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Huntington may refer to:



Huntington, Nova Scotia

New Zealand

Huntington, New Zealand a suburb in Hamilton, New Zealand

United Kingdom

Huntington, Cheshire, England * Huntington, East Lothian, Scotland * Huntington, Herefordshire, England * Huntington, North Yorkshire, England * Huntington, Shropshire, England * Huntington, Staffordshire, England

United States

Huntington, Arkansas * Huntington, Connecticut * Huntington, Marion County, Florida * Huntington, Putnam County, Florida * Huntington, Georgia (disambiguation), four places * Huntington County, Indiana * Huntington, Indiana, seat of Huntington County, Indiana * Huntington, Iowa * Huntington, Maryland (disambiguation), two places * Huntington, Massachusetts, a New England town ** Huntington (CDP), Massachusetts, the main village in the town * Huntington, Missouri * Huntington, Nevada, ghost town * Huntington, New York, the most populous settlement named Huntington ** Huntington (CDP), New York, a hamlet in Huntington, New York * Huntington, Oregon * Huntington, South Carolina (disambiguation), two places * Huntington, Texas * Huntington, Utah * Huntington, Vermont, a New England town ** Huntington (CDP), Vermont, village in the town ** Huntington Center, Vermont, another village in the town * Huntington, Virginia ** Huntington (Washington Metro), a Washington Metro station in Huntington, Virginia * Huntington, West Virginia * Huntington, Wisconsin

Other uses

Huntington (name) *Huntington family * Huntington's disease, an inherited neurological disorder * Huntington Bancshares, a bank headquartered in Columbus, Ohio *Huntington Library, an institution in San Marino, California, established by Henry E. Huntington * Huntington Avenue Grounds, a baseball stadium that formerly stood in Boston, Massachusetts * Huntington Hotel (disambiguation), multiple hotels * Huntington University, a school in Huntington, Indiana * Huntington Middle School, a public middle school in Warner Robins, Georgia

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