Larry Verne

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Albert Flores

Larry Vern Erickson (February 8, 1936 - October 8, 2013) was an American novelty song vocalist.


Verne recorded two U. S. +more Billboard Hot 100 chart hit singles in 1960, "Mister Livingston" (No. 75) and "Mr. Custer" (No. 1, and No. 9 R&B). "Mr. Custer" was written by Fred Darian, Al De Lory, and Joe Van Winkle. The record sold over one million copies, earning a gold disc. In the UK, "Mr. Custer" was successfully covered by Charlie Drake. "Mr. Custer" was featured on an album of novelty songs recorded by Verne called Mister Larry Verne, which was released that same year.

After growing tired of the music industry, Verne quit to become a successful builder of Hollywood film sets, which he did for 35 years before retiring.


Verne died on October 8, 2013, of heart failure in Sylmar, California, at the age of 77. He had long suffered from Alzheimer's disease and had suffered three strokes.

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