List of most-watched television broadcasts

The following content is a tentative list of the most-watched television broadcasts around the world in selected countries, with the corresponding viewership (or ratings share) records, the corresponding year of such broadcast, and the mentioned media research organizations tallying nationwide viewership records. However, the most-watched television broadcast in any of the following nations can also be broadcast simultaneously in other countries and rank among their most-watched television broadcasts as well.



On 20 July 1969, an estimated 652 million people watched the live global broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon landing (this constituted around one fifth of total population of the world at the time), despite the fact that the first moonwalk took place in the middle of the night in Europe (at 01:56 in Iceland; 02:56 in Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom; 03:56 in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Yugoslavia and 04:56 in Finland, Greece and Turkey, and it was not broadcast on television or radio in the Eastern Bloc (except in Romania (04:56) and Poland (03:56)).

The original Live Aid was a dual-venue benefit concert held on 13 July 1985 in London, Philadelphia, and with events in other countries. It was one of the largest-scale television events of all time, watched across 150 nations, with an estimated global audience of 1. +more9 billion who watched the live broadcast.

In 1990, Roger Waters played a concert in Berlin known as The Wall - Live in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall. The concert was subject to a live audience of 450,000 and was broadcast to 35 countries, with an estimated broadcasting audience of 500 million to 1 billion people.

Prominent personalities in the 1990s and 2000s such as David Hasselhoff and Mexico's Thalia (currently based in the U. S. +more) starred in primetime series such as the Las Tres Marias trilogy shows (Maria Mercedes, Marimar and Maria la del Barrio), Rosalinda and Baywatch, which were broadcast in about 180 countries. It's been estimated that, in the 1970s, every single episode of the Mexican comedy show El Chavo del Ocho, created, directed, produced and starred by Roberto Gómez Bolaños "Chespirito", was watched by about 350 million people across Latin America when it premiered; both this show and some of Mexican telenovelas are among the world's most-watched non-U. S. -produced television series.

U. S. +more television programming remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. This trend was initiated by U. S. -made broadcast network soap operas and sitcoms such as Dallas, M*A*S*H, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld, Friends and The Big Bang Theory by the mid-2000s, and then in the late 2000s and 2010s by U. S. medical dramas and police procedurals such as House, and the CSI and NCIS franchises. All of these are currently syndicated in more than 100 countries, and rank among the most-watched television series in the world, extending their dominance to a three-decade span.

In recent decades, the global popularity of U. S. +more television is rivaled by European television programming and television dramas from Latin America and Asia. The annual Eurovision Song Contest, considered to be one of the world's longest running and most-watched reality television franchises, annually attracted a peak of 600 million viewers during the mid-to-late 1980s. Eurovision has consistently ranked among the all-time most-watched live non-sports entertainment telecasts worldwide in the last 2 decades. Idols, airing since 2001, has the largest collective global franchise viewership in the world to date, shown in versions in over 150 countries worldwide and has been watched by over 3. 2billion viewers.

The 2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony set the record for the largest viewing figure for any sports event, reaching an average audience of 593 million worldwide and 984 million in reach.

In 2010, over 1. 1 billion people were reported to have watched the 2010-2011 Sydney New Year's Eve coverage, constituting approximately 16% of the world population at that time and still remains the most-watched New Year's Eve live telecast in the world. +more As one of the first major New Year's celebrations globally each year, Sydney New Year's Eve annual coverage are live in all time zones in both Asia, Australia and Oceania on 31 December 2010 and 1 January 2011.

Few cable television programs have ranked among the world's most-watched television broadcasts beginning the mid-2010s. In particular, notable scripted series like Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Doctor Who, originating from both the U. +moreS. and UK, have been currently aired to more than 100 countries. The annual Miss Universe and Miss World pageants, headquartered in the U. S. and UK, respectively, and aired live to more than 190 countries yearly, are said to have each regularly attracted more than 500million viewers and consistently rank among the most-watched live annual entertainment telecasts in the world.

Regional annual sporting events like the Super Bowl in the U. S. +more, and the UEFA Champions League finals in Europe, televised live worldwide, have emerged among the world's most-watched television broadcasts.

Most reality television franchise broadcasts and international sporting events (which are aired in several countries) tend to comprise some of the most-watched television programs, as tallied by their media research bases. Beginning in the mid-2010s, the majority of the world's most-watched television broadcasts, including all of the world's major international sporting events, are often broadcast live via satellite across virtually all of the world's time zones in seven continents.


3" | 1,000Concert
First inauguration of Barack Obama
Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
Munich massacre900
Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer750
Apollo 11600
Assassination of John F. +more Kennedy600
2008 Summer Olympics opening ceremony593



Most-watched broadcasts of all time (Total Viewers)

The following is David Dale's approximate ranking of the most-watched television shows of all time in Australia using data from Nielsen Corporation and OzTAM.

1Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales1997ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Ten Network
2Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer1981ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Ten Network
32000 Summer Olympics closing ceremony2000Seven Network
42000 Summer Olympics opening ceremony2000Seven Network
5Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton2011ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Ten Network
61984 Summer Olympics opening ceremony1984Ten Network
7The World of The Seekers1968Ten Network
8Boxing: Lionel Rose v Alan Rudkin1964Seven Network
9The Sound of Music1977Nine Network
10Roots (miniseries)1977Ten Network

Note: the funeral of Princess Diana, the Wedding of Prince Charles and the Wedding of Prince William were all carried by all 4 major networks and are counted together.

Most viewed broadcasts since 2001 (OzTAM 5 City Metro Average)

The following table is a list of the most viewed programs based on the OzTAM 5 City Metro Average rating system. It does not include regional numbers (40% of the population) and uses the average viewership, not the peak viewership. +more Also note these ratings are not comparable with ratings before 2001 due to different methodologies used after this time.

RankShowNumber of viewersRatingsYearNetwork
1Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton6. 0 Million-2011ABC, Network 7, Network 9, Network Ten, 7Two
2Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle4. +more09 Million-2018Seven Network, Nine Network, ABC, SBS, BBC UKTV, Sky News Live
32005 Australian Open - Men's Singles Final4. 043 Million29. 32005Seven Network
4MasterChef Australia (season 2) - finale challenge4. 029 Million27. 12010Network Ten
52003 Rugby World Cup Final4. 016 Million29. 72003Seven Network
6MasterChef Australia (season 1) - finale challenge3. 726 Million25. 62009Network Ten
72006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony3. 561 Million25. 52006Nine Network
82005 AFL Grand Final (Sydney Swans v West Coast Eagles)3. 386 Million24. 52005Network Ten
9The Block (season 4): Winner Announced3. 370 Million21. 92011Nine Network
10Australian Idol: Final Verdict3. 344 Million24. 52003Network Ten


1Roque SanteiroEpisode 20996100%TV GloboTelenovela
1text-align: center;" | -100%TV GloboTelenovela
2TietaEpisode 19678TV GloboTelenovela
31998 FIFA World CupBrazil vs. Netherlands (semi-final)73TV Globo, SBT, Manchete, BandAssociation football
42002 FIFA World CupBrazil vs. +more Turkey (semi-final)71TV GloboAssociation football
5AméricaEpisode 2036882%TV GloboTelenovela
62002 FIFA World CupGermany vs. Brazil (final)6791%TV GloboAssociation football


The two most-watched television broadcasts in Canadian history occurred during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. For the gold medal game of the men's hockey tournament at the 2010 Winter Olympics, played between the United States and Canada, confirmed 16. +more6 million Canadians watched the whole game, roughly one-half of the country's entire population. A groundbreaking 26. 5 million Canadians watched some part of the game, over 80 percent of the country's 34-million-person population. According to multiple sources, 13. 3 million Canadians watched the games' opening ceremony, which was the previous record.

Many believed the final game of the 1972 Summit Series had up to 18 million viewers, but only 4. 3 million TVs tuned in. +more This statistic does not represent the reality that most school children (representing the tail end of the baby-boom i. e. a large population) nationwide watched the game in gymnasiums on only one or two TVs. 10. 3 million people watched the ice hockey gold medal final of the 2002 Winter Olympics.


China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala has regularly attracted between 700 million to 1.17 billion viewers annually.

The CCTV's main evening news broadcast Xinwen Lianbo has a daily audience of around 135 million people, and it is also one of the most expensive shows in the world per advertising spots, with its 2013 advertising slots selling for a record of 5.4 billion yuan.

The Legend of Bruce Lee (2008), based on the life of Bruce Lee, has been watched by over 400 million viewers in China, making it the most-watched Chinese television drama series of all time, as of 2017.

A Chinese boxer Zou Shiming's professional boxing debut on 6 April 2013 generated an estimated 300 million viewers. Another professional boxer Qiu Xiaojun attracted around 200 million people for his fight against Ghanaian fighter Raymond Commey on 12 February 2016.


The following are the ten most watched programs from 1992 onwards.

1Krøniken - Episode 102,714,0002004DR1
2Eurovision Song Contest 20012,667,0002001DR1
3The Last Exploits of the Olsen Gang2,658,0001995TV2
4UEFA Euro 1992 Semi-final: Denmark vs Netherlands2,657,0001992TV2
5UEFA Euro 1992 Final: Denmark vs Germany2,632,0001992TV2
61994 FIFA World Cup qualification: Denmark vs Spain2,547,0001993DR1
7Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 19922,506,0001992DR1
8The Girl and the Press Photographer2,422,0001992TV2
91998 FIFA World Cup Quarter-final: Denmark vs Brazil2,390,0001998DR1
10UEFA Euro 2012 Group Stage: Denmark vs Germany2,378,0002012DR1
†Hosted in Copenhagen


1Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the COVID-19 pandemic36,730,00094. 5%TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+, M6, C8, TMC, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo
2Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the COVID-19 pandemic35,300,00096. +more1%TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, C8, TMC, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo, L'Equipe
3Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the COVID-19 pandemic32,700,00093. 6%TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, C8, TMC, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo, L'Equipe
42018 FIFA World Cup Final: France vs Croatia26,200,000N/ATF1, BeIN Sports
5Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the COVID-19 pandemic24,600,00087%TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, C8, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo, L'Equipe
61998 FIFA World Cup Final: Brazil vs France23,647,00088. 4%TF1, Canal+
7Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the COVID-19 pandemic23,610,00085,6%TF1, France 2, France 3, M6, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo
8Speech of the French President Emmanuel Macron in response to the Yellow vests movement23,000,00081,4%TF1, France 2, M6, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo
9Speech of the French President François Hollande in response to the Charlie Hebdo shooting22,400,000N/ATF1, France 2, France 3, M6, BFMTV, CNews, LCI, franceinfo
10UEFA Euro 2016 Final: Portugal vs France22,292,00072. 9%M6, BeIN Sports
112006 FIFA World Cup Semi-final: Portugal vs France22,200,00076. 7%TF1
122006 FIFA World Cup Final: Italy vs France22,143,00080. 3%TF1
132018 FIFA World Cup Final: France vs Croatia20,940,00082. 2%TF1, BeIN Sports
141998 FIFA World Cup Semi-final: France vs Croatia20,597,00081. 8%TF1, Canal+
15UEFA Euro 2016 Semi-final: Germany vs France20,339,00068. 8%TF1, BeIN Sports
16UEFA Euro 2000 Final: France vs Italy20,279,00077. 5%TF1
172018 FIFA World Cup Semi-final: France vs Belgium20,178,00070. 5%TF1, BeIN Sports
182006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16: Spain vs France19,564,00067. 9%TF1
192006 FIFA World Cup Group stage: Togo vs France18,331,00070. 0%TF1
202007 Rugby World Cup Semi-final: England vs France18,307,00067. 4%TF1
21UEFA Euro 2016 Quarter-final: France vs Iceland18,274,00060. 0%M6, BeIN Sports
222014 FIFA World Cup quarter-final: France vs Germany18,085,00072. 1%TF1, BeIN Sports
232006 FIFA World Cup Group stage: France vs South Korea18,051,00066. 7%TF1
242006 FIFA World Cup quarter-final: Brazil vs France17,939,00073. 1%TF1
252014 FIFA World Cup Group stage: Switzerland vs France17,836,00062. 0%TF1, BeIN Sports
26UEFA Euro 2000 Semi-final: France vs Portugal17,691,00070. 5%France 2
271991 UEFA Champions League Final: Red Star Belgrade vs Olympique Marseille17,500,00068. 3%TF1
28Television show: Le Grand Bluff17,400,00074. 0%TF1


RankShowEpisodeNumber of viewersShareDateNetwork
12014 FIFA World CupGermany vs Argentina (final)34,650,00086. 3%Das Erste
22014 FIFA World CupBrazil vs Germany (semi-final)32,570,00087. +more8%ZDF
32010 FIFA World CupGermany vs Spain (semi-final)31,100,000 1, 483. 2%Das Erste
4UEFA Euro 2016Germany vs France (semi-final)29,820,00080. 6%ZDF
52006 FIFA World CupGermany vs Italy (semi-final)29,660,000 1, 2, 384. 1%ZDF
6UEFA Euro 2008Germany vs Turkey (semi-final)29,460,00081. 6%ZDF
72010 FIFA World CupGhana vs. Germany (group game)29,190,000 1, 479. 7%Das Erste
81990 FIFA World CupWest Germany vs Argentina (final)28,660,00087. 9%Das Erste
9UEFA Euro 1996Germany vs Czech Republic (final)28,440,00076. 3%ZDF
10UEFA Euro 2016Germany vs Italy (quarter-final)28,320,00079. 8%Das Erste
112014 FIFA World CupGermany vs Algeria (Round of 16)28,210,00085. 1%ZDF
12UEFA Euro 2016Germany vs Slovakia (Round of 16)28,110,00081. 2%ZDF
13UEFA Euro 2008Austria vs Germany (group game)28,040,000 1, 576. 9%ZDF
14UEFA Euro 2012Germany vs Italy (semi-final)27,980,000 676. 8%Das Erste
15The Black Forest Clinic"Die Schuldfrage" ("The question of guilt")27,970,000ZDF
162010 FIFA World CupGermany vs Australia (group game)27,910,000 1, 474. 4%Das Erste
17UEFA Euro 2008Portugal vs Germany (quarter-final)27,700,000 1, 578. 7%Das Erste
18UEFA Euro 2012Denmark vs Germany (group game)27,650,00074. 2%ZDF
19UEFA Euro 2016Germany vs Poland (group game)27,320,00073. 3%ZDF
202014 FIFA World CupUSA vs Germany (group game)27,250,00084. 2%ZDF

' Notes :

Note: The UEFA Euro 2008 final is missing from the list, because the lengthy trophy presentation was included into the official ratings. The game itself was watched by 28.05 million viewers.


India measures the viewership of shows through TRP (Television Rating Point). Shows used to have higher ratings in 2000s as compared to present decade. +more The present shows that regularly score above or around the 3. 5 mark are Kumkum Bhagya, and its spin off Kundali Bhagya along with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Sometimes these shows touch 4 which is still quite low as compared to highest rated shows of the last decade. Other than that Naagin is the only show now that scores above 4. 7. All of these shows are produced by the same banner (Balaji Telefilms) except Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Currently, Bigg Boss 13 has been the most watched show of 2020, recording an 11. 3 TRP for the Final and an average of 8. 3 TRP on regular episodes, being the most watched reality show in India. Ironically, 2. 5-3. 5 TRP was considered an average in the 2000s era of classic serials. The most-watched channel for years has been Star Plus, then Zee TV with major competition from Colors. Mahabharat (19881990), the television adaptation of Indian epic Mahabharata, had a share of 97. 8% among Indian viewers.

Aamir Khan's talk show Satyamev Jayate (20122014) drew an estimated audience of 600million viewers in India. The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 cricket cup was watched by an estimated 730million viewers in India, with India vs. +more Pakistan being the most widely watched live event during the tournament. The Doraemon anime series is India's highest-rated children's television show as of 2017, with a total of 478. 5million viewers across Hungama TV and Disney Channel India.

RankShowTVR(mn impressions)Network
1Ramayan (1987 TV series) (Laxman vs Meghnath yudh)77Doordarshan
2Luv Kush (finale)67. 10Doordarshan
32018 Indian Premier League Final55. +more6Star Network
4Mahabharat (1988 TV series)22. 9Doordarshan
5Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand10. 0Star Plus
6Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin9. 2Sony TV India
7Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai8. 4Star Plus
8Diya Aur Baati Hum7. 7Star Plus
9Pavitra Rishta7. 3Zee TV
10Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali7. 2Sahara One
11Naagin (2015 TV series)6. 1Colors TV

Most viewed broadcasts

12011 Cricket World CupSri Lanka vs India (final)340Star Sports Network
22015 Cricket World CupAustralia vs India (semi-final)309Star Sports
32015 Cricket World CupIndia vs Pakistan (group stage match)288Star Sports
42015 Cricket World CupWest Indies vs India (group stage match)262Star Sports
52015 Cricket World CupIndia vs South Africa (group stage match)257Star Sports
62015 Cricket World CupIndia vs Bangladesh (quarter-final)251Star Sports
72015 Cricket World CupZimbabwe vs India (group stage match)205Star Sports
82017 ICC Champions TrophyIndia vs Pakistan (group stage match)201Star Sports
92008 Indian Premier LeagueRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders (group stage match)195Sony Pictures Networks
102015 Cricket World CupIreland vs India (group stage match)168Star Sports


A list of most-watched shows in the Republic of Ireland in the 21st century was released in January 2015. The Late Late Toy Show held the top six spots, with the 2014 edition drawing 1,593,000 viewers: over one-third of the country's population. +more Other high-performing shows were Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, crime drama Love/Hate, Mrs. Brown's Boys, The Sunday Game, UEFA Euro 2012 and the Eurovision Song Contest.


The following list is for Japanese anime only. The list covers broadcasts after 26 September 1977. +more Video Research had previously recorded an episode of the 1960s Astro Boy anime that earned a 40. 3% rating.

No. ShowHousehold RatingDateNetwork
1Chibi Maruko-chan39. 9%28 October 1990Fuji TV
2Sazae-san39. 4%16 September 1979Fuji TV
3Dr. Slump36. 9%16 December 1981Fuji TV
4Dokonjō Gaeru34. 5%23 February 1979NTV
5Japanese Folklore Tales 233. 6%10 January 1981TBS
6Lupin the Third32. 5%8 December 1978NTV
7Touch31. 9%22 December 1985Fuji TV
8Ashita no Joe31. 6%13 March 1980NTV
9Doraemon31. 2%11 February 1983TV Asahi
10GeGeGe no Kitarō29. 6%22 March 1986Fuji TV
The following is a list of the most-watched films of all time on Nippon TV (NTV), . [wiki_table=dbdb6f8d].


A list of most-watched shows in the Mexico, Televisa and TV Azteca broadcasters (Liga MX Apertura and Clausura), Boxing, 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, (FIFA World Cup hosts 1970 & 1986), some concerts like Maná's Unidos por La Paz at Estadio Azteca in March 2001; in 2007, the last episode of La Fea Más Bella", Funeral events like Chespirito at December 2014 the creator of TV Series El Chavo and El Chapulín Colorado, and Celebration of Mexican political anniversaries in 2010 celebrate independence from Spain also called Bicentenario 2010, had an average audience of over 40 million views in Mexican Television.


Since 2002 Stichting KijkOnderzoek is keeping track of viewership of Dutch television channels. All programs with a viewership over 7 million since the start of tracking are shown in the table below.

RankShowEpisodeNumber of viewersDateNetwork
12014 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Argentina (semi-final)9,058,000NPO 1
22014 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Mexico (round of 16)8,738,000NPO 1
32010 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Spain (final)8,513,000Nederland 1
4UEFA Euro 2004Portugal vs Netherlands (semi-final)8,512,000Nederland 2
52010 FIFA World CupUruguay vs Netherlands (semi-final)8,501,000NPO 1
62006 FIFA World CupPortugal vs Netherlands (round of 16)8,252,000Nederland 2
7Press Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemicPress Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemic8,179,000NPO 1, RTL 4
82014 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Chile (group stage)8,098,000NPO 1
9UEFA Euro 2012Portugal vs Netherlands (group stage)7,993,000Nederland 1
10UEFA Euro 2012Netherlands vs Germany (group stage)7,984,000Nederland 1
112014 FIFA World CupAustralia vs Netherlands (group stage)7,880,000NPO 1
122006 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Argentina (group stage)7,667,000Nederland 2
13UEFA Euro 2004Netherlands vs Latvia (group stage)7,647,000Nederland 2
14UEFA Euro 2008Netherlands vs Russia (quarter-final)7,572,000Nederland 1
15UEFA Euro 2004Germany vs Netherlands (group stage)7,647,000Nederland 2
16UEFA Euro 2008Netherlands vs France (group stage)7,479,000Nederland 1
172014 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Costa Rica (quarter-final)7,459,000NPO 1
18UEFA Euro 2004Sweden vs Netherlands (quarter-final)7,451,000Nederland 2
19Press Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemicPress Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemic7,269,000NPO 1, RTL 4
202014 FIFA World CupSpain vs Netherlands (group stage)7,256,000NPO 1
212010 FIFA World CupCameroon vs Netherlands (group stage)7,185,000Nederland 1
22Press Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemicPress Conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the COVID-19 pandemic7,147,000NPO 1, RTL 4
232006 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Ivory Coast (group stage)7,136,000Nederland 2
24Peter R. +more de Vries: Crime ReporterUndercover interview with Joran van der Sloot regarding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway7,185,000SBS 6
25UEFA Euro 2004Netherlands vs Czech Republic (group stage)7,073,000Nederland 2
262010 FIFA World CupNetherlands vs Brazil (quarter-final)7,031,000NPO 1

' Notes :

New Zealand

In 2011, the television website Throng published a list of the 12 most-watched television broadcasts in New Zealand from 1995 to 2011. This is based on average viewership of the program, but it does not include broadcasts from before 1995 or after 2011.

The Rugby World Cup has frequently had large audiences - the Rugby World Cup 2011 final, and a semi-final, both had an average audience of over 2 million.

No. ShowViewshipDateNetwork
012011 Rugby World Cup Final (NZ v France)2,036,90023 October 2011TV 1, TV 3, Prime, Sky Sports, Maori TV
022011 Rugby World Cup Semi-final (NZ v Australia)2,024,00016 October 2011TV 1, TV 3, Prime, Sky Sports, Maori TV
032011 Rugby World Cup Opening Game (NZ v Tonga)1,930,0009 September 2011TV 1, Prime, Sky Sports, Maori TV
04Boxing: +more_David_Tua'>Lennox Lewis vs. David Tua World Title Defence1,841,23012 November 2000TV 3
05One News special - Death of Diana, Princess of Wales1,703,31031 August 1997TV 1
062000 Summer Olympics opening ceremony1,654,31015 September 2000TV 1
07One News special - Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales1,649,7106 September 1997TV 1
082011 Rugby World Cup Qtr Final (NZ v Argentina)1,624,4009 October 2011TV 1, TV 3, Prime, Sky Sports, Maori TV
092003 Rugby World Cup Final (England v Australia)1,604,80022 November 2003TV 1
10Martin Bashir's interview with Diana, Princess of Wales1,516,78021 November 1995TV 2
112011 Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony1,499,1609 September 2011TV 1
122007 Rugby World Cup (NZ v France)1,410,4107 October 2007TV 3


AGB Nielsen

The following table shows the all-time highest rating television shows in Mega Manila as tallied by AGB Nielsen since 1992. However, ratings are from a single highest recorded episode of the show (in the case of the TV series) and it is not the average over-all ratings for the whole season or series.

1ABS-CBNThe Battle: Manny Pacquiao vs. +more Erik Morales200683. 5%
2ABS-CBNRosalinda199969. 8%
3ABS-CBNEsperanza199767. 0%
4ABS-CBNPangako Sa 'Yo200264. 9%
5ABS-CBNMeteor Garden200363. 8%
6ABS-CBNMiss Universe 1994199462. 5%
7RPNMarimar199661. 7%
8ABS-CBNMaría Mercedes199659. 7%
9RPNMiss Universe 1999199958. 4%
10GMABubble Gang199757. 6%
11ABS-CBNBalitang K199856. 6%
12ABS-CBNWansapanataym199756. 4%
13ABS-CBNTV Patrol199656. 0%
14GMAi-Witness199955. 3%
15ABS-CBNMagandang Gabi, Bayan200055. 0%
16GMAMariMar200754. 9%
17ABS-CBNManny Pacquiao vs. Oscar Larios200654. 4%
18GMADarna200554. 3%
19ABS-CBNMula Sa Puso199753. 7%
20ABS-CBNMaalaala Mo Kaya200247. 9%


List of the 10 most-watched television broadcasts since the beginning of telemetry research in Poland (since 1997) by Nielsen Media Research:

RankProgramDateChannelNumber of viewersShare
1Funeral of Pope John Paul IITVP1, TVP2, TVP3, Polsat, TVN, TVN24 and othersOver 21,400,000Almost 90%
2UEFA Euro 2016: Poland vs Portugal (quarter-final)TVP1, Polsat, Polsat Sport15,974,82286. 57%
3UEFA Euro 2012: Poland vs Russia (group stage)TVP1, TVP Sport, TVP HD14,683,21681. +more51%
4UEFA Euro 2016: Germany vs Poland (group stage)TVP1, Polsat, Polsat Sport14,352,01280. 89%
5UEFA Euro 2012: Czech Republic vs Poland (group stage)TVP1, TVP Sport, TVP HD14,070,49281. 28%
6FIFA World Cup 2018: Poland vs Colombia (group stage)TVP1, TVP Sport13,631,33575. 45%
7UEFA Euro 2012: Poland vs Greece (group stage)TVP1, TVP Sport, TVP HD13,308,34383. 78%
82002 Winter Olympics: Ski Jumping Men's K120 Individual (Adam Małysz's silver medal)TVP113,259,61275. 15%
9Funeral of President Lech Kaczyński and First Lady Maria KaczyńskaTVP1, TVP2, TVP Info, Polsat, Polsat News, TVN, TVN 24 and others13,033,96786. 68%
10UEFA Euro 2016: Ukraine vs Poland (group stage)TVP1, Polsat, Polsat Sport12,639,30881. 67%


1UEFA Euro 2020Belgium vs Portugal (round of 16)40. 269. +more9%TVI
2UEFA Euro 2004Portugal vs The Netherlands (semi-final)40. 185. 4%RTP1
3UEFA Euro 2012Portugal vs Spain (semi-final)39. 576. 0%SIC
4UEFA Euro 2004Portugal vs England (quarter-final)39. 085. 1%RTP1
5UEFA Euro 2016Portugal vs Wales (semi-final)38. 475. 4%RTP1
6UEFA Euro 2016Portugal vs France (final)38. 278. 1%RTP1
7UEFA Euro 2012Portugal vs The Netherlands (group stage match)38. 173. 4%TVI
82014 FIFA World CupUnited States vs Portugal (group stage match)37. 875. 4%RTP1
9UEFA Euro 2004Portugal vs Greece (final)37. 789. 7%RTP1
10UEFA Euro 2016Poland vs Portugal (quarter-final)37. 469. 9%RTP1
112006 FIFA World CupPortugal vs France (semi-final)37. 282. 3%SIC
12A Próxima VítimaThe Last Episode37. 180. 2%SIC
13UEFA Euro 2020Portugal vs France (group stage match)36. 669. 3%RTP1
14UEFA Euro 2012Czech Republic vs Portugal (quarter-final)36. 171. 7%RTP1
152015 Portuguese legislative electionDebate: António Costa vs. Pedro Passos Coelho35. 969,2%RTP1, RTP3, SIC, SIC Noticias, TVI, TVI24
16UEFA Euro 2004Russia vs Portugal (group stage match)35. 581. 4%SIC
17UEFA Euro 2016Portugal vs Iceland (group stage match)35. 168. 6%RTP1
18UEFA Euro 2004Spain vs Portugal (group stage match)34. 983. 2%TVI
192006 FIFA World CupPortugal vs The Netherlands (round of 16)34. 980. 7%SIC
202022 Portuguese legislative electionDebate: António Costa vs. Rui Rio34. 759. 8%RTP1, RTP3, SIC, SIC Noticias, TVI, CNN Portugal
21UEFA Euro 2008Portugal vs Germany (quarter-finals)34. 575. 6%TVI
222014 FIFA World Cup qualificationSweden vs Portugal (second leg playoff match)34. 162. 2%RTP1
23UEFA Europa LeagueSL Benfica vs Chelsea FC (final)33. 862. 3%SIC
24UEFA Euro 2000France vs Portugal (Semi-finals)33. 276. 7%RTP1
252006 FIFA World CupAngola vs Portugal (group stage match)32. 880. 9%SIC
262018 FIFA World CupIran vs Portugal (group stage match)32. 471. 6%RTP1
27UEFA Euro 2012Germany vs Portugal (group stage match)32. 468. 3%RTP1
28O Rei do GadoBrazilian telenovela32. 267. 5%{{dts|format=dmy|1997|January
} || SIC |- | align="center"|29 || UEFA Champions League || Monaco vs Porto (final) || 31. 7||70. 5%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|30 || UEFA Euro 2016 || Croatia vs Portugal (Round of 16) ||31. 3||70%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|31 || UEFA Europa League || Sevilla FC vs SL Benfica (final) ||31. 1||61. 4%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|32 || UEFA Champions League || Real Madrid vs Atlético Madrid (final) ||30. 8||64. 3%|| || TVI |- | align="center"|33 || Terra Nostra || Brazilian telenovela ||30. 8||64%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|34 || 2006 FIFA World Cup || Portugal vs Iran || 30. 4||83. 1%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|35 || UEFA Europa League || Juventus FC vs SL Benfica (semi-final) || 30. 4||58. 9%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|36 || Big Brother Portugal || Live eviction show || 30. 2||72. 5%|| || TVI |- | align="center"|37 || 2018 FIFA World Cup || Uruguay vs Portugal (round of 16) ||30. 1||70. 1%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|38 || 2018 FIFA World Cup || Portugal vs Spain (group stage match) ||30. 1||69. 1%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|39 || UEFA Cup || Sporting CP vs CSKA Moscow (Final) ||30. 1||68. 4%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|40 || Taça de Portugal || SL Benfica vs Sporting CP (Sixth round) || 29. 9||62. 6%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|41 || Torre de Babel || Brazilian telenovela || 29. 8||77. 1%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|42 || UEFA Euro 2008 || Switzerland vs Portugal || 29. 8||71. 8%|| || TVI |- | align="center"|43 || UEFA Cup || Celtic FC vs FC Porto || 29. 7||67. 5%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|44 || 2006 FIFA World Cup || Germany vs Portugal (third place play-off)|| 29. 6||78. 4%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|45 || UEFA Champions League || Barcelona vs Benfica (quarter-finals) ||29. 3||65. 4%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|46 || 2006 FIFA World Cup || England vs Portugal (quarter-finals) ||29. 2||88. 1%|| || SIC |- | align="center"|47 || 2010 FIFA World Cup || Spain vs Portugal (Round of 16) || 29. 1||75. 9%|| || RTP1 |- | align="center"|48 || Juntos Por Todos || Benefit concert || 28. 8 || 67. 8% || || RTP1, SIC, TVI |- | align="center"|49 || UEFA Euro 2020 || Portugal vs Germany (group stage match) || 28. 2 || 64. 2% || || TVI |- | align="center"|50 || Médico de Família || Portuguese TV series || 27. 9||61. 4%|| || SIC |}.

South Korea

Viewership ratings are provided by two companies in South Korea, AGB Nielsen Media Research and TNmS. Originally Media Service Korea was the only company providing such information, and it was later acquired by Nielsen Media Research. +more In 1999 TNS Media Korea also began such service, and later changed its name to TNmS. AGB collects viewership data based on 2050 households, while TNmS has 2000 households with measuring devices. Drama ratings usually vary between the two companies by 2-3%.

1. First LoveKBS265. +more8%20 April 1997
2. What is LoveMBC64. 9%24 May 1992
3. SandglassSBS64. 5%6 February 1995
4. Hur JunMBC63. 7%27 June 2000
5. Sunny Place of YouthKBS262. 7%12 November 1995
6. You and IMBC62. 4%12 April 1998
7. The Son and the DaughterMBC61. 1%21 March 1993
8. Taejo Wang GeonKBS160. 2%20 May 2001
9. Eyes of DawnMBC58. 4%6 February 1992
10. Dae Jang GeumMBC57. 8%23 March 2004
11. Lovers in ParisSBS57. 6%15 August 2004
12. See and See AgainMBC57. 3%12 October 1998
13. TruthMBC56. 5%24 February 2000
14. JealousyMBC56. 1%21 July 1992
15. Even When the Wind BlowsKBS155. 8%26 February 1996
16. Bathhouse MenKBS253. 4%25 August 1996
17. Gook Hee (tie)MBC53. 1%16 November 1999
17. Trap of Youth (tie)SBS53. 1%15 April 1999
19. TomatoSBS52. 7%3 June 1999
20. MMBC52. 2%30 August 1994


Statistics from Mediamätning Skandinavien.

Most-watched programmes per year

YearProgrammeDateNumber of viewers (millions)Network
2000Melodifestivalen 200010 March4. 175SVT2
2001Melodifestivalen 200123 February3. +more84SVT1
2002Melodifestivalen 20021 March3. 72SVT1
2003Melodifestivalen 200315 March3. 815SVT1
2004Melodifestivalen 200420 March4. 105SVT1
2005Melodifestivalen 200512 March4. 055SVT1
2006Melodifestivalen 200618 March4. 240SVT1
2007Melodifestivalen 200710 March3. 975SVT1
2008Melodifestivalen 200815 March4. 045SVT1
2009Melodifestivalen 200914 March3. 59SVT1
2010Melodifestivalen 201013 March3. 87SVT1
2011Melodifestivalen 201112 March3. 67SVT1
2012Melodifestivalen 201210 March4. 11SVT1
2013Melodifestivalen 20139 March4. 15SVT1
2014Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul24 December3. 705SVT1
2018Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul24 December3. 786SVT1
2019Melodifestivalen 201914 March3. 652SVT1

Most-watched sport events per year

YearProgrammeDateNumber of viewers (millions)Network
2000UEFA Euro 2000 Final (FRA-ITA)2 July2. 34SVT2
20012001 World Men's Handball Championship Final (FRA-SWE)4 February2. +more635TV4
20022002 European Men's Handball Championship Final (SWE-GER)3 February3. 06TV4
20032003 FIFA Women's World Cup Final (GER-SWE)12 October3. 525TV4
2004UEFA Euro 2004 (SWE-DEN)22 June3. 796TV4
20052005 World Championships in Athletics7 August4. 055TV4
20062006 Men's Olympic Ice Hockey Final (SWE-FIN)26 February3. 52SVT2
2007FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2007 - Women's slalom16 February2. 23SVT1
2008UEFA Euro 2008 (GRE-SWE)10 June3. 03TV4
20092010 FIFA World Cup qualification - UEFA Group 1 (DEN-SWE)10 October1. 805Kanal 5
20102010 FIFA World Cup Final (NED-ESP)11 July2. 66SVT1
20112011 IIHF World Championship Final (SWE-FIN)15 May2. 035TV3
2012UEFA Euro 2012 (UKR-SWE)11 June2. 94SVT1
20132013 IIHF World Championship Final (SWE-SUI)19 May2. 915TV4
20142014 FIFA World Cup (GER-ARG)13 July2. 810TV4
2015FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 20151 May2. 272SVT1

United Kingdom

United States

NBC's live telecast of Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 holds the record for the largest average viewership of any live single-network U. S. +more television broadcast, with 114. 4 million viewers. During this broadcast, the halftime show was watched by 118. 5 million viewers. The previous live telecast Super Bowl XLV in February 2011 helped Fox become the first television network in the United States to be watched by at least 100 million American viewers by average for a single primetime night of programming. Moreover, Super Bowl telecasts account for 23 of the most-watched television broadcasts based on overall viewership in U. S. television history. Fox's live telecast of Super Bowl LI in 2017 currently holds the largest total viewership (those who watched any part of the broadcast) in U. S. television history, with 172 million viewers.

Most-watched broadcasts

EventViewership (millions)DateNetwork
-Apollo 11 EVA125-15020 July 1969
Super Bowl XLIX114. 41 February 2015NBC
Super Bowl LVI112. +more313 February 2022NBC
Super Bowl XLVIII112. 22 February 2014Fox
Super Bowl 50111. 97 February 2016CBS
Super Bowl XLVI111. 35 February 2012NBC
Super Bowl LI111. 35 February 2017Fox
Super Bowl XLV111. 06 February 2011Fox
Richard Nixon's resignation speech1108 August 1974multiple
Super Bowl XLVII108. 73 February 2013CBS
Super Bowl XLIV106. 57 February 2010CBS
M*A*S*H ("Goodbye, Farewell and Amen")105. 928 February 1983CBS
Super Bowl LII103. 44 February 2018NBC
Super Bowl LIV100. 42 February 2020Fox
Roots ("Part VIII")100. 030 January 1977ABC
The Day After100. 0 (at least)20 November 1983ABC
Super Bowl XLIII98. 71 February 2009NBC
Super Bowl LIII98. 23 February 2019CBS
Super Bowl XLII97. 43 February 2008Fox
Police pursuit of O. J. Simpson9517 June 1994multiple
Super Bowl XXX94. 128 January 1996NBC
Super Bowl XLI93. 24 February 2007CBS
Super Bowl XX92. 626 January 1986NBC
Super Bowl LV91. 67 February 2021CBS
Super Bowl XXVII91. 031 January 1993NBC
Super Bowl XL90. 75 February 2006ABC
Muhammad Ali vs. Leon Spinks II90. 015 September 1978ABC
Super Bowl XXVIII90. 030 January 1994NBC
Disneyland Grand Opening90. 017 July 1955ABC