Nicole Daedone

12 hours ago
Albert Flores

Nicole Daedone is an American businesswoman. Born in Los Gatos, California, she holds a bachelor's degree in gender communications from San Francisco State University. She studied with teachers of yoga, Kabbalah, and Buddhist meditation, and with Ray Vetterlein, who was in turn inspired by Morehouse.

In 2004, Daedone became the founder and CEO of OneTaste, a sexuality-focused wellness education company in the San Francisco Bay Area. OneTaste trademarked the "orgasmic meditation" (OM) procedure delivered through the company's classes.

OneTaste is currently under investigation by the FBI for prostitution, sex trafficking, and violations of labor law.


Former members of the organization testifying about their experience at OneTaste said it "resembled a kind of prostitution ring" where managers frequently ordered staffers to engage in sexual relations with customers. In 2015, a former employee received a six-figure settlement for sexual assault and harassment. +more The company made $18 million in revenue in 2017.


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