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Albert Flores

The most-liked video on TikTok, with over 59 million likes, was uploaded by Bella Poarch and features her lip-syncing and bobbing her head to the song "Sophie Aspen Send" (also known as "M to the B") by Millie B.

Top videos

The following table lists the 25 most-liked videos on TikTok.

The user with the most videos in the top 25 is Khaby Lame with six. The most used song on the list is "SugarCrash!" by ElyOtto, which is used in three of the most-liked videos.

RankAccountUploaderLikes (millions)Post descriptionPostFeatured musicUpload dateNotes
1Bella Poarch59. 7Lip syncing[https://www. +moretiktok. com/@bellapoarch/video/6862153058223197445]"M To The B (Soph Aspin Send)" by Millie B17 August 2020
2Jamie Big Sorrel Horse51. 5Dancing in front of bathroom mirror[https://www. tiktok. com/@jamie32bsh/video/7058186727248235782]"Say It Right" by Nelly Furtado28 January 2022
3Franek Bielak50. 6Drawings of mouths[https://www. tiktok. com/@fredziownik_art/video/6911406868699073798]"Deep End Freestyle" by Sleepy Hallow featuring Fousheé28 December 2020
4Nick Luciano49. 3Lip syncing[https://www. tiktok. com/@thenickluciano/video/6932635718615338246]"SugarCrash!" by ElyOtto23 February 2021
5ToTouchAnEmu44. 8Dancing filmed by a drone[https://www. tiktok. com/@totouchanemu/video/6990181852803894533]"STAY" by The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber28 July 2021
6MONA41. 3Sang “Suave - El Alfa”[https://www. tiktok. com/@mngnzls/video/7071079551756979483]"Suave" by El Alfa4 March 2022
7Adrian Chateau Wiles40. 5Person barking at dog[https://www. tiktok. com/@adrianchateau/video/7028775404173413678]N/A10 November 2021
8Billie Eilish40. 3"Time Warp Scan" filter[https://www. tiktok. com/@billieeilish/video/6894081763379924229]N/A11 November 2020
9Khaby Lame37. 9Peeling a banana[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6950627842518568197]"Chug Jug with You" by Leviathan13 April 2021
10British Promise Cats37. 3Cat pawing at camera[https://www. tiktok. com/@britishpromise. cats/video/6839416095586159878]N/A17 June 2020
11Khaby Lame36. 3Opening a car door[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6979606181463526661]"Knock Knock" by SoFaygo30 June 2021
12Chipmunks of TikTok35. 8Chipmunk eating nuts out of someone's hand[https://www. tiktok. com/@chipmunksoftiktok/video/6975140587196517638]N/A18 June 2021
13Khaby Lame35. 5Opening a door[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6971795480774708485]"Oops!" by Yung Gravy9 June 2021
14Demi, Dae, and Josh35. 2Baby smiling[https://www. tiktok. com/@daexo/video/6901709683568938245]"Mua Mua" by Miya2 December 2020
15Enbiggen34. 9Spirited Away-themed animation[https://www. tiktok. com/@enbiggen/video/7013546281284996357]"One Summer’s Day" cover by29 September 2021
16Khaby Lame34. 6Removing mask from cup handle[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6950240079583513862]"SugarCrash!" by ElyOtto12 April 2021
17Jalapeno33. 5Chef saying a pick-up line[https://www. tiktok. com/@cikiee/video/6973813778597055749]"At My Worst" by Pink Sweat$14 June 2021
18Derik Munson33. 1Penguin jumps off of breaking ice piece[https://www. tiktok. com/@derik. munson0/video/7049931242007039279]"Pope Is a Rockstar" by Sales6 January 2022
19Khaby Lame32. 5Drinking a glass of water[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6948740634060639493]"Memories" by Ajay Stevens8 April 2021
20Chipmunks of TikTok32. 4Chipmunk eating nuts out of someone's hand[https://www. tiktok. com/@chipmunksoftiktok/video/7068793156183035182]N/A25 February 2022
21user128156777572332. 3Kitten running[https://www. tiktok. com/@ninachristine15/video/6912802272326012162]"You Are So Beautiful" by Bug Hall1 January 2021
22cachita7gri32. 1Woman dancing with clothes line[https://www. tiktok. com/@cacha. 7. griselda/video/6984473039605959941]"Trap De Amarella (Амаделя Pinkipa7 Remix)" by Epidemic7713 July 2021
23Khaby Lame30. 9Removing stuck t-shirt from car door[https://www. tiktok. com/@khaby. lame/video/6961405079870115077]"SugarCrash!" by ElyOtto12 May 2021
24Tuvok1231. 0Playing basketball on the street[https://www. tiktok. com/@tuvok12/video/7014524290527808774]"Industry Baby" by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow2 October 2021
25Mary and Secret30. 8Dog painting a flower[https://www. tiktok. com/@my_aussie_gal/video/6986336677748935942]"Everything Sucks" by vaultboy18 July 2021
As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022

Historical most-liked videos

The following table lists the last four videos that were once the most-liked post on TikTok, with the number of likes as they were when the top spot was reached.

AccountUploaderPost descriptionPostUpload dateDate achievedDays held
Bella Poarch32. 8Lip syncing[url=https://www. +moretiktok. com/@bellapoarch/video/6862153058223197445] [/url]18 August 202015 September 2020
British Promise CatsCat pawing at camera[url=https://www. tiktok. com/@britishpromise. cats/video/6839416095586159878] [/url]17 June 2020July 202014-44
Michael Le22. 6Dancing on escalator[url=https://www. tiktok. com/@justmaiko/video/6803012363424500997] [/url]11 March 2020May 202050-81
Kison KeeFalling over with milk[url=https://www. tiktok. com/@kisonkee/video/6753718966637677830] [/url]30 October 2019
As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022As of 12 September 2022


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