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Albert Flores

The Nokia Communicator is a brand name for a series of business-optimized smartphones marketed by Nokia Corporation, all of which appear as normal (if large) phones on the outside, and open in clamshell format to access a QWERTY keyboard and an LCD screen nearly the size of the device footprint.

Nokia Communicators have Internet connectivity and clients for Internet and non-Internet communication services. The earlier 9000 series Communicators introduced features which later developed into smartphones. +more The latest Communicator model, the Nokia E90 Communicator, is part of the Nokia Eseries.

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ModelNokia 9000 Communicator, 9000iNokia 9110 Communicator, 9110iNokia 9210 Communicator, 9210i, 9290Nokia 9500 CommunicatorNokia E90 Communicator
Operating systemOperating systemPEN/GEOS 3. +more0PEN/GEOS 3. 0Symbian OS version 6. 0, Series 80 v1. 0Symbian OS version 7. 0s, Series 80 v2. 0Symbian OS version 9. 2, S60 3rd Edition
ProcessorModelIntel 80386EXAMD Elan SC450 Am486ARM920TTi OMAP 1510Ti OMAP 2420
clock speed24 MHz33 MHz52 MHz150 MHz332 MHz
MemoryRAM (accessible)4 MB ( bytes)4 MB8 MB64 MB (39. 6 MB)128 MB (110 MB)
ROM (accessible)4 MB (2 MB)4 MB (2 MB)16 MB (2 MB)128 MB (79. 8 MB)256 MB (136 MB)
ScreenInternal5 in 640×200 monochrome STN, 4 grayscales5 in 640×200 backlit monochrome STN, 8 grayscales5 in 640×200 color transflective TFT, 4,096 scales5 in 640×200 color transflective TFT, 4,096 scales4 in 800×352 color transflective TFT, 16,777,216 scales
External50×38 backlit monochrome STN, 2 grayscales1 in 80×48 backlit monochrome STN, 2 grayscales1 in 84×48 backlit monochrome STN, 2 grayscales1 in 84×48 backlit monochrome STN, 2 grayscales2 in 240×320 color transflective TFT, 16,777,216 scales
WeightWeight397 g253 g222 g222 g210 g

The Nokia 9300 and 9300i (running Symbian OS version 7. 0s and Series 80 v2. +more0) are very similar to the Nokia 9500 but were not marketed under the Communicator name by Nokia. Likewise, the Nokia N97 and Nokia E7 (running Symbian^3) from 2009 and 2011 respectively are also similar to the Communicator series, but not marketed as it.


The first Nokia smartphone in the movies was Nokia Communicator 9000: Val Kilmer as The Saint used the device to foil the plans of a villainous Russian oligarch back in 1997. * In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines the Terminatrix (T-X), played by Kristanna Loken, hijacks a silver Lexus SC 430 and uses a Nokia 9210 inside the car to dial-up a remote link to a local phone systems server. +more * In Bad Company (2002) the special phone used by Chris Rock is the Nokia 9210.


File:Nokia-9110-9000. jpg|Nokia 9000 Communicator (right) Nokia 9110 Communicator (left) File:Nokia-9110-2. +morejpg|Nokia 9110 Communicator File:Nokia 9210. jpg|Nokia 9210 Communicator File:Julie_Carroll_Moblogging. jpg|Nokia 9500 Communicator File:Nokia-e90. png|Nokia E90 Communicator Nokia-9210i-9500-e90. jpg|Nokia 9210i, 9500 and E90 Communicators.

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