Note: :Merriam-Webster defines war as "a state of opened and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations". Lexico defines war as "A state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country". +more Conflicts causing at least 1,000 deaths in one calendar year are considered wars by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program. For other conflicts, see rebellions, coups and separate battles. This is a list of wars that began from 2003 onwards. Other wars can be found in the historical lists of wars and the list of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity.



StartFinishedName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)Defeated party (if applicable)
2003OngoingWar in DarfurSupported by: (until 2016) ---- UNAMID (from 2007)SRF * JEM * SLA * LJM (from 2010) SARC (from 2014) SLFA (from 2017) * SLA-Unity *SLMJ * JEM (Jali) Supported by: (2005-2010) (until 2008) Libya (until 2011) (until 2015)
20032011Iraq War Part of the Iraqi conflictInvasion phase (2003) Peshmerga Supported by: Post-invasion (2003-11) {{collapsible list | bullets = yes | titlestyle = background:transparent;font-weight:normal;text-align:left; | title = MNF-I (2003-09)(2003-09)
20042010Sinaloa Cartel-Gulf Cartel conflict Part of the Mexican drug warSinaloa CartelGulf Cartel
2004OngoingInsurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa----Taliban-aligned groups * Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (from 2007) * al-Qaeda * Lashkar-e-Jhangvi *Lashkar-e-Islam *Jundallah (until 2014) *Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (until 2015) *Jamaat-ul-Ahrar * Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (until 2016) * Turkistan Islamic Party (from 2004) ISIL-aligned groups *Khorasan Province **Jundallah (from 2014) **Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (from 2015) **Tehreek-e-Khilafat (from 2014) **Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (2014-15)
2004OngoingIran-PJAK conflict Part of the Kurdish separatism in IranSupported by:Kurdistan Free Life Party Supported by:
2004OngoingConflict in the Niger DeltaNigeria Supported by:Niger Delta Avengers (2016-present) Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (2016-present) Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force (2016-present) Niger Delta Red Squad (2016-present) Adaka Boro Avengers (2016-present) Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta (2016-present) Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders (2016-present) New Delta Avengers (2017-present) Niger Delta Marine Force (2017-present) Reformed Egbesu Fraternities * Red Egbesu Water Lions (2016-present) * Reformed Egbesu Boys of the Niger Delta (2016-present) * Egbesu Mightier Fraternity (2016-present) ---- Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (2004-2014) Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (2003-2009) Niger Delta Liberation Front (2005-2014) Joint Revolutionary Council (2004-2014) ---- Niger Delta Vigilante (2004-2009) ---- Supported by: IPOB elements
2004OngoingKivu conflictPro-government Mai-Mai militias FDLR (2006-2014) APCLS (2012-2013) Nyatura (2012-2014) MONUSCO (Against FNL and FNL-Nzabampema only) Supported by:CNDP (2006-2009) M23(2012-present) Allegedly supported by: ---- FDLR (2014-present) RUD-Urunana (2006-present) Nyatura (2014-present) FNL-Nzabampema (2013-present) FNL/Palipehutu (1993-2009 and 2010-2013) FPB (2015-present) RED-Tabara (2015-present) ---- APCLS (2013-2016) Nduma Defense of Congo (2008-present) Mai Mai Yakutumba (2009-present) CNPSC (2017-present) Other Anti-government Mai Mai militas (1996-present) Raia Mutomboki (2005-present) ---- ADF (Central Africa Province)
20042014Houthi insurgency in YemenAnsar Allah (pro-Saleh forces) Alleged support by:Sunni tribes * Al-Islah militias Supported by: ---- Ansar al-Sharia *al-Qaeda
20042007Central African Republic Bush WarMINURCAT MICOPAX (CEEAC)Rebels: Union of Democratic Forces for Unity (UFDR) People's Army for the Restoration of Democracy (APRD) Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP) Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (MLCJ) Patriotic Convention for Saving the Country (CPSK) Democratic Front of the Central African People (FDPC) FDC GALPC FPR
2004OngoingSistan and Baluchestan insurgency Part of the Balochistan conflictJundallah (2004-11) Harakat Ansar (2012-13) Jaish ul-Adl (2013-Present) Ansar Al-Furqan (2013-Present)
200520052005 Bangladesh India border clash
2005OngoingInsurgency in ParaguaySupported by: ---- Vigilante self-defense groupsParaguayan People's Army (EPP) Armed Peasant Association (ACA) Army of Marshal López (EML) (from 2016) Supported by: FARC (until 2016) Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front (alleged)
20052010Chadian Civil War (2005-2010)NMRD JEM Supported by:Rebels: FUC UFDD RFD CNT CDR UFDP RDL UFDD-F CNR URF MDJT UFCD FSR UFR UMC FPRN UDC MPRD Janjaweed Alleged support: (until 2010)
20052008Mount Elgon insurgencySabaot Land Defence Force
2006OngoingFatah-Hamas conflictHamasFatah Supported by: (allegedly) (covert)
20062008Iraqi Civil War Part of the Iraq WarPublic stability: Iraq United States United Kingdom MNF-I Private Security Contractors Peshmerga Sons of IraqSunni factions: Iraqi Ba'ath Party Loyalists * Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation * Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order Ansar al-Sunna Islamic Army of Iraq Sunni tribes Other Sunni insurgents and militia ---- Mujahideen Shura Council * al-Qaeda in Iraq (until October 2006) Islamic State of Iraq ---- Shi'a factions: Mahdi Army Special Groups * Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq * Kata'ib Hezbollah * Promised Day Brigades Badr Brigades Rogue elements among the Iraqi security forces Soldiers of Heaven Shia tribes Other militias
20062013Operation AstuteAustralia New Zealand Malaysia Portugal East Timor United NationsRenegade elements of Timor Leste Defence Force
2006OngoingBakassi conflictBAMOSD BFF MEND SCAPO LSCP BSDF
200620062006 Lebanon War Part of the Israeli-Lebanese conflictSupported by:Hezbollah Amal LCP PFLP-GC Supported by:
20062009Eelam War IV Part of the Sri Lankan Civil WarLiberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
2006OngoingMexican drug warMexico *Self-defense groups Consulting and training support by: United States through the Merida Initiative Colombia through the National Police of Colombia Australia through the Australian Federal PoliceCartels: * Sinaloa Cartel * Gulf Cartel ** Los Metros * Knights Templar Cartel * La Familia Michoacana (2007-2011) * Old School Zetas (since 2014 Los Zetas split) ---- Cartels: * Los Zetas (until 2014 split) ** Cartel of the Northeast (since 2014 Los Zetas split) *Juárez Cartel *Milenio Cartel (2006-2012) *Beltrán-Leyva Cartel (2008-2014) *Independent Cartel of Acapulco (2010-2014) Supported by: *MS-13 ---- Cartels: * Jalisco New Generation Cartel (since 2009) *Tijuana Cartel Supported by: *Logan Heights Gang
20062009War in Somalia (2006-09) Part of the Somali Civil WarSomalia Galmudug pro-Ethiopian fraction leaders Sufi groups AMISOM * * * * * Supported by:Invasion: Islamic Courts Union Insurgency: Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia {{flagicon image
} al-Shabaab

Al-Qaeda and other foreign mujahideen

Ras Kamboni Brigades

Jabhatul Islamiya

Muaskar Anole

|- |2006 |Ongoing |Militias-Comando Vermelho conflict |

| Brazilian police militias ---- Comando Vermelho |- |2007 |Ongoing |Operation Juniper Shield |



Burkina Faso


Supported & trained by:

United States






United Kingdom | al-Qaeda (2007-present)

Ansar Dine (2012-17)

Jama'at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin (2017-present)

Supported by:

Boko Haram (2009-15)

MOJWA (2011-13) ---- Islamic State * Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (2015-present) |- |2007 |2009 |Tuareg rebellion (2007-09) Part of the Tuareg rebellions |

| In Niger:

Niger Movement for Justice

Front of Forces for Rectification (2008 split)

Niger Patriotic Front (2009 split)

In Mali:


ATMNC (2008 split) |- |2007 |2007 |2007 Lebanon conflict | Lebanon | Fatah al-Islam

Jund al-Sham |- |2007 |2007 |Hamas' takeover of Gaza Part of the Fatah-Hamas conflict | Hamas | Fatah |- |2007 |2015 |War in Ingushetia Part of the Second Chechen War and the Insurgency in the North Caucasus | Russia | * Caucasus Emirate (Vilayat Galgaycho) * Ingush opposition (2007-2008) * ad hoc revenge groups |- |2008 |2008 |Naaf War | | |- |2008 |2008 |2008 invasion of Anjouan | African Union * * * * Supported by: * (logistical support) * (logistical support) * | |- |2008 |2008 |2008 Lebanon conflict |

Amal Movement



Arab Democratic Party | Future Movement

Progressive Socialist Party |- |2008 |2008 |Djiboutian-Eritrean border conflict | | |- |2008 |2011 |Cambodian-Thai border dispute | | |- |2008 |2008 |2008 Bangladesh India border clash | | |- |2008 |2008 |Russo-Georgian War |

| |- |2008 |2008 |2008 Kufra conflict | Libya | Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya |- |2008 |2009 |Gaza War Part of the Gaza-Israel conflict | Israel | * Hamas * PFLP * PIJ * Fatah *Popular Resistance Councils |- |2009 |Ongoing |Somali Civil War (2009-present) Part of the Somali Civil War |


Regional forces: * ** ASWJ (until 2018) * Himan and Heeb (until 2015) * ** Raskamboni Movement * * Southwestern Somalia Supported by:

Non-combat support:

| Al-Qaeda * Al-Shabaab *Foreign mujahideen Hizbul Islam (until 2010; 2012-2014)

Allegedly supported by:

---- (from 2015) *Islamic State in Somalia |- |2009 |Ongoing |Sudanese nomadic conflicts | Various tribes | Various tribes |- |2009 |2017 |Insurgency in the North Caucasus Part of the Chechen-Russian conflict |

* * * * * *Kadyrovtsy *Other loyalists | Caucasus Emirate (2009-17) * Vilayat Dagestan (2009-17) * Vilayat Galgaycho (2009-17) * Vilayat Iriston (until 2009) * Vilayat KBK (2009-17) * Vilayat Nokhchicho (2009-15) * Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade (2009-16) * Arab Mujahideen (2009-12) * Turkish Mujahideen (2009-17) Imam Shamil Battalion (2017) ---- Islamic State * Wilayat al-Qawqaz (since June 2015) |- |2009 |2009 |2009 Peruvian political crisis | |AIDESEP |- |2009 |Ongoing |Boko Haram insurgency |Multinational Joint Task Force * * * * Local militias and vigilantes *CJTF, BOYES (in Nigeria) * Comités de vigilance (in Cameroon and Chad) * Dan banga (in Niger) Foreign mercenaries * STTEP

| Boko Haram

Islamic State's West Africa Province * Several minor factions Ansaru Supported by: al-Qaeda * AQIM * Al-Shabaab Taliban (from 2015) |- |2009 |2009 |2009 Boko Haram uprising Part of the Boko Haram insurgency | | Boko Haram |- |2009 |Ongoing |South Yemen insurgency | Yemen

Pro-government tribes * Al-Islah militias Supported by:

| Southern Transitional Council (since 2017) *Southern Movement *Southern Resistance *Security Belt Supported by:

|- |2009 |2010 |Operation Scorched Earth Part of the Houthi insurgency in Yemen |

Hashed tribesmen


| Houthis


Iran ( Quds Force)

North Korea |- |2009 |2009 |Dongo conflict |

Supported by:


(alleged) | Lobala rebels


Resistance Patriots of Dongo |- |}


StartFinishedName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)Defeated party (if applicable)
201020102010 South Kyrgyzstan ethnic clashesprovisional government Supported by: Kazakhstan TurkeyPro-Bakiyev Kyrgyz gangs Other pro- Bakiyev forces *Tajik contractors *Other mercenaries Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (alleged) ---- Kyrgyzstani Uzbeks *Pro-provisional government civilians (limited involv. )
201020102010 Kingston unrest Part of the Jamaican political conflictShower Posse drug cartel
20102015Tajikistan insurgencyTajikistan * Armed Forces of the Republic of TajikistanUnited Tajik Opposition * Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan ---- * Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan
20102011Second Ivorian Civil WarFNCI Liberian mercenaries RDR UNOCIIvory Coast Liberian mercenaries COJEP FPI ----
2011OngoingSinai insurgencyIslamists: * Ansar Bait al-Maqdis * Al-Qaeda **Tawhid al-Jihad **Al-Qaeda in Sinai Peninsula (from late 2011) **Abdullah Azzam Brigades ** Ansar al-Sharia * Hasm Movement * Bedouin tribesmen * Jund al-Islam * Popular Resistance Movement * Takfir wal-Hijra * Army of Islam * Al Furqan Brigades * Soldiers of Egypt ---- Islamic State * Mujahideen Shura Council
2011OngoingShia insurgency in BahrainBahrainAl-Ashtar Brigades * Wa'ad Allah Brigades * Islamic Allah Brigades * Imam al-Mahdi Brigades * al-Haydariyah Brigades Iran (alleged) Saraya al-Mukhtar (al-Mukhtar Brigade) Saraya al Karar Asa’ib al-Muqawama al-Bahrainia {{Collapsible list |title=Alleged support: | Kata'ib Hezbollah
20112011First Libyan Civil WarNational Transitional Council * National Liberation Army * Libyan Islamic Fighting Group * Anti-Gaddafi tribes * Foreign mercenaries (alleged) ---- Enforcing UNSC Resolution 1973: * {{Collapsible list |title=Coalition members:
2011OngoingSyrian civil warSyrian Arab Republic Hezbollah (2015-present) Support: (2017-19)Syrian Interim Government (Syrian opposition) (2016-present) {{Collapsible list |title=Support:
2011OngoingSudanese conflict in South Kordofan and Blue NileSRF * SPLM-N * SLA * JEM Alleged support:
20112017Syrian civil war spillover in Lebanon Part of the Syrian civil war{{Collapsible list |title=Supported by: |1=2=
2011OngoingEthnic violence in South Sudan (2011-present) Part of the Sudanese nomadic conflictsVarious tribesVarious tribes
20112012Operation Linda Nchi Part of the Somali Civil War (2009-present)Somalia Raskamboni Front ASWJ AzaniaAl-Shabaab
20112014Factional violence in Libya (2011-14)Libya * Government-sanctioned local militiasVarious militias * Gaddafi loyalists * Toubou Front for the Salvation of Libya * General Haftar forces: **Zintan Brigade **Brigade 93 **Pro Haftar Libyan National Army factions ** Mashashya tribe (alleged) ** Katibat Al-Awfiyah brigade **Al-Awfea brigade (alleged) ---- Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries *Ansar Al-Sharia Brigades *Libya Shield 1
20112013Iraqi insurgency (2011-2013) Part of the Iraq WarIraq * Private security contractors Supported by:Sunni insurgent factions: Islamic State of Iraq (ISIL since April 2013) ---- Ba'ath Party Loyalists * Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation * Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order * Islamic Army of Iraq * Other Sunni insurgents and militia ---- Shi'a factions: * Special Groups * Promised Day Brigades * Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq * Kata'ib Hezbollah * Mahdi Army * Badr Brigades * Soldiers of Heaven * Other militias Supported by:
2012OngoingMali WarECOWAS {{Collapsible list |bullets = yes |title = full list
20122012Heglig CrisisJEM ---- SPLM-N
20122013M23 rebellion Part of the Kivu conflictMONUSCO * Force Intervention BrigadeMarch 23 Movement Alleged support:
201220122012 Abyan offensive Part of the Al-Qaeda insurgency in YemenYemen * Republic of Yemen Armed Forces * Tribal fighters * Popular CommitteesAl-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula * Ansar al-Sharia * Al-Shabaab * Aden-Abyan Islamic Army * Other Islamic militants
20122012Baragoi clashesSamburu tribeTurkana tribe
2012OngoingCentral African Republic Civil WarMINUSCA (since 2014) MISCA (2013-2014) {{Collapsible list |bullets = yes |title = MICOPAX (2013)
20132013Lahad Datu standoffMalaysia Sabahan villagersSultanate of Sulu
20132020Batwa-Luba clashes Part of the Katanga insurgencyPygmy Batwa militias * "Perci"Luba militias * "Elements"
20132021RENAMO insurgency (2013-2021)RENAMO
20132013Zamboanga City crisis Part of the Moro conflict
20132020South Sudanese Civil War Part of the ethnic violence in South Sudan (2011-present)Mathiang Anyoor *Maban Defence Force Allied militias: (alleged) (alleged) State allies: (alleged)Nuer White Army {{Collapsible list |bullets =yes |title =
20132017War in Iraq (2013-2017)' Allied groups: * * Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas * Iraqi Communist Party * Various self-defense groups and tribal militias CJTF-OIR {{Collapsible list |title=Support: |'
2014OngoingRusso-Ukrainian War---- Supported by:Ukraine ---- Supported by:
201420142014 Aswan tribal clashesArab Al-Halayel (Beni Helal) clanNubian Al-Dabodeya family
20142020Second Libyan Civil WarHouse of Representatives (Tobruk-based) * Zintan brigades (until 2017) * Russian PMCs JEM (from 2016) SLM/A-Minnawi Wagner Group {{Collapsible list |title=Further Support:
2014OngoingWar against the Islamic StateIntervening in Syria and Iraq: CJTF-OIR {{Collapsible list |title=Support: | (also +moreS. _airstrike'>intervening in Libya and Cameroon)
201420142014 Gaza War Part of the Gaza-Israel conflictHamas * Islamic Jihad * DFLP * PFLP * PRC * al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades * Abdullah Azzam Brigades
2014OngoingYemeni Civil War (2014-present)Supreme Political Council * Houthis * Pro-Saleh forces (until 2017) * Some Popular Committees * Sana'a-GPC forces * * Hezbollah Alleged support: ---- Al-Qaeda Ansar al-Sharia * AQAP Alleged support: ---- ISIL-YPAl-Islah * Popular Resistance Committees * Popular Committees * Strategic Reserve (pro-Hadi Saleh forces) Saudi-led coalition (limited involvement) (2015-19) (2015-19) (2015-17) Academi security contractors {{Collapsible list |title=Under 1,000 troops: |1=
20142015Houthi takeover in Yemen Part of the Yemeni Civil WarHouthis * Saleh Security forces * Republican GuardGovernment of Yemen * Security Forces * Al-Islah militias
2015OngoingIslamic State insurgency in Tunisia Part of the Insurgency in the Maghreb (2002-present)(ISIL) * Wilayat Tarabulus * Wilayah al-Jazair * Wilayat Tunis Ansar al-Sharia (only in March 2016)Supported by: United Kingdom
2015OngoingKurdish-Turkish conflict (2015-present) Part of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict (1978-present)Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) * PKK * PYD * PJAK YDG-H: * YPS * YPS-Jin HBDH Kurdistan Freedom Hawks
2016Ongoing2016 Niger Delta conflict Part of the Conflict in the Niger DeltaNiger Delta Separatists: :Adaka Boro Avengers :Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta :Niger Delta Avengers :Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate :Niger Delta Justice Defence Group :Niger Delta Volunteers :Niger Delta Red Squad :Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders :Reformed Egbesu Fraternities *Egbesu Boys of the Niger Delta *Egbesu Red Water Lions *Egbesu Mightier Fraternity Supported by: Indigenous People of Biafra
201620162016 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflictNagorno-Karabakh Republic
20162017Pool WarNinja militia
20162019Kamwina Nsapu rebellionAllied militias: * Bana Mura * Ecurie Mbembe * Smaller pro-government groupsKamwina Nsapu militia * Various independent militias
2016OngoingConflict in Rakhine State Part of the Rohingya conflict and the Internal conflict in MyanmarArakan Army ---- Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army
20162016Kasese clashes
2016OngoingInsurgency in Northern Chad---- JEMFront for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic (CCMSR) Union of Forces of Resistance (UFR) Front de la Nation pour la Démocratie et la Justice (FNDJT)
201720172017 Afghanistan-Pakistan border skirmish Part of the Afghanistan-Pakistan skirmishesAfghanistan
201720202017-2020 Qatif unrest Part of the Qatif conflictShia minority Hezbollah Al-Hejaz
20172017Marawi crisis Part of the Moro conflict and the Military intervention against ISIL---- Supported by: * MNLF * MILF Foreign supporters: * (Military equipment, aid, and technical assistance) * (Intelligence support) * (Military equipment) * (Intelligence support and military equipment)Islamic State Province in East Asia * Abu Sayyaf * Maute group * Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters
2017OngoingAnglophone Crisis
2017OngoingInsurgency in Cabo Delgado(from 2021) Supported by:(denied by Mozambican government) Supported by: Organized crime Foreign sympathizers
201720172017 Iraqi-Kurdish conflict Part of the War in IraqSupported by:Supported by: Saudi Arabia ---- PKK PUK PDKI
2017OngoingIslamic State insurgency in Iraq (2017-present) Part of the Iraqi conflictPro-Government Tribes Rojava (cross-border cooperation since May 2018) CJTF-OIR: * * * * * Supported by: : Iran : Qatar : Egypt * * ---- * Peshmerga Supported by: NetherlandsIslamic State White Flags ---- Iraqi Baath Party
2018OngoingCatatumbo campaign Part of the Colombian conflict: (ELN) :Nororiental de Guerra ----Frente 33 ---- (EPL)
201820182018 Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes Part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
20182018November 2018 Gaza-Israel clashes Part of the Gaza-Israel conflictIsraelHamas * Islamic Jihad * PFLP * al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades * PRC
201920192019 India-Pakistan border skirmishes Part of the Indo−Pakistani conflicts and the Kashmir conflictIndiaPakistan
20192019May 2019 Gaza-Israel clashes Part of the Gaza-Israel conflictHamas * Palestinian Islamic Jihad * National Resistance Brigades * Tawhid al-Jihad Supported by:
2019Ongoing2019-2022 Persian Gulf crisis Part of the Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict, the Iran-Israel proxy conflict, and the Persian Gulf conflictsCJTF-OIR International Maritime Security Construct: Supported by:Iraqi militias * Popular Mobilization Forces * Kata'ib Hezbollah * League of Revolutionaries Supported by: Houthis
20192022Benishangul-Gumuz conflict Part of the Ethiopian civil conflict (2018-present)EthiopiaGumuz Liberation Front Buadin ---- Tigray People's Liberation Front ---- Oromo Liberation Army * OLF/Shanne
20192019November 2019 Gaza-Israel clashes Part of the Gaza-Israel conflictIsraelPalestinian Islamic Jihad


StartFinishedName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)Defeated party (if applicable)
202020212020-2021 China-India skirmishesIndiaChina
2020OngoingWestern Togoland RebellionGhanaWestern Togoland Restoration Front
20202020Second Nagorno-Karabakh war Part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict---- Arms suppliers:' ' * Armenian diaspora volunteers ---- Arms suppliers:
20202022Afar-Somali clashes Part of the Ethiopian civil conflict (2018-present)Somali Region Somali-allied militasAfar Region Afar-allied militas
2020OngoingTigray War Part of the Ethiopian civil conflict (2018-present)Ethiopia EritreaTPLF Oromo Liberation Army
2020Ongoing2020-2022 Western Saharan clashes Part of the Western Sahara conflictMoroccoSahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
2020Ongoing2020-2022 Ethiopian-Sudanese clashesSudanEthiopia * Amhara Region militias ---- TPLF
2021OngoingInsurgency in Southeastern Nigeria Part of the herder-farmer conflicts in Nigeria and the conflict in the Niger DeltaIPOB
202120212021 Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan clashesKyrgyzstanTajikistan
2021Ongoing2021-2022 Myanmar civil war Part of the Internal conflict in MyanmarCaretaker Government * * Union Solidarity and Development PartyNational Unity Government * National League for Democracy *ethnic armed organisations
202120212021 Israel-Palestine crisis Part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflictIsrael * Jewish Israeli protestersHamas * Palestinian Islamic Jihad * National Resistance Brigades * Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine West Bank * al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades * Palestinian protesters in the West Bank and Jerusalem * Arab Israeli protesters
2021Ongoing2021-2022 Armenia-Azerbaijan border crisis Part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflictArmeniaAzerbaijan
2021OngoingRepublican insurgency in Afghanistan Part of the Afghanistan conflict (1978-present)Islamic Emirate of AfghanistanNational Resistance Front of Afghanistan
202120212021 Afghanistan-Iran clashesIslamic Emirate of Afghanistan
2022OngoingRussian invasion of Ukraine Part of the Russo-Ukrainian WarUkrainian diaspora volunteers * Foreign volunteersSupported by:
202220222022 al-Shabaab invasion of Ethiopia Part of the Somali Civil WarAl-Shabaab
202220222022 Gaza-Israel clashes Part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflictIsraelPalestinian Islamic Jihad
202220222022 Armenian-Azerbaijani clashes Part of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflictArmeniaAzerbaijan
202220222022 Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan clashesKyrgyzstanTajikistan