List of most expensive domain names

12 hours ago
Albert Flores

This is a list of domain names that sold for $3 million USD or more.

The list is limited to pure domain name and cash-only sales. Sales which included website content or involved equity deals are not listed.

DomainPriceSale dateRef
Voice. com$30 million2019
360. +morecom$17 million2015
NFTs. com$15 million2022
Sex. com$13 million2010
Fund. com$12 million2008
Hotels. com$11 million2001
Tesla. com$11 million2014
Connect. com$10 million2022
Porno. com$8. 8 million2015
Fb. com$8. 5 million2010
HealthInsurance. com$8. 13 million2019
We. com$8 million2015
Diamond. com$7. 5 million2006
Beer. com$7 million2004
Z. com$6. 8 million2014
iCloud. com$6 million2011
Casino. com$5. 5 million2003
Slots. com$5. 5 million2010
AsSeenOnTv. com$5. 1 million2000
Toys. com$5. 1 million2009
Korea. com$5 million2000
Clothes. com$4. 9 million2008
Medicare. com$4. 8 million2014
IG. com$4. 6 million2013
GiftCard. com$4 million2012
Yp. com$3. 8 million2008
HG. com$3. 77 million2016
Mi. com$3. 6 million2014
Shop. com$3. 55 million2003
Ice. com$3. 5 million2018
AltaVista. com$3. 3 million1998
Wine. com$3. 3 million2003
Software. com$3. 2 million2005
Whisky. com$3. 1 million2014
Loans. com$3. 0 million2000
Vodka. com$3. 0 million2006
Candy. com$3. 0 million2009
California. com$3. 0 million2019
Place. com$3. 0 million2021

Domain transactions to be completed

DomainPriceSale dateETCNoteRef
LasVegas. com$90 million20052040Installment purchase
IT. +morecom$3. 8 million20212024Installment purchase
Christmas. com$3. 15 million20202024Installment purchase

Non-published sales

Many high-profile domain sales either sold privately or by brokerage firms are kept confidential.

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