Takayuki Haga (芳賀 隆之), better known by the stage name George Tokoro (所ジョージ), is a Japanese comedian, TV personality, singer-songwriter, and essayist. Born in Tokorozawa, Saitama, he attended Takushoku University's Commercial Science class.

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Madadayo (1993) - Amaki *Ponyo (2008) - Fujimoto (voice)

Video games

Jagainu-kun (xxxx) (Game Boy Color - Composer) *Tokoro-san no Mamoru mo Semeru mo (xxxx) (Family Computer) *Tokoro-san no Mah Mahjong! (xxxx) (Arcade) *Tokoro-san no Mah Mahjong 2: Tokoro's Cup (xxxx) (Arcade) *Tokoro's Mahjong Jr. (xxxx) (Game Boy) *Tokoro's Mahjong (xxxx) (Super Famicom) *Tokoro-San no Setagaya Country Club (xxxx) (Game Boy Color) *Tokoro-san no Daifugou (xxxx) (PlayStation)

Japanese dub


ALF - ALF *Look Who's Talking - Mikey *Look Who's Talking Too - Michael "Mikey" Jensen-Ubriacco


Howard the Duck (Fuji TV edition) - Howard the Duck *Ralph Breaks the Internet - Buzz Lightyear *The Simpsons Movie - Homer Simpson *Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear *Toy Story 2 - Buzz Lightyear *Toy Story 3 - Buzz Lightyear *Toy Story 4 - Buzz Lightyear

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