This article provides the list of active Indian military aircraft currently in service or on order with the Indian Armed Forces. For a list of historical military aircraft used by the Indian military


Air Force

AircraftOriginTypeVariantIn serviceNotes
Combat AircraftCombat AircraftCombat AircraftCombat AircraftCombat AircraftCombat Aircraft
Dassault RafaleFranceMultiroleEH/DH36
Sukhoi Su-30RussiaMultiroleSu-30MKI262A plan to procure 12 additional Su-30 from Russia
HAL TejasIndiaMultiroleMk. 13273 single seat MK1A are on order
HAL TejasIndiaMultiroleMk. +more1A73 single seat MK1A are on order
Mirage 2000FranceMultirole2000 H/I51
SEPECAT JaguarUnited KingdomGround attackIM/IS130
MiG-21Soviet UnionInterceptorBison54To be replaced by the Tejas Mark1 & Mark1A
EMB-145BrazilAEW&CNetra3Equipped with a DRDO Netra AEW&C system - 6 Netra Mk 2 systems on order
Beriev A-50Soviet UnionAEW&CA-50EI3Equipped with the EL/W-2090 radar - 2 on order
Boeing 707United StatesSurveillance1
Boeing 737United StatesSurveillance2
Global 5000United StatesELINT2
Gulfstream G100IsraelSurveillance1125 Astra2
Electronic WarfareElectronic WarfareElectronic WarfareElectronic WarfareElectronic WarfareElectronic Warfare
Gulfstream IIIUnited StatesEW / ELINTSRA3
Ilyushin Il-78Soviet UnionAerial refuelingIl-78MKI6Equipped with Israeli fuel-transfer system
-Ilyushin Il-76Soviet UnionStrategic airlifterIl-76MD17
Boeing C-17United StatesStrategic airlifter11
C-130J Super HerculesUnited StatesTactical airlifterC-130J-3012
Antonov An-32UkraineTransportAn-32/32RE10353 are 32RE variant.
-EADS CASA C-295SpainTransportC-295MW
Hawker Siddeley HS 748United KingdomTransport57
Dornier 228GermanyUtility228-20153license built by HAL
Boeing 777United StatesVIP transport777-300ER2Used as Air India One for presidential flight.
Boeing 737United StatesVIP transport737-7003
Embraer Legacy 600BrazilVIP transport4
HAL PrachandIndiaAttack46 on order
Boeing AH-64 ApacheUnited StatesAttackAH-64E22
Mil Mi-24RussiaAttackMi-24/25/3515
-HAL RudraIndiaArmed Utility16
CH-47 ChinookUnited StatesHeavy transportCH-47F15
Mil Mi-17RussiaUtility transportMi-17V-5223
HAL DhruvIndiaUtility107
HAL Light Utility HelicopterIndiaUtility6 on order.
HAL ChetakFrance / IndiaLight utility77License-built version of the Alouette III.
HAL CheetahFrance / IndiaLight utility17License-built version of the SA315B Lama
Trainer AircraftTrainer AircraftTrainer AircraftTrainer AircraftTrainer AircraftTrainer Aircraft
HAL HTT-40IndiaBasic trainer70 on order.
-Pilatus PC-7SwitzerlandBasic trainerMk II75
Pipistrel Virus SW 80 GarudSloveniaBasic trainerPipistrel Virus72
HAL KiranIndiaIntermediate Trainer78
BAE HawkUnited KingdomAdvanced jet trainerHawk 132102
HAL TejasIndiaConversion trainerMk. 1A18 on order
MiG-29RussiaConversion trainerMiG-29UPG10
SEPECAT JaguarUnited KingdomConversion trainerIB30
MiG-21Soviet UnionConversion trainerU/UM37
Mirage 2000FranceConversion trainer2000 TH/TI12
IAI Heron TPIsraelSurveillanceHeron TP
IAI HeronIsraelSurveillanceHeron 149
IAI SearcherIsraelsurveillanceMk. I / II
DRDO LakshyaIndiaTarget drone15

Army Aviation Corps

AircraftOriginTypeVariantIn serviceNotes
HAL PrachandIndiaAttack32 on order.
Boeing AH-64 ApacheUnited StatesAttackAH-64E(I)6 on order
HAL RudraIndiaArmed scout7525 on order
HAL DhruvIndiaUtility19173 on order
HAL Light Utility HelicopterIndiaUtility6 on order
HAL ChetakFrance / IndiaUtility4license-built version of the Alouette III
HAL CheetahFrance / IndiaUtility378 on order - license-built version of the SA 315B Lama
IAI Heron TPIsraelSurveillanceHeron TP4
IAI HeronIsraelSurveillanceHeron 116
IAI SearcherIsraelSurveillanceMk. +more I / II
Switch PrimeIndiaSurveillanceHigh altitude variantUndisclosed quantities on order