Hellhole (2022 film)

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Albert Flores

Hellhole (Ostatnia wieczerza) is a 2022 horror film set in a Polish monastery in 1987, when a police officer investigating mysterious disappearances infiltrates a remote monastery and discovers a dark truth about its clergy. It is directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski, who also helped write the screenplay with his frequent writing partner, Mirella Zaradkiewicz.



In 1957, a priest attempted to murder a baby and fled with him from a church in Lower Silesia. The priest held up a blade to take the baby's life, referring to the infant as the "spawn of evil. +more" Before the priest could hurt the child, the police arrived on the scene and shot him. The left side of the infant's chest has a scar that identifies him as "evil".

Father Marek, a priest, visits what the Prior Andrzej refers to as the "sanatorium" church after thirty years. People who are thought to be under the influence of the Devil are brought in for treatment. +more Exorcist Father Marek is to assist in their aim. The absence of electricity and a phone renders communication with the outside world impossible. As soon as he settles in his room, the Father unzips his bag to show a concealed compartment where he kept a pistol, a torch (flashlight), and other necessary items that are not allowed on the property. There is no doubt that Father Marek is aware of the evil activity taking place at the sanatorium. He is able to further support his claim that he has maybe joined the sanatorium in order to learn what had become of the missing woman by producing a newspaper clipping about her disappearance. The fact that the baby's mark matches the Father's one, indicates that the child grew up to be Father Marek. The cross in his room starts to move, the bathroom mirror starts to break when touched, and the wardrobe starts to gurgle lowly shortly after. At the facility, Father Marek witnesses a woman being exorcised. While the Prior recites holy words while tying her to the bed, she screams and screeches. When the girl screams, the bed shakes fiercely, a gust of wind blows, and eventually the Prior's cross catches fire. It appears that the woman is possessed. Father Marek, however, has his concerns. He enters the room where the exorcism took place at; night, and discovers that everything was staged. The bed is propelled by a unique mechanism, the wind is generated by a machine, and the fire is lit by a built in lighter in the crucifix.

The priests must eat the strange-tasting and smelling food served at the sanatorium. Father Marek has trouble eating. +more One day, he experiences jaw pain as he is retching. When he extracts a tooth, it cracks open, allowing a fly to fly out. Marek is unable to determine the cause of these odd occurrences. A grave is dug by the priests a few days following the exorcism, and a casket is then buried there. When Father Marek enters the chamber where the girl had been confined, he finds it to be empty. Piotr, the vice Prior, approaches him from behind and requests that he wait for him in the confessional. The church is keeping an eye on him, according to Piotr, and they don't trust Marek. Marek is cautioned by him not to make any bad choices because those who disobeyed the rules were severely punished. Marek reveals to Piotr that he is a militiaman investigating the disappearances of local women rather than a priest. His station learned from an anonymous tip that the missing women were admitted to the asylum because they were thought to be possessed. He had to pose as a priest to look into the issue because the militia did not want to openly meddle in church business as a result of an earlier occurrence (relating to when a priest was shot dead by the militia). According to Piotr, the Prior forges the exorcisms in order to defraud the Curia and the Vatican of their money. However, Piotr is unaware of what really occurs to the women following the exorcism. Marek enters his room to see if there are any surveillance tools there. He moves the closet aside and discovers a gap there. When Marek reaches inside the gap, he discovers a bizarre bone-and-eyeball-made device. He hurls the item into the trash and spits something dark out. He notices flies in the dark liquid he vomited that buzz and take off. He turns aside and has a hallucination of his own face being drenched in the dark liquid. He succeeds in leaving his chamber at night and arrives at the graveyard to dig up the exorcised woman's grave, but when he opens the coffin, it is empty. At this moment, Father Dawid covers Marek's head with a bag and Marek passes out.

Marek wakes up in his room, tied to a bed, where Prior Andrzej and Father Dawid force him to consume 4 portions of cooked meat, after which Marek loses consciousness again. Marek takes advantage of Father Dawid dozing off at night to free himself from his tie, and in the subsequent struggle, shoots Dawid dead. +more To learn what was in the food, he visits the kitchen. The bodies of the missing women are discovered when he opens the freezer's door and hangs them from hooks. The bodies were torn apart. Marek comes to the realisation that the priests were cannibals and that he was being fed the organs of the women he was looking for. Marek is in the kitchen when Piotr finds him, and despite Marek's reservations, Piotr is able to gain his trust. Marek is asked to accompany Piotr to the library. He claims that the "chosen one" was born during an eclipse and had to be killed with a dagger shortly after being born after opening an ancient book. The chosen one will eat seven sinners and drink an innocent person's blood if they live to be chosen. Following this ceremony, the chosen person would change into a demon, ushering in a new era of world order. According to Piotr, the church thought Marek was the "chosen one. " The priest attempted to assassinate Marek as soon as he was born because he had a scar that indicated he was the chosen one. However, it appears that the sanatorium's priests worship Satan and are working to complete the ritual that would summon the Devil. Marek is instructed by Piotr to follow him into a hidden entrance so that they can leave the sanatorium. After hearing a disturbance from behind, priests surround Marek as he pursues Piotr, attack him, and drag him back to the sanatorium. Marek never received any pity from Piotr; everything was a ruse to gain his confidence and keep him from running away. Marek is restrained and surrounded by all the church's priests. The Prior explains that they were the ones who gave him the tip to bring him to the sanatorium under the guise of anonymity. The priests hold that God and the Devil conversed when they were both seated side by side. They believed that humans are evil and should be punished by the Devil, not that the Devil is evil. The brotherhood has been anticipating the birth of the chosen one for 800 years, and the church was constructed around a well that served as a portal to hell. They hold the view that the Evil One will pass through the portal to hell and assume the body of the selected person, ushering in a new era of order on Earth.

They imagine themselves as the Devil's servants, assisting him in ruling the new world. While they were able to feed Marek pieces of the bodies of sinners, he had not yet drunk innocent people's blood. +more They bring a young woman, then slit her throat. The blood is collected by the priests, who then devour it before making Marek drink it as well. Even if they invoke the Devil, nothing happens. The Prior is in ruins. The book had directed them to carry out this action in order for the Devil to enter the body of the Selected One, but it does not, for some reason. Marek is stabbed by Piotr with a dagger, and then his body is thrown into the well. The Prior is dissatisfied with how things have turned out and drinks to dull the ache of his failure. Piotr walks in and assists him in getting ready for bed. He feels that the Prior bears some of the blame for how the incident transpired. With the knowledge that he will succeed the Prior after his death, he suffocates him to death with a pillow. The cross in the Prior's room is turned upside down, signalling the Devil's arrival as Piotr's self-serving motivation is released. In the meanwhile, Marek awakens. There are bones all around him. He turns into the Devil when he senses something consuming him. The following morning, Piotr chokes while leading a prayer service for the Prior. He runs out of words and loses control of his body. His head explodes open, his body levitates, and tens of millions of flies leave his body. He appears to be formed entirely of flies, and they all swarm towards the entrance to hell. The priests are startled when the Sabbatical goat, also known as Baphomet, suddenly enters the church. The priests freeze and levitate as they make an attempt to flee. Every person here is upside down and suspended in the air. The dead flowers begin to bloom again, signifying that the dead are reviving and that the living may eventually pass away. Even Jesus turns his head to face the devil. Thunder rumbles as the sky splits open in the presence of the Devil, signifying the beginning of the new global order and the transformation of Earth into hell.


Piotr Zurawski - Marek *Olaf Lubaszenko - Prior Andrzej *Sebastian Stankiewicz - Monk Piotr *Lech Dyblik - Antoni *Rafał Iwaniuk - Monk Dawid *Krzysztof Satała - Young Monk *Malwina Dubowska - Blonde *Zbigniew Waleryś - Priest

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