This is a list of aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.


%|Aircraft%|Allied Code name%|First flown%|Number built%|Service
Kawasaki Ki-56 Army Type 1 Freight Transport & Tachikawa Navy Type LOThalia/Thelma1940121IJA & IJN
Mitsubishi Ki-57 Army Type 100 TransportTopsy1940406IJA
Nakajima Ki-34 Army Type 97 Transport & Nakajima L1N Navy Type AT-2 TransportThora1936351IJA & IJN
Showa/Nakajima L2D Navy Type 0 TransportTabby1939487IJN
Mitsubishi Hinazuru-type Passenger Transportn/a193611IJN

A total of 85611 aircraft were produced by Japan in WW2.

Experimental Aircraft

%|Aircraft%|Allied Code name%|First flown%|Number built
Kyushu J7W Shindenn/a3 August 19452
Mitsubishi Ki-83n/a19444
Mitsubishi J8Mn/a19447
Nakajima G8Nn/a19444