List of unsolved murders (2000–present)

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Albert Flores

This list of unsolved murders includes notable cases where victims have been murdered in unknown circumstances.



Pavle Bulatović (51), a socialist Yugoslav politician and former Minister of Defence, was shot to death at a restaurant in Belgrade on 7 February 2000. His assailant was never apprehended, but the murder is suspected to have been carried out by Montenegrin nationalists. +more *The 2000 Uganda cult massacres refers to 778 people who were found dead on 17 March 2000 in Uganda. Thought they were originally thought to have died in a mass suicide it was later changed to mass murder since the victims are known to have been strangled and stabbed. Whoever was behind the killings is unknown. * William Pokhlyobkin (70), was the foremost expert on the history of Russian cuisine and the author of numerous culinary books. Pokhlyobkin was found murdered in his apartment, in Podolsk somewhere between 27 and 31 March 2000. His dead body was uncovered by the chief editor of the Polyfakt publishing house, who was worried about the delay of the book Cuisine of the Century and came from Moscow to Podolsk to see Pokhlyobkin. * Radio Haiti-Inter journalist Jean Dominique (69), and Jean-Claude Louissaint, another station employee, were fatally shot outside the station as Dominique arrived at the station's offices in Port-au-Prince on the morning of 3 April 2000. Political pressure and threats, possibly from those whose corruption Dominique reported on, have allegedly hindered the investigation. No suspects have ever been officially named. * Žika Petrović (60-61), a Serbian business executive and CEO of Jat Airways, was shot to death by two masked men in front of his parents' home in Belgrade on April 25, 2000. His killers have never been apprehended. * André Desjardins (69), was a Canadian union official noted for his involvement with organized crime. Desjardins served as the president of the Conseil des métiers de la construction and vice president of the Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (Quebec Federation of Labour, FTQ) union between 1970 and 1974, becoming known as Le roi de la construction ("the king of construction"). During this time, Desjardins was involved in the scandal that led to the Cliche commission of 1974-75 headed by Judge Robert Cliche to examine corruption in Quebec construction unions. Afterward, Desjardins was one of the leading loan sharks in Montreal until his murder by unknown persons on 27 April 2000. * Mark Moran (35), of Australia's Moran crime family, was shot and killed outside his Aberfeldie home on the evening of 15 June 2000, another of the many still-unsolved Melbourne gangland killings. Carl Williams, who was beaten to death by a fellow prison inmate in 2010, is the prime suspect. * Kirsty Jones (23), a British national who was on holiday in Thailand, was found raped and strangled in her hotel room in Chiang Mai on 10 August 2000. Her killer was never identified, and the statute of limitations on the case ran out in 2020. * A 17 August 2000 bombing at the Centrs shopping mall in Riga, the capital of Latvia, killed one person. A suspect arrested and tried for planting one of the bombs was acquitted a year later by the country's Supreme Court. No one else has ever been identified. * Loyalist paramilitary Jackie Coulter (46), was shot and killed on 21 August 2000, along with Bobby Mahood, a former member of the Ulster Volunteer Force, while sitting in a parked car along Crumlin Road in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While the Progressive Unionist Party later admitted that the UVF, its military wing, had carried out the killings in reprisal for an attack on it by members of Coulter's rival Ulster Defence Association, no suspects have ever been named. It is believed the real target may have been Mahood's brother, Jackie, who the killers may have mistaken him for. Coulter and Bobby Mahood were reportedly trying to broker an end to Loyalist feud that claimed both their lives. * The Persian Princess or Persian Mummy is a mummy of an alleged Persian princess who surfaced in Pakistani Baluchistan in October 2000. After considerable attention and further investigation, the mummy proved to be an archaeological forgery and possibly a murder victim. Her identity remains unknown. * Bubby Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito were two people in the Philippines who were found murdered two days after being kidnapped in November 2000. The people behind their killings remain unknown. * Ernest Lluch (63), was a Spanish economist and politician from Catalonia. He was Minister of Health and Consumption from 1982 to 1986 in the first post-Francisco Franco Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) government of Felipe González. He was assassinated on 21 November 2000 by unknown members of the Basque terrorist organisation, ETA. The murder remains unsolved. * Haris Brkić (26), was a Yugoslav basketball player who played for Partizan. He was shot on 15 December 2000, by an unknown assailant while unlocking his car at the parking lot in front of Pionir Hall in Belgrade. Brkić died three days later. It is still not known who had killed him. * Mikio Miyazawa, his wife Yasuko, and their children Niina and Rei were murdered in their Setagaya, Tokyo home on 31 December 2000. Police were able to find a considerable amount of forensic evidence, including undigested food in excrement, that could help identify a suspect, but no arrests were ever made. The case led to the abolition of Japan's statute of limitations for murder in 2010. *Gaffar Okkan (49), a Turkish police chief, was assassinated on 24 January 2001 in an ambush in Diyarbakır, southeastern Turkey. *Jill-Lyn Euto (18), a student, was found stabbed to death in her sixth-floor apartment at 600 James St, Syracuse, NY, on 28 January 2001. No arrests have been made. *Miodrag Stojanović (50), a Montenegrin Serb kickboxer and MMA fighter, with ties to organized crime, was shot and killed by an assassin at his home in Belgrade, Serbia on February 18, 2001. To this day, his killer has not been apprehended. *Bonnie Lee Bakley (44), was the second wife of actor Robert Blake. Bakley was fatally shot while sitting in Blake's parked car outside a Los Angeles area restaurant in May 2001. In 2002, Robert Blake was charged with Bakley's murder, solicitation of murder, conspiracy, and special circumstance of lying in wait. In March 2005, a jury found Blake not guilty of the crimes. Seven months later, Blake was found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by Bakley's children. Officially, Bakley's murder remains unsolved. *On 1 May 2001, Chandra Levy (24), a college student who had just ended an internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, disappeared after leaving her Washington, DC apartment building. Her remains were found on 22 May 2002 in Washington's Rock Creek Park. A suspect was tried and convicted but the charges were dropped after the verdict was overturned on appeal. *Peggy Knobloch (9), a girl from Lichtenberg, Bavaria, Germany, was kidnapped and murdered on 7 May 2001. Her body was found 15 years later in a forest near Wurzbach. In 2020, investigators shelved the investigation of her murder without solving it. *Abraham Grünbaum (71), a Polish-Israeli orthodox rabbi who led a yeshiva in Bnei Brak, was murdered while on his way to a prayer session in Zürich, Switzerland. While connections were suggested to a right-wing terrorist group, nobody has been arrested in his murder. *Milan Pantić (46), a journalist for the Serbian newspaper Večernje Novosti, was shot to death in front of his apartment in Jagodina, Serbia on 11 June 2001. It's suspected that his killing was related to his work, as he had previously been threatened over the phone. *The body of a 15-to-16-year-old girl, nicknamed the Girl from the Main, was found floating along the Main in Nied, Germany on 31 July 2001. She had apparently suffered serious physical abuse prior to her murder, probably over the years. The decedent is thought to originate from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area, but lived in Frankfurt am Main. Neither her identity, nor that of her killers, has been established. *Henryk Siwiak (46), a Polish immigrant to New York City, was shot and killed on a Bedford-Stuyvesant street known for its heavy drug activity, on the night of 11 September 2001. He is officially the only homicide victim in the city on that day, since the victims of the September 11 attacks are not included in crime statistics. The diversion of police resources in the aftermath of the attacks constrained the investigation. No suspects have ever been identified. *Thomas C. Wales (49), was an American federal prosecutor and gun control advocate. On 11 October 2001, he was killed by a bullet fired through the window of his basement home-office in Seattle, Washington. No suspects have been charged, and the investigation continues. *Digna Ochoa (37), was a human rights lawyer in Mexico. She was born in Misantla, in the state of Veracruz; she was killed on 19 October 2001 in Mexico City. Her body was found in the law office where she worked. A note was found by her body, warning the members of the human rights law center where she had recently worked that the same thing could happen to them. *Five people died as a result of the U. S. 2001 anthrax attacks in autumn of that year. However, no one has ever been arrested in the case. Biowarfare researcher Bruce Edwards Ivins (62), killed himself in 2008 just before he was supposedly to be charged. He was the FBI's prime suspect. Others, including some of the targets of the attacks, have disputed that conclusion, or believed he may not have been acting alone. *Kent Heitholt (48), sports editor of Missouri's Columbia Daily Tribune, was found beaten and strangled in his car at the newspaper's parking lot early on 1 November 2001. Ryan W. Ferguson was convicted of the murder in 2005, despite strongly protesting his innocence; eight years later, he was released, after the two key witnesses against him said they had been pressured to lie on the stand. No other suspects have been named in the case. *Odunayo Olagbaju was a Nigerian politician who was an Osun State legislator. He was stabbed to death in December 2001 right in front of a police station in Ile Ife, Nigeria. In May 2002, eleven suspects were arrested for the killing. In August, seven additional suspects were arrested. By the end of 2002, the original eleven had been freed on bail, but the incident remained under investigation, and has not been solved. *Nigerian Minister of Justice Bola Ige (71), was shot and killed in his Ibadan home on 23 December 2001. Several suspects have been tried in the case; all were acquitted. No other suspects have been identified.

*Helen Hill (36), an animator who was fatally shot during an attempted robbery of her home in the Faubourg Marigny section of New Orleans on 4 January 2007. Her death was one of six murders in the city that day, which inspired a protest march, demanding a safer city in the wake of the disruptions caused by Hurricane Katrina. +more No suspect has ever been identified. *Beginning in February 2007, and lasting until August 2008, a series of 13 murders of gay men were committed in Paturis Park in Carapicuíba, Brazil. The killer, known as the "Rainbow Maniac", has yet to be identified. *During a 19 February 2007 convoy to the Central American Parliament in Guatemala City, one car carrying three ARENA party members of the Salvadoran Congress, abruptly left the others for a dirt road near El Jocotillo. The burnt and tortured bodies of all three, along with their driver, were found in the vehicle a short distance away the following day. Four Guatemalan police officers were arrested shortly afterwards, but were then killed in prison two weeks later. Attempts to further investigate the crimes have resulted in either acquittals of suspects, or the murders of investigating officials. *Frank Newbery was beaten to death inside his convenience store at Cooks Hill, Australia. His killer has not been found. *Colorado marijuana activist Ken Gorman (51), was shot and killed in his home on 17 February 2007. The case remains open. *On 14 March 2007, a torso was found that was thought to be that of Thiruchelvam Nihal Jim Brown (33-34), a minority Sri Lankan Tamil, Roman Catholic parish priest who disappeared with Wenceslaus Vinces Vimalathas during the Sri Lankan Civil War on 20 April 2006, and is presumed dead. However, the Sri Lankan government announced in June 2007 that subsequent DNA analyses had proved that the remains were not those of either man. Its identity remains unsolved. *Michèle Kiesewetter (22), was a police officer from Germany, who was killed in Heilbronn on 25 April 2007 by neo-Nazi terrorists. The police are trying to find out further clues as to who the perpetrators are. *Snehal Gaware (21), a resident of Dombivili, Thane, Maharashtra, in India, was murdered on 20 July 2007, allegedly by her boyfriend, who was arrested and charged with her murder in April 2010. He had continued his education in the United States in the meantime. Police dropped the charges the following year, citing a lack of evidence. *Adnan Patrawala (16), the son of a businessman from Mumbai, India, was kidnapped for ransom by an unknown abductor, who murdered him the following day after the case began to gain publicity. Five people were accused of the crime, but all were acquitted, with Patrawala's murder remaining unsolved. *Almost a month after she was last seen being forced into a van at a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia wet market, the body of 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin was found stuffed in a bag outside a Petaling Jaya shop. She had apparently died hours earlier on 16 September 2007, of a bacterial infection resulting from injuries sustained during a sexual assault. Several suspects were arrested, but eventually released for lack of evidence; police have released a CCTV video showing the body being discarded by a motorcyclist, as well as several other people who may have been involved. However, they have not been able to identify any of them. *Rizwanur Rahman (30), a computer graphics trainer who according to the Central Bureau of Investigation was forced to commit suicide on 21 September 2007 in West Bengal, India. He may have also been murdered. *Paul Quinn (21), died on 20 October 2007 in Drogheda, Ireland, after being beaten with farm implements by a group of people. He was beaten with such length and severity as to break every major bone in his body. It is believed his death was the result of a feud with local IRA members. No suspects have been named. *John Pezzenti (55), a wildlife photographer, was found shot dead in his Anchorage, Alaska, apartment 3 December 2007. Neither a motive, nor a suspect, has emerged from the investigation. *Yuriy Chervochkin (22), was a Russian opposition activist who was fatally attacked on 10 December 2007. In the early hours of 11 December 2007, Chervochkin died in hospital. His case shook Russian opposition, as he was attacked two days before the Dissenters' March, and some observers remained convinced that the perpetrators of the crime were members of the Russian Militsiya. *Benazir Bhutto (54), a former prime minister of Pakistan, was assassinated by gunfire and a suicide bombing on 27 December 2007, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Mishandling of the crime scene and poor evidence-gathering hampered the investigation, and the assassins and their backers were never identified. *Lane Bryant shooting - on 2 February 2008, a gunman trying to rob a Lane Bryant store in the Brookside Marketplace in Tinley Park, Illinois killed five women (a manager and four customers). The shooter has not been apprehended, although police do not consider it a "cold case" yet. *Real-estate agent Lindsay Buziak (24), was stabbed an undisclosed number of times while showing a house to an unknown couple in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, on 2 February 2008. Buziak had expressed reservations to her boyfriend, as the couple had claimed to have been referred to her by a coworker who was unreachable at the time. He had waited outside in his car for part of the time, and was taken into custody along with a friend, but was later cleared. Buziak was stabbed from behind without any defensive wounds, and the couple had made the appointment with a disposable cell phone. The investigation is ongoing. *Georgi Stoev (35), a former member of the Bulgaria mafia, and later a writer who wrote extensively on organized crime, was shot to death on the streets of Sofia on April 7, 2008. Nobody was ever charged in his murder. *Michael Allen, better known as VL Mike (32), was an American rap artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was murdered in his hometown by persons unknown, on April 20, 2008. The murder remains unsolved. *Tonderai Ndira (32-33), a Zimbabwean MDC-T activist, was abducted and later killed by a group of armed gunmen between May 13-22, 2008. While it has been proposed that he was the target of a government-backed death squad, his killers have never been identified. *Aarushi Talwar (13), and Hemraj Banjade (45), were murdered on the night of 15-16 May 2008 at Aarushi's home in Noida, India. Aarushi's parents were first suspected and charged, but the charges were dropped, and their domestic servants became suspects. Then, her parents were again charged, and were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, but were exonerated after an appeal in the High Court. No other arrests have been made, and the murderer remains unknown. *Fernando Martí (14), was kidnapped on 12 July 2008 and was found dead inside the trunk of an abandoned car in Mexico City on 1 August 2008. His murder remains unsolved. *Soran Mama Hama (20-21), was a reporter for Livin magazine in Kirkuk, Iraq. He was shot by unidentified gunmen and died in Kirkuk, at approximately 9 p. m. on 22 July 2008, in the suburban neighborhood of Shorija. It is believed that he was the victim of corrupt police and government personnel, which he had previously reported on. *Malalai Kakar (41), the highest-ranking woman in the Afghan police force, was shot and killed by an unknown assassin while leaving her Kandahar home for work on 28 September 2008. No suspects have been officially named, although it is believed that the Taliban may be connected to the crime. *Miguel Angel Villagómez Valle (29), was a Mexican journalist, editor, and publisher who founded and operated the newspaper La Noticia de Michoacán in 2004 until his murder in La Unión, Guerrero, Mexico. On the night of 9 October 2008, he was kidnapped on his way home from work after he took two colleagues home. The state attorney said that minutes later, he was intercepted by at least two cars with armed individuals who abducted him. On the following day, police found his body at around 10 a. m. at the side of the road near a dump, about a kilometer away from the exit to the town of La Unión. His body was covered in bruises, and had six gunshot wounds to the back, and one gunshot to the head. *Amy Yeary (18), whose body was discovered on November 23, 2008, in Ashford, Wisconsin. Originally unidentified, and referred to as the Fond du Lac County Jane Doe, the use of DNA and dental records in 2021 led to her identification. No arrests have been made. *Francis Nyauri (30-31), also known as "Mong'are Mokua", was a Kenyan freelance journalist for the Weekly Citizen newspaper in Nyamira, Nyamira County, Kenya. He had published several articles about local police officials, exposing acts of corruption and malpractice, approximately two weeks before his dead body was found decapitated with hands bound on 29 January 2009. *Matt Stewart (31), was a nurse and father of three who was beaten and shot to death inside his home on 9 June 2009 in Mooresville, North Carolina. His wife, Angel, claims the couple were attacked in their bed by an unknown intruder. Following the attack, Angel ran to a neighbor's house to call for help. In January 2010, Mooresville Police released a composite sketch of the suspect. Investigators briefly pursued the possible involvement of South Carolina spree killer Patrick Tracy Burris, only to later declare there to have been no connection between Burris and the unsolved murder of Matt Stewart. No arrests have been made. *Lavelle Felton (29), was an American professional basketball player who was celebrating signing a new contract with a German team at a Milwaukee, Wisconsin nightclub, on 13 August 2009. After leaving and stopping at a gas station, he was fatally shot by an unknown gunman. *Christian Poveda (41), was a Hispanic-French photojournalist and a film director, who was assassinated on 2 September 2009 in El Salvador, possibly by a member of a mara. *José Arturo Vásquez Machado was governor of the Cabañas department in the Republic of El Salvador from 1994 to 2003. During the night of 9 November 2009, Arturo Vasquez was taken to an emergency room in San Salvador, where he died from wounds that he sustained in an attack perpetrated by unknown individuals. *Ivan Khutorskoy (26), was a RASH skinhead, nicknamed "Bonecrusher," who was a prominent member of the Russian anti-fascist movement. He was murdered in his home in a suburb of Moscow on 16 November 2009. *José Luis Romero (44), was a Mexican radio journalist for Línea Directa Radio and Radio Sistema del Noroeste in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico; he was known for his reporting about drug trafficking. He disappeared on 30 December 2009, and had been missing for two weeks until his body was found, having been tortured and brutally murdered. Romero's murder, along with other Mexican journalists who have been killed during their job, was interpreted by CNN as intimidation toward journalists.


Mahmoud al-Mabhouh (52), a senior military commander of the organization Hamas, and cofounder of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, its military wing, was found dead in his Dubai hotel room on 19 January 2010. Initially, his death was thought to be from natural causes, and Hamas, in a public statement, attributed it to cancer. +more However, later investigation showed that he had been injected with suxamethonium chloride to paralyze him, and then suffocated with a pillow. The Dubai police circulated pictures of 20 guests and visitors believed to have been associated with the killing, who they suggested were operatives of Israel's foreign intelligence service, the Mossad. Many had entered the United Arab Emirates on forged passports from Western countries; the disclosures caused diplomatic tensions between those countries and Israel, but did not lead to any public arrests or identifications. * Lorenzo González Cacho (8), of Dorado, Puerto Rico, was pronounced dead on arrival at a clinic his mother brought him to on 9 March 2010. She claimed his injuries had resulted from a fall from bed; this was contradicted by an autopsy, which revealed severe facial and head wounds, as well as some stabbing injuries. She and several other people in the house at the time have been publicly identified as suspects, but not charged. * Pedro Alcantara de Souza, was a Brazilian land reform activist operating in the state of Pará. He was killed in the town of Belém on 1 April 2010, shot in the head five times. *Elisabeth Mandala (18), was a young American woman who was found dead in between April and May 2010 along with two men in a truck along a Mexican federal highway in Nuevo León, Mexico. The trio had been beaten and murdered, but the killers are not known. * Scott Guy (31), a farmer from New Zealand, was shot dead at the gate of his family farm in Feilding in July 2010. Six months later, his brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald, was charged with his murder, but was found not guilty. As a result, the murder remains unsolved. * The body of Namibian schoolgirl Magdalena Stoffels (17), was found in a river near Windhoek on 27 July 2010; she had been raped, and then murdered. Police arrested a local man they found washing some clothing in a nearby portion of the river shortly afterward, and charged him with the crime due to scratches on his body, and what they believed were bloodstains on the clothing. A year later, he was released, as the forensic evidence did not provide any stronger link to the crime. The investigation is ongoing. *Amber Tuccaro (20), a Canadian First Nations woman who was last seen alive on 18 August 2010, while hitchhiking to Edmonton with an unknown man. Her body was found in 2012 in nearby Leduc County. *Gregorio Barradas Miravete (28), was a politician from Mexico who was a member of the National Action Party who was kidnapped in Isla, Veracruz. on 8 November 2010 as was then killed. His killer is not known. *Marisela Escobedo Ortiz (51-52), was a Mexican social activist from Chihuahua City, who was killed while protesting the murder of her daughter that occurred in 2008. On 16 December 2010, Marisela was killed by an unknown assassin by a single shot to the head. * A worker at a landfill outside Wilmington, Delaware, spotted the body of John P. Wheeler III (66), founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, contract employee of Mitre Corp. , and an official who had served in the Department of Defense under Republican administrations, in some waste being unloaded on 31 December 2010. He had been beaten to death sometime after being seen at an intersection downtown the preceding afternoon; witnesses who had seen him in various locations around Wilmington over the previous two days said he had appeared somewhat confused and disoriented, but sober, claiming at one point to have been robbed, but refused offers of help. He was reportedly involved in a feud with a neighbor and may have been involved in an attempted arson; no suspects have emerged. *Peter Gibb (48), an Australian fugitive who died on the morning of 23 January 2011 at Frankston Hospital, from injuries caused by three unknown men who attacked him at his home in Seaford. The case remains unsolved. *Muzafar Bhutto (41), a Sindhi nationalist politician in Pakistan, was last seen alive on 24 February 2011. His body, with many gunshot wounds, was found near a Hyderabad bypass on 22 May 2012, fourteen months later. No suspects have been officially identified. *The Dupont de Ligonnès murders involved the murder of five members of the same family in Nantes, in the département of Loire-Atlantique in north-western France, followed by the disappearance of the father of the family. Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès and her four children were murdered in early April 2011. Their bodies were found on 21 April 2011 at their home in Nantes. The father, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, disappeared at the same time, and is considered the prime suspect in their murders. He has reportedly contacted the French media, but has not been captured. *Phylicia Barnes (16), an American girl who is thought to have been murdered in Baltimore, Maryland. She disappeared on 28 December 2010, and was found dead on 20 April 2011. The murder remains unsolved. *Anjuman Shehzadi (33-34), a Pakistani stage and film actress, known for her bold dance. She died on 15 May 2011 in Lahore under mysterious circumstances. *José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva (52), a Brazilian conservationist and environmentalist, and his wife Maria do Espírito Santo (51), campaigned against logging and clearcutting of trees in the Amazon rainforest. They were shot and killed in an ambush attack on 24 May 2011 at a settlement called Maçaranduba 2, which is located near their home in Nova Ipixuna, Pará. José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva had been refused police protection by local authorities, according to reports by the Diário do Pará and The Guardian. * On the afternoon of 12 September 2011, Brendan Mess, Erik Weissman, and Raphael Teken were found with their throats cut almost to the point of decapitation in different rooms of Mess's Waltham, Massachusetts apartment. Their bodies were sprinkled with $5,000 in cash and seven pounds of marijuana, an amount having an even higher street value at the time, suggesting robbery had not been the motive. It was determined that the three had been killed the previous evening. After Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed following the Boston Marathon bombing a year and a half later, which his brother Dzhokhar was later convicted of perpetrating, it was disclosed that he had been suspected of involvement in the Waltham murders, due in part to his acquaintanceship with one of the victims. Ibragim Todashev, another friend of Tsarnaev's who had been suspected of involvement, was killed when he reacted violently during an FBI interrogation shortly after the bombings. Police still suspect Dzhokhar, convicted for his role in the bombings, of being involved as well, but have not formally charged him. *Nauman Habib (32), was a Pakistani cricketer who went missing on 9 October 2011 and was found dead just two days later after being murdered. Whoever killed him is unknown. * On the evening of 27 December 2011, Russ Faria returned to his Troy, Missouri, home to find his 42-year-old wife Betsy Faria dead of multiple stab wounds, some of which had nearly severed her arms. He told 9-1-1 that he believed she had taken her own life since she was suffering from terminal breast cancer, but within days, police arrested and charged him with murder, and he was convicted of the charge in November 2013. A local journalist exposed inconsistencies in the evidence and prosecutorial misconduct. In late 2015, the conviction was overturned on appeal, and Faria was retried and acquitted. A key reason for the appeal was prosecutors' failure to investigate Pam Hupp, a friend of Betsy's with a checkered past who had been the last person to see her alive, was found to have benefited financially from her death, and had changed her story about her whereabouts at the time of the killing several times. In 2017, Hupp pleaded guilty to another murder prosecutors believe she committed in an attempt to cast further suspicion on Russ Faria; she was sentenced to life without parole. The investigation into Betsy Faria's death has been reopened. *Christopher Guarin (41), a Filipino journalist, radio show host, and a local tabloid publisher and editor-in-chief, murdered in General Santos City, Mindanao, Philippines. Guarin was the 150th Filipino journalist to have been killed since the democratic revolution of 1986. Guarin was attacked and killed on 5 January 2012 after receiving death threats. *Wendy Albano (52), was an American businesswoman murdered in February 2012 in a hotel room in Thailand. Authorities in the U. S. got in touch with the U. S. State department, eventually leading to the arrest of a suspect hiding in India years later. The chief suspect was an Indian business associate who fled to India after her death. He has yet to be charged in court. *Married Bangladeshi journalists Sagar Sarowar and Meherun Runi, both 27, were found stabbed to death in their Dhaka apartment on 11 February 2012. Their deaths, of all the many murders of journalists in the country, drew protests and public outrage both in Bangladesh and abroad. Both were working on stories at the time that could have led to violent reprisals. The government initially promised to have suspects in custody within days, but to date, no arrests have been made. *Bashir Ahmed Qureshi (54), another Sindhi nationalist leader, suddenly collapsed during a dinner with members of his party on 7 April 2012 in Sakrand, Pakistan. He died in hospital early the next morning. A week later, pathologists announced that he had been poisoned with phosphorus and ruled his death a murder; no suspects have been identified. *Regina Martínez Pérez (48), a Mexican journalist and veteran crime reporter for Proceso, a center-left Mexican news magazine known for its critical reporting of the social and political establishment, was murdered early in the morning of 28 April 2012 in her home in the Felipe Carrillo Puerto neighborhood in Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz. When police went to her home to investigate in response to a neighbor's call about her door being open all day, Martínez Pérez's corpse was found on the bathroom floor. *Lorena Escalera (25), known professionally as "Lorena Xtravaganza", was an American transgender performer known for her impersonations of Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. She was found unconscious and unresponsive in her Bushwick apartment on 2 May 2012. Escalera's apartment was set on fire after she had been strangled and suffocated. *Fareeda Kokikhel Afridi, a Pakistani feminist and women's rights activist, was shot to death by two motorcyclists on 5 July 2012, while en route to her workplace in Hayatabad. *The person or people behind the Annecy shootings, in which an Iraqi-born British engineer, several of his family members, and a French cyclist were murdered at a campsite in the French Alps on 5 September 2012, have never been identified officially, and the case remains under investigation. *Alfred Schakron (51), was a Belizean businessman and the ex-husband of People's United Party political hopeful Yolanda Schakron. He was murdered in broad daylight on 24 October 2012 outside a Belize City gym, leaving police mystified as to the motive of the crime, or the identity of the killers. *Mohammed Shuwa (72), was a Nigerian Army Major General and the first General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army's 1st Division. Shuwa commanded the Nigerian Army's 1st Division during the Nigerian Civil War. He was murdered in his Maiduguri home on 2 November 2012 by suspected Boko Haram militants. *The Kharkiv beheadings, was a crime committed on 15 December 2012 in Ukraine, in which a judge and his family were beheaded with a machete. *Keith Ratliff (32), producer of the popular YouTube gun-enthusiast channel FPSRussia, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head in his custom gun shop in Carnesville, Georgia, on the evening of 3 January 2013, about 24 hours after he had last been seen alive. Police believe he knew his killer, as none of his guns were taken or used to kill him, and he would have only allowed an acquaintance to get close enough to him to do it. The investigation is continuing. *In the early morning hours of 11 January 2013, Paris police forced their way into a local Kurdish information center, where they found the bodies of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) members Sakine Cansız (55), Fidan Doğan (30), and Leyla Söylemez, a younger woman. They had last been seen in the office where they were found the previous afternoon. Nothing had been taken, all were shot execution-style, and the killer or killers locked the door after leaving, suggesting that someone acquainted with at least one of the victims committed the crime with the intention of killing all three.


Marc Angelucci (52), was an American attorney, prominent men's rights activist, and the vice-president of the National Coalition for Men. He was fatally shot at his Cedarpines Park, California home on 11 July 2020. +more A possible suspect, Roy Den Hollander, also active in the men's rights community, committed suicide a week later after killing New Jersey federal judge Esther Salas's son during an attack on her house; he had had differences with Angelucci that led to his expulsion from the organization. The murder remains unsolved. * Luca Attanasio (43), was an Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo who was killed in an attack on a World Food Programme convoy on 22 February 2021, along with carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci (30), and driver Mustapha Milambo. The perpetrators of the attack are unknown. On 5 March 2021, Mwilanya Asani William, an attorney investigating the case, was also killed by gunmen in an ambush. * Four dead youths (13-17), who had gone missing earlier in the month of March, were later discovered on 21 March 2021, after a shepherd's dog picked up their scent in the Bannu District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It was revealed that the teenagers, whose identities later became known, had been badly tortured, and their killer is unknown. The cases have been named the "Janikhel incident" by media. * Kylen Schulte (24) and Crystal Turner (38), were a married couple who were found shot to death in Grand County, Utah, while camping with their pet rabbit on 13 August 2021. No suspect has been identified in their killings. * Oluwabamise Ayanwole (21-22), was a Nigerian woman who was kidnapped in Lagos, Nigeria on 26 February 2022 after boarding a BRT. Nine days later she was found dead after being murdered in Lagos Island, near to the Carter Bridge. Her killer is not currently known.

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