YearExile Ballad BestWon
Best 10 AlbumsWon
Exile Catchy BestWon
Exile Entertainment BestWon
2010Best 5 Songs"Futatsu no Kuchibiru"Won
Best 5 AlbumsAisubeki Mirai eWon
Best Music VideosExile Live Tour "Exile Perfect Live 2008"Won
2011Best 5 AlbumsFantasyWon
Best 5 Songs"Motto Tsuyoku"Won
2012Best 5 AlbumsNegai no TōWon
2013Best 5 AlbumsExile Japan/SoloWon
Best Music VideosExile Tribe Live Tour 2012 "Tower Of Wish"Won
Exile Live Tour 2011 "Tower Of Wish: Negai no Tō"Won
2014Best 5 AlbumsExile Best Hits: Love Side/Soul SideWon
Japan Record Awards2003Grand Prix"Together"
Best Singer
Gold AwardWon
2004Grand Prix"Carry On"
Best Singer
Gold AwardWon
2006Special Award"Won't Be Long"Won
2007Grand Prix"Toki no kakera"
Best SingerWon
Gold AwardWon
2008Grand Prix"Ti Amo"Won
Excellent Work AwardWon
2009Grand Prix"Someday"Won
Excellent Work AwardWon
2010Grand Prix"I Wish For You"Won
Excellent Work AwardWon
2013Grand Prix"Exile Pride: Konna Sekai o Aisuru Tame"Won
Excellent Work AwardWon
MTV Video Music Awards Japan2003Best Live PerformanceExileNominated
2004Best Album of the YearExile EntertainmentNominated
2005Best Group Video"Carry On"Nominated
Best Pop VideoNominated
Best BuzzAsia Japan"Real World"Nominated
2006Best Collaboration (Glay x Exile)"Scream"Nominated
2007Best Group Video"Lovers Again"Won
2008Best Video of the Year"I Believe"Won
Best Album of the YearExile LoveWon
Best Karaoke Song"Toki no Kakera"Won
2009Best Video of the Year"Ti Amo (Chapter 2)"Won
Best Group VideoWon
MTV Best Choreography AwardExileNominated
2010Best Video of the Year"Futatsu no Kuchibiru"Won
Album of the YearAisubeki Mirai eWon
MTV Asia Icon AwardExileWon
2012Best Video of the Year"Rising Sun"Won
2014Best Video of the Year"Exile Pride: Konna Sekai o Aisuru Tame"Won
Japan Cable Awards2004Cable Music Award"Your Eyes Only: Aimai na Boku no Katachi"Won
2004Grand Prize"Choo Choo Train"
Best Cable MusicWon
2004Grand Prize"Heart of Gold"
Best Cable MusicWon
Most Requested ArtistExileWon
2008Grand Prize"Ti Amo"Won
Best Cable MusicWon
Most Requested ArtistExileWon
Space Shower Music Video Awards2009Best Story Video"Ti Amo"Won
2010Best Shooting Video"Futatsu no Kuchibiru"Won