Kyocera Echo

12 hours ago
Albert Flores

The Kyocera Echo (sometimes referred to as Sprint Echo) is a smartphone manufactured by Kyocera of Japan, and distributed by Sprint in the United States. It runs the Google Android operating system. It was announced by Sprint on 7 February 2011, and released for sale 17 April 2011.

It is unusual in having two 3. 5-inch screens that, when juxtaposed in "tablet mode" create one 4. +more7-inch screen. Sprint claims it as the "first dual-screen smart phone". When using the device, the screens can be used in four modes:.

# Tablet mode, where the two screens form one 4. 7" image. +more # Optimized mode, where each screen shows a different part of one application. For example, one can open up "optimized applications" on the device such as email, where the top screen shows a selected email message and the bottom screen shows the user inbox. # "Simul-Task" mode, where one application will run on the top screen while a separate application runs on the bottom screen. # Single-Screen mode, where the device is folded and the bottom screen is concealed, making only the top primary 3. 5-inch screen usable.


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