List of most-viewed Arabic music videos on YouTube

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Albert Flores

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.

"Lm3allem" by Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred is the most-viewed Arabic music video with 900 million views in February 2021. "Ya Lili" by Tunisian singer Balti with Hammouda is the second video to garner over 700 million views. +more "Happy Happy" by Bahrani singer Hala Al Turk become the first Arabic music video to cross 100 million views. This is a list of the most-viewed Arabic music videos on YouTube.

As of February 2021, 12 videos have exceeded 400 million views.


Top videos

The following table lists top-10 most-viewed Arabic music videos on YouTube with their approximative view count, artist, and upload date.

1. +more"Lm3allem"Saad Lamjarred1017 (1 billion)May 2, 2015
2. "Ya Lili"Balti feat. Hammouda748. 7October 28, 2017
3. "3 Daqat"Abu feat. Yousra742. 4October 12, 2017
4. "Ta3al"Jassim & Alturky & Al Abdullah720. 0July 10, 2018
5. "بنت الجيران"حسن شاكوش و عمر كمال604. 1Dec 5, 2019
6. "Boshret Kheir"Hussain Al Jassmi583. 4May 16, 2014
7. "Bel Bont El 3arid"Hussain Al Jassmi577. 4August 15, 2020
8. "Décapotable"Zouhair Bahaoui549. 6August 8, 2018
9. "Bnayty El Habooba"Hala Al Turk feat. Mashael527. 1November 6, 2011
10. "Happy Happy"Hala Al Turk516. 6October 24, 2013
As of August, 2022As of August, 2022As of August, 2022As of August, 2022As of August, 2022


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