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YouTubers are people mostly known for their work on the video sharing platform YouTube. The following is a list of YouTubers for whom Wikipedia has articles either under their own name or their YouTube channel name. This list excludes people who, despite having a YouTube presence, are primarily known for their work elsewhere.


YouTube personalities

† Denotes the person is deceased

Aaron Yonda and Matt SloanUnited StatesBlameSocietyKnown for the fan web series Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager.
Abigail ThornUnited KingdomPhilosophy TubeVideos usually discuss philosophy. +more
Adam BahnerUnited StatesTayZonday, tayvoxBetter known by the pseudonym Tay Zonday, or as "Chocolate Rain Guy", as he is most notable for his "Chocolate Rain" video.
Adam John GrandmaisonUnited StatesAdam22, No Jumper, No Jumper ClipsHip Hop and adult film content
Adam MontoyaUnited StatesSeaNanners Gaming ChannelKnown for his extensive Let's Play videos, as well as collaborations with other gamers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier.
Adam SalehUnited StatesAdam SalehVlogs and public pranks
Adam BealesUnited KingdomAdam BNorthern Irish actor and YouTuber.
Addison Rae EasterlingUnited StatesAddison RaeTikToker and member of Hype House
Adin RossUnited StatesAdin Ross, Adin Live, Extra AdinAmerican Twitch streamer and YouTube vlogger known for streaming Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K. Also streams IRL content which includes him talking to popular rap artists.
Adore Delano (Danny Noriega)United StatesDannyNoriegaFollowing Idol, Noriega became a YouTube personality, performing skits as himself, in drag as Adore Delano, or as his other character, Angel Baby. In June 2009, Noriega released the music video for "24/7," featuring Diamonique.
Agnes DiegoUnited States/PhilippinesakidearestAnime, manga, otaku and Japanese-culture channel.
Alizé CarrèreUnited States/worldCrash Course Geography/Modern Explorer/AdaptationClimate researcher/educator who posts videos about how humans are adapting to the climate.
Ajey NagarIndiaCarryMinati, CarryisLiveCreates comic content where he publishes satirical opinions known as 'roasts' about a multitude of topics primarily in the Indian entertainment industry. Also posts live gaming streams and other gaming-related humorous content
AJ RafaelUnited StatesAJ RafaelFilipino-American singer-songwriter and activist
Alan BeckerUnited StatesAlan Becker, AlanBeckerMinecraft, AlanBeckerTutorialsKnown for his animation web videos like "Animation vs. Minecraft" and series like "Animator vs. Animation".
Alan MelikdjanianLatviaCaptain DisillusionCreator of the "Captain Disillusion" series demonstrating visual effects used in many viral videos
Alastair AikenUnited KingdomAli-A, MoreAliA, Ali-A PlaysBoth of Aiken's channels upload gaming videos as well as vlogs. He is best known for his Call of Duty gameplay videos (both Let's Plays and video game walkthroughs).
Alejandro HernándezVenezuelaAlejandro HernandezCreator of The Alejandro Hernández Show.
Alex ApollonovAustraliaI did a thingComedian, commentator
Alex ClarkUnited StatesAlex ClarkAnimator, comedian, and juggler
Alex AionoUnited StatesAlex AionoSinger, producer and actor.
Alex DayUnited KingdomnerimonHas had a few United Kingdom top 40 hits after vlogging on YouTube.
Alexa GoddardUnited KingdomAlexa GoddardBritish R&B singer who charted in the United Kingdom Top 40 after promoting herself through YouTube.
Alexis AlfordUnited StatesLexie LimitlessAdventure traveler, photographer, blogger. Best known for traveling to 196 countries before the age of twenty-one and holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to visit all of them.
Alexis JordanUnited StatesAlexis JordanSinger-songwriter, actress and first season contestant on America's Got Talent; signed to Jay Z's Roc Nation label through her exposure on her YouTube channel.
Alfie DeyesUnited KingdomAlfie Deyes, Alfie Deyes Vlogs, PointlessBlogGamesVlogger, comedian, Let's Player player turned boxer
Alan WalkerUnited Kingdom/NorwayAlan Walker, Walker GamingEnglish-Norwegian DJ and record producer
Ally LawUnited KingdomAlly LawParkour climber and free soloist
Amanda BaggsUnited StatessilentmiaowFeatured on a CNN health blog. Died in 2020 from presumed respiratory failure.
Amanda CernyUnited StatesAmanda Cerny, AmandaCernyVlogs, and About TimeViner who posts vlogs and skits
Amanda LeeUnited StatesLeeandLie, LeeandLieTVSinger and voice actress, known for her English-language interpretations of songs from anime and video games on YouTube
Amber Lee EttingerUnited StatesbarelypoliticalKnown as Obama Girl from the video "I Got a Crush. on Obama" and stars in many BarelyPolitical episodes
Amit BhadanaIndiaAmit BhadanaHindi-language comedy YouTuber
Amos YeeSingaporeBrainAndButterArrested after uploading a YouTube video criticizing Lee Kuan Yew shortly after the first Singaporean prime minister's death
Amy Shira TeitelCanada/United StatesThe Vintage SpaceDiscusses the history of space flight and exploration
Amy WalkerUnited StatesAmy WalkerVideo game voice actress, notably as Lunara in Heroes of the Storm and various characters in Fallout 76. She is also a director, singer, and artist. Most notable for videos about world accents.
Ana NedeljkovićSerbiaEnn La RushSerbian singer, TV personality, YouTuber and internet personality.
Andrew CallaghanUnited StatesAll Gas No BrakesInterviewer who covers large events and fringe subcultures
Andrew GunadieCanadagunnarolla, dietgunnarollaCanadian internet personality, musician, and video producer.
Andrew HuangCanadaANDREW HUANGCanadian musician best known for his Song Challenge series which invites viewers to dare him in feats of musicianship, and viral hit "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows"
Ángel David RevillaVenezuelaDrossRotzankFirst Venezuelan to reach one million subscribers, known for uploading horror videos
Andrew Byron BachelorCanada, United StatesBach Vlogs, BachelorsPadTVMost followed user on Vine. Posts skits on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube as King Bach.
Andrew ReaUnited StatesBabish Culinary UniverseCooking, with four series hosted by Rea: Binging with Babish, recreation of foods from fiction; Basics with Babish, general culinary instruction; Being with Babish, cataloging Rea's efforts to help fans in need; and Botched by Babish, in which Rea corrects errors in recipes previously featured on the channel.
Andy McKeeUnited StatesAndy McKeeA fingerstyle guitarist who was formerly signed to the United States-American record label CandyRat Records.
Anita SarkeesianUnited StatesFeminist FrequencyHas received particular attention for her video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which examines tropes in the depiction of female video game characters. Was a primary subject of the Gamergate harassment campaign.
Ann ReardonAustraliaHow To Cook ThatWebsite and baking channel that provides video recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations and other confectionery.
Anna AkanaUnited StatesAnna AkanaFilmmaker, producer, actress, and comedian known for her short films and sketches like the web series Riley Rewind.
Anthime GionetUnited StatesBaked Alaska (terminated)Former rapper and BuzzFeed commentator turned far-right anti-semite, white supremacist, and conspiracy theorist. Banned from Twitter in November 2017 and YouTube in October 2020 for hate speech, and arrested by the FBI after livestreaming on Twitch his participation in the 2021 United States Capitol attack.
Ariel Rebecca MartinUnited StatesBaby ArielStarted on musical. ly before making music and acting
Arin HansonUnited StatesEgoraptor, GameGrumpsAnimator, voice actor, actor, and video game pundit known for his animations (such as the Awesome Series, Sequelitis, and Girlchan in Paradise
Arunabh KumarIndiaThe Viral FeverFounder of TVF which is popular for web series and comedy videos
Anthony FantanoUnited Statestheneedledrop, fantanoReviews music through his channel The Needle Drop, which is also a Connecticut Public Radio podcast.
Anthony PadillaUnited StatesAnthonyPadillaCo-founder of Smosh, currently hosting I spent a day with.
Antonio RadićCroatiaagadmator's Chess ChannelGame reviews and analysis of historical and current chess games
Atta HalilintarIndonesiaAtta HalilintarFirst Indonesian YouTuber to cross 20 million subscribers mark
Austin EvansUnited StatesAustin EvansTechnology YouTuber most notable for his reviews, PC builds, and unboxings.
Austin JonesUnited StatesAusdudeProControversial American singer who was discovered on YouTube.
Austin MahoneUnited StatesAustin MahonePop singer who built a large online following in 2011.
Aziz ShavershianAustralia7zyzz7Australian internet personality, known for his bodybuilding videos. Died in 2011 from heart attack.
Baba AliUnited StatesummahfilmsKnown for the Reminder Series and Ask Baba Ali Series
Bachir BoumaazaBelgiumAtheneWinsVideo gamer and social activist who is widely referred to by his online pseudonym "Athene. "
Balaji PatturajIndiaPanjumittai ProductionsPopularly known as RJ Balaji. Also called "The Voice of Chennai", all the videos on his channel deal with contemporary issues; all are completely different in content.
Bartholomew BakerUnited StatesBart Baker, BART, Lil KloroxxxHe is best known for making parody videos of notable songs
Back Dorm BoysChinaChinese duo Huang Yixin and Wei Wei, known for lip-syncing American pop songs.
Beau MilesAustraliaBeau MilesEducator, author, and outdoorsman.
Ben GoingUnited Statesboh3m3Known for his video blogs and was an early YouTube partner.
Benjamin RichUnited Kingdombald and bankrupt, Daily BaldTravel vlogger
Benny and Rafi FineUnited StatesREACT, People Vs Food, Try Not To, FBE, FBE LiveBrother creators/producers of the React video series (Kids, Teens, Elders, YouTubers, and Adults React) and MyMusic sitcom. Founded Fine Brothers Entertainment.
Belle DelphineUnited Kingdombelle delphineNotable for her glamour and cosplay modeling influenced by memes
Bethan LeadleyUnited KingdomLeadleyMusician
Bethany MotaUnited StatesBethany MotaKnown for haul videos, makeup/hair tutorials, recipes, and do it yourself. Mota was a contestant on the 19th American season of Dancing with the Stars.
Bhuvan BamIndiaBB Ki VinesViner, composer and actor
Bill DayUnited StatesbillschannelDocumentary filmmaker
Bill WurtzUnited Statesbill wurtzVideo creator, animator, and musician who makes surreal videos, most notably "history of japan" and "history of the entire world, i guess".
Bjørn NylandNorwayBjørn Nyland, Teslabjorn Live, Teslabjorn ThaiThailand-born Norwegian YouTuber about electric car road trips, has won four Teslas
Blaire WhiteUnited StatesBlaire White, Blaire BlackVideo creator who is mainly known for her political commentary videos but also does vlogs.
Blimey CowUnited StatesBlimey Cow, BlimeyCowVlog, Big Head Kid, Jordan TaylorComedy trio known for videos relating to Christianity, homeschooling, music, relationships, and social media
Bo BurnhamUnited Statesboburnham, mahnrubobComedian, comedic singer, musician, songwriter, and actor
Bobby MillerUnited StatesBuzzFeed, SoulPancake, Next New Networks, YouTubeFilmmaker, comedian, actor
Bob's Your UncleHong Kong煮家男人 Bob's Your UncleMakes videos about cooking and travelling
Bogdan IlićSerbiaBaka Prase (terminated), Baka Prase TV (terminated), Baka Sepra, Baka Prase 2Controversial Rapper, gamer, entertainer
Bradley ColburnUnited StatestheRadBradLet's Player who makes walkthrough videos. Recognized as one of the "top gaming creators" on YouTube according to CEO Susan Wojcicki.
Brady HaranAustraliaPeriodic Videos, Sixty Symbols, Numberphile, ComputerphileJournalist
Brandon HardestyUnited StatesUndoTubeActor
Brando Franco WindahIndonesiaWindah BasudaraVideo game live streaming
Brent RiveraUnited StatesBrent Rivera, SoRelatable PodcastAmerican YouTube personality, Actor
Brian AwadisUnited StatesFaZe Rug, FaZe Rug Games, FaZe Rug ShortsProduces vlogs, challenges, gaming videos, and pranks. One of the co-owners of the FaZe Clan.
Bryce HallUnited StatesBryce HallDancer, vlogger and TikToker
Bryan LeUnited StatesRiceGum, RiceLive, FamilyGumAmerican YouTube vlogger and rapper known for his diss tracks.
Broden Kelly, Mark Bonanno, Zachary RuaneAustraliaAunty Donna, Grouse HouseAbsurdist comedy troupe notable for their filmed sketches.
Brooke BrodackUnited StatesBrooke BrodackActress, editor, director. Known for her "Crazed Numa Fan" and "Chips" videos.
Bunny MeyerUnited Statesgrav3yardgirlHer vlogs focus on fashion, makeup, lifestyle and paranormal occurrences
Caitlin DoughtyUnited StatesCaitlin Doughty - Ask A Mortician"Ask a Mortician" a question-and-answer comedy series on death, death culture, and funeral practices, and promoting death acceptance and alternative funeral practices
Caitlin HillAustraliaS FactsRapper
Calum McSwigganUnited KingdomCalum McSwigganLGBT+ Lifestyle content
Calvin VailUnited StatesLeafyIsHere (terminated)Controversial commentator
Camille and Kennerly KittUnited StatesCamille and KennerlyIdentical twin duet harpists known for their acoustic and electric harp covers, also called the Harp Twins.
Candice HutchingsCanadaEdgy VegVegan chef and comedian.
Canal do OtárioBrazilCanal do Otario, Canal do Otário (Sem Palavrão), Canal do Otário (Responde)A Brazilian activist vlogger. Known by his work against misleading advertisement, freedom of speech and government propaganda.
Carl BenjaminUnited KingdomSargon of Akkad, Akkad DailyBritish vlogger; posts videos which concern a wide variety of subjects, varying from gaming, anti-ideology, history and fiction, and Gamergate and antifeminism.
Carrie Hope FletcherUnited KingdomCarrie Hope FletcherEnglish actress and singer; she has a YouTube channel where she plays the piano and sings, but she posts mainly video blogs.
Casey NeistatUnited StatesCaseyNeistat, Casey Neistat's Snap Stories, Casey Neistat ClassicsAmerican videographer; posts daily vlogs on his YouTube channel with over 11 million subscribers and more than 2. 4 billion views.
Caspar LeeSouth Africa/United KingdomCaspar, morecasparBritish South African vlogger, popular for his interviews with other YouTube personalities such as Zoe Sugg.
Catherine WayneUnited Statesboxxybabee, ANewHopeee, bodaciousboxxyPopular for her YouTube comedy videos under the pseudonym "Boxxy". Fights between her supporters and her detractors lead to an "online war".
Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Ben MankiewiczUnited StatesThe Young Turks, TYT Investigates, TYT's The ConversationLeft-wing online media outlet
CGP GreyUnited States/United KingdomCGP GreyMakes informational videos, including "The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England Explained" and "Rules for the Rulers".
Charles Green Jr. United StatesTheAngryGrandpaShow, GrandpasCornerKnown for videos of him violently raging and reacting to various pranks and events. Died in 2017 of cirrhosis.
Charles White Jr. United Statespenguinz0Known for his gameplay, Twitch streaming, and commentary videos, which are notably delivered in a deadpan format.
Charlie McDonnellUnited Kingdomcharlieissocoollike, charlieissoboredlike, CharlieAtE3British vlogger and singer-songwriter. Member of the Chartjackers team, Chameleon Circuit and Sons of Admirals.
Charli D'AmelioUnited Statescharli d'amelioDancer, vlogger and TikToker
Chase HudsonUnited StatesLILHUDDYAmerican TikToker and vlogger
Chef and FrancisJapanCooking with DogJapanese cooking channel featuring a woman known as "Chef" and her toy poodle, Francis.
Chika YoshidaJapancyoshida1231Japanese YouTuber known as Bilingirl, who creates educational videos teaching English grammar and conversation
Chloe TingAustraliaChloe TingKnown for fitness videos and challenges
Chris Atkinson and Jeremy ScottUnited StatesCinemaSins, Music Video Sins, TVSins, Commercial Sins, CinemaSins JeremyCreators of Everything Wrong With
Chris BroadUnited KingdomAbroad in Japan, Chris AbroadKnown for making videos about Japanese culture, travel and food, as a British resident of the country
Chris HansenUnited StatesChris HansenAmerican television journalist, known for catching potential sex predators. Hansen started his own YouTube channel, on which he attempted to capture an accused predator Gregory Jackson, better known as Onision on YouTube.
Chris HarrisUnited KingdomChris Harris on Cars, (formerly) DriveAutomotive journalist, his roadtest between a LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 received over one million views within two weeks.
Christiaan Van VuurenAustraliaVan Vuuren BrosGained notable popularity as "The Fully Sick Rapper" after starting to record videos from within quarantine for tuberculosis.
Christina GrimmieUnited Stateszeldaxlove64 Christina GrimmieSinger-songwriter.

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