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Ponniyin Selvan is a historical fiction novel by Indian author Kalki Krishnamurthy, written in Tamil language. It was first serialized in the weekly editions of Kalki, a Tamil magazine, from 29 October 1950 to 16 May 1954, and later integrated into five volumes in 1955. In about 2,210 pages, it tells the story of early days of Chola prince Arulmozhivarman. Kalki visited Sri Lanka three times to gather information and for inspiration.

Ponniyin Selvan is regarded as one of the greatest novels of Tamil literature. The fan-following for the series, which was published weekly in Kalki, was such that it elevated the magazine circulation to reach a figure of 71,366 copies -a vast readership in a newly independent India. +more The book continued to be admired in the modern era, developing a cult following and fanbase among people of all generations. Ponniyin Selvan has garnered critical acclaim for its tightly woven plot, vivid narration, wit of the dialogue, and portrayal of the intrigues and power struggle of the Chola empire in the 10th-century.

A film adaptation of the novel, directed by Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam, is underway. The first part, Ponniyin Selvan: I, was released on 30 September 2022.


Book volumes


1Pudhu Vellam57The story unfolds with the journey of the protagonist Vandhiyadhevan to the capital Thanjavur. Ends with Vandhiyadhevan making enemies with the Royalty and joining the Royal services. +more
2Suzharkaatru53The events take place in Sri Lanka where Ponniyin Selvan (Raja Raja Cholan) is stationed for "Eezhathu Por" (Battle of Lanka), the tragic stories from the past of the characters' lives.
3Kolai Vaal46The revenge set up by the suicide squad of Veera Pandiyan (Aabathuthavigal) against Aditha Karikalan and Chola Empire, the plot devised by Nandhini.
4Manimagudam46The struggle for the crown among the members of the Chola dynasty. The inside conspiracy is being revealed eventually among the patriots.
5Thiyaaga Sigaram91The Climax is being set. The conspiracy is broken due to a lack of motivation and the head of the conspiracy comes to senses. The rulers are reunited and the danger is averted. The rightful prince offers the throne to his uncle out of magnanimity. The tragic deaths of the main characters also add sorrow to the fact that the story ends.


In order of appearance (omitting the flashbacks)

* Vallavaraiyan Vandiyadevan: The brave, adventurous and sarcastic warrior prince of the Vaanar clan, who later becomes the Commander for Southern Troops under the reign of Utthama Chola. Although the second protagonist of the story other than Ponniyin Selvan himself, Vandhiyathevan's exploits make the readers think of him as the main hero at multiple points in the novel. +more He was a bodyguard and close friend of Aditha Karikalan in Kanchi who sends him as a messenger to Sundara Chola in Thanjavur to invite him to the newly built golden palace in Kanchi and also as a trustful guard for Kundavai in Pazhayarai. His unplanned and impulsive acts put himself and others in danger but he come out of them by trickery and luck. He is the lover of Princess Kundavai. He is loved one-sidedly by Manimekalai, the sister of Kandanmaran. The author introduces most of the characters to the audience through him. * Nandhini: Pazhuvoor Princess and wife of Periya Pazhuvettraraiyar whose birth and origin was doubtful in the beginning. The main antagonist of the story. She was born in Madurai and grew up in a priest family along with royal children in Pazhayarai till her youth. She is the foster-sister of Azhwarkadiyan Nambi. She hated Kundavai as Kundavai was jealous of Nandini's beauty. She and Prince Aditha Karikalan developed a liking for each other in their childhood which nobody in the royalty liked. She was forced to flee Pazhaiyarai and live in Madurai. After Aditha beheaded the injured Veerapandiyan, she joined Pandya conspirators and vowed to take revenge on him by killing him and destroying the Chola dynasty. By marrying Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar who had lusted for her and by using him, she helped the Pandya conspirators. She had a deep hatred towards the royalty for their ill-treatment and also had a desire for the throne. She had a terrible childhood that affected her badly and wanted to be with her mother Mandakini. Parthibendra Pallava and Kandanmaran fell for her beauty and she used them for her plot too. [Mandakini Devi went to Tanjore (while she was pregnant), Sembiyan Maadevi was pregnant too, so she took care of Mandakini during her pregnancy. During child birth Sembiyan Maadevi gave birth to a still born son but Mandakini gave birth twins to a boy (Madurantaka) and a girl (Nandhini). Sembiyan Maadevi swaped her still born son with Mandakini's son. She asked Vaani Ammal (she was a maid in the place at that time) to bury her still born son and gave the daughter to Azhvarkadiyan's parents . Vaani Ammal after leaving the palace notices that Sembiyan Maadevi's son (Senthan Amuthan) is alive, she fosters him and raises him as her own son. ] * Azhwarkadiyan Nambi (alias Thirumalaiappan): A Veera Vaishnavite spy who works for the Prime Minister and Queen Mother Sembiyan Mahadevi. He is the foster-brother of Nandhini and also a close friend of Vandiyathevan. He works closely with him and saves him from many dangers. He was a loyal trustful servant for the Chola royal government. He often does many religious word battles with Veera Shaivites and Advaitis. * Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar: The chancellor and treasurer of the Chola kingdom from the Paluvettaraiyar clan who was respected for his valor and 64 scars he got in battles. The second most powerful man in the empire next to the Emperor himself. Enamoured by her beauty, he marries a much younger Nandini when he himself is in his sixties, and gets used by her as a puppet for her plot. He was the leader of the conspirators who acted against the sons of Sundara Chola and tried to make his cousin Madurantakan the next emperor under the plans of Nandini. * Ilaya Piraati Kundhavai Devi: The Chola princess. Second child and only daughter of Sundara Chola. Lover of Vandiyathevan. She was respected much by her father and the people for her intelligence and wit. Unlike other princesses of those times, she had an ambition of making Chola empire wide and great and took a vow to never leave her motherland. She used her brother Arulmozhivarman and his son to achieve her ambition. She raised and taught Arulmozhivarman to be an intelligent prince and wished to make him the Chola emperor. She is the one who sent Vandiyathevan to bring back Arulmozhivarman from Sri-Lanka and to prevent Aditha from going to Kadamboor palace and also to guard him. She took care of Vaanathi more than any of her friends and wanted to make her Arulmozhivarman's queen. * Rajaraja I alias Ponniyin Selvan: One of the two protagonists of the story after whom the novel was named. The youngest son of Sundara Chola. He was raised in Pazhayarai by Periya Piratti and Ilaya Piratti. He was taught well by his sister and she sent him to Sri-Lanka at the age of 19 for battle. He was said to be saved by the Mother Kaveri herself from drowning in the river when he was 5. This gave him the title "Ponniyin Selvan" or "Son of Kaveri". He was beloved by all the people and soldiers of the Chola kingdom and even in Sri-Lanka due to his religious tolerance, good behaviour towards all the people and his facial attraction. He had an equality towards all religions but was more attracted to Shaivism and showed brief interest in Buddhism. * Adhitha Karikalan: Eldest son of Sundara Chola, the crown prince and the commander of Northern troops in Sundara Chola's reign. He was a glorious brave warrior who entered the battlefield at the age of 12. He was known all over the empire for his valiant acts. It was him who sent Vandiyathevan to Kundavai for being her trustful guard. Aditha Karikalan was little hasty and had unpredictable anger due to the dark past he encountered. That gave all the conspirators a reason to conspire against him. * Poonguzhali: A boat woman, she was born and raised in Kodikkarai. She was adventurous and fearless and had a hate towards other men and civilisation. She had a great affection for her aunt Mandakini Devi. She had immense love for Arulmozhivarman who also had the same before she married Senthan Amuthan. She saves the life of Arulmozhivarman when he drowns in sea and secretly takes him to naagaipattinam. She was named "Samudrakumari" (Princess of the Ocean) by the Prince Arulmozhi himself. * Vaanathi: Shy and innocent Kodumbalur princess who is the future wife of Raja Raja Chola and mother of Rajendra Chola- I. Daughter of Paranthakan alias Kodumbalur Chinna Velar who died in the battle against Mahinda in Sri Lanka. Niece of Irunkovel Boothi Vikramakesari. She lost her mother and father in her childhood. She is the most beloved friend of Kundavai. She had an immense love for Arulmozhi. Later she dies giving birth to her son who is now known as Rajendra Chola. * Senthan Amuthan: A flower seller. He is a close friend of Vandiyathevan. He helped him many times in his missions when he was still the son of Vaani and a calm, humble and honest Shaivite devotee. * Vaani Ammal: The deaf and mute foster mother of Senthan Amuthan, sister of Mandakini and aunt of Poonkuzhali. She was good in practising traditional medicine. * Chinna Pazhuvettaraiyar: alias Kaalandhakandar. The chief in-charge of Thanjavur fort. Younger brother of Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar to whom he had huge respect and love. He is the father-in-law of Mathuranthakar. Both brothers hated Vandiyathevan at first. He constantly warns his brother about Nandini and her conspiracy to no avail. * Sundara Chola alias Parantaka II: The emperor of Chola empire. He was known for his facial beauty which gave him his name 'Sundara'. After his health became poor, his legs paralysed and was expecting his death, he was moved from Pazhayarai to Thanjavur by Pazhuvettaraiyars for his protection. This sparked the debate for the next rightful heir. His wish was to appoint his uncle's son as his successor. There was a rumor that the emperor was kept as a prisoner by them. * Vanavan Mahadevi: Empress of the Chola empire. Chief queen, wife and caretaker of Sundara Chola. Mother of all his children. Daughter of Thirukovalur Malaiyamaan. * Sembiyan Maadevi alias Periya Piratti: Wife of Kandradithan and mother of Utthama Chola. A Shaivite devotee who donates a lot to build many temples for Lord Shiva across the Chola empire. She was very strict in not making her son the emperor, which was also the dying wish of her husband. [Mandakini Devi went to Tanjore (while she was pregnant), Sembiyan Maadevi was pregnant too, so she took care of Mandakini during her pregnancy. During child birth Sembiyan Maadevi gave birth to a still born son but Mandakini gave birth to twins - a boy (Madurantaka) and a girl (Nandhini). Sembiyan Maadevi swapped her still born son with Mandakiniès son. She asked Vaani Ammal (she was a maid in the place at that time) to bury her still born son and gave the daughter to Azhvarkadiyan's parents . Vaani Ammal after leaving the palace notices that Sembiyan Maadeviès son (Senthan Amuthan) is alive, she fosters him and raises him as her own son. ] * Pinaagapani: Son of the traditional healer in Pazhayarai. He was narrow-minded and ambitious and always considered Vandiyathevan as his enemy but gets beaten by him all throughout the story. He was sent by Kundavai with Vandiyathevan to show his way from Pazhaiyarai to Kodikkarai where he lusts over Poonkuzhali but fails in attracting her. His desire to gain high positions in the empire make him prey to Nandini's plans.

Other characters in the novel are:

* Kudanthai Jothidar: (jothidar-astrologer) The astrologer in the town of Kudanthai (present day Kumbakonam) who predicts that Arulmozhivarman will become a great emperor. He also mentions that Vanathi will marry Arulmozhi and bear a great king who will take the Chola dynasty to its glory. +more He later moves to Thiruvaiyaru since his house was destructed by the Kaveri floods. * Kalyani: Mother of Sundara Chola. Wife of Arinjaya Chola. * Paranthakan Devi: Another wife of Sundara Chola. * Eesaana Sivabattar: The priest of the Shiva temple in Pazhayarai. Elder brother of Azhwarkadiyan and foster brother of Nandini. He helps Vandiyathevan to meet Kundavai secretly in Pazhayarai when Pazhuvettararaiyars were searching for him there. * Aacharya Bhikku: The head monk in Chudamani Vihara of Nagapattinam who saves Arulmozhivarman when he was affected by a lethal flu. * The Pandyan Prince whom the Pandyan conspirators made the successor of Veerapandiyan at Thirupurambiyam Pallipadai. * Chandramathi: Maid and companion of Manimekalai in Kadambur palace. * Kayalvizhi: Pandiyan prince, son of Veerapandiyan raised by her.

Plot summary

The story revolves around Vandiyathevan, a charming, brave and brilliant young man who sets out across the Chola land to deliver a message from the Crown Prince Aditya Karikalan to the King and the Princess. The story shuttles between Vandiyathevan's travels in Chola country and the young Prince Arulmozhivarman's (later known as Raja Raja Chola) travels in Sri-Lanka. +more The narrative deals with attempts by his sister Kundavai to bring back Arulmozhivarman to establish political peace in a land seemingly beset with unrest and civil war plotted by vassals and petty chieftains.

Parantaka Chola was succeeded by his second son Gandaraditya as the first son Rajaditya had died in a battle. At the time of Gandaraditya's death, his son Maduranthaka was a two-year-old child and hence Gandaraditya’s brother Arinjaya ascended the throne. +more After Arinjaya’s death, his son Parantaka II (Sundara Chola) was crowned. He had two sons, Adithya Karikalan, Arulmozhivarman, and a daughter named Kundavai.

When the story begins, the emperor Sundara Chola is ill and bedridden. His son Aditya Karikalan is the general of the Northern Command and lives in Kanchi. +more The younger son Arulmozhivarman (who would be famous later as Raja Raja Chola I) is in Sri-Lanka in battle. Their sister Kundavai Piratti lives in the Chola royal household at Pazhayarai.

The story advances when rumors abound that there is a conspiracy against Sundara Chola and his sons. One person who gets a glimpse of the Pandya conspirators is a warrior named Vanar Kula Veeran Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan at the palace of his friend Kandhamaaran.

It is through Vandiyathevan that we meet most of the characters in the novel including Arulmozhivarman, the prince whom all the people loved, and Periya Pazhavetturayar, the chancellor who married Nandhini (the main conspirator), when he was sixty. During his youth, Aditya Karikalan had fallen in love with Nandhini, but she turned vengeful and vowed to destroy the Chola dynasty after Aditya Karikalan killed Veerapandiyan. +more We also meet Kundavai Piratti, who after hearing the news of the conspiracy sends Vandiyathevan to Sri-Lanka to give a message to Arulmozhivarman to come back immediately.

Besides these, there are other characters like Maduranthaka Thevar (the man whom the conspirators want to crown king), the son of Gandaraditya and Aniruddha Brahmarayar, Sundara Cholar’s Prime Minister and the man who has eyes and ears everywhere. He also meets Brahmarayar’s spy Azhwarkadiyan Nambi, a man who roams around the country challenging for debates. +more He collects information for the Prime Minister and is always around Vandiyathevan, rescuing him during trouble.

Other characters include Vanathi, a Kodumbalur princess (the woman who becomes Arulmozhi's wife later) who is in love with Arulmozhi; Poonkuzhali, the boat woman who rows the future king to Lanka; Mandakini, the deaf and mute mother of the original Maduranthaka Chola and the aunt of Poonkuzhali. Most memorable among the female characters is Nandhini, whose beauty is said to have the power to influence any man. +more Manimegalai, the sister of Kandhamaran (the Kadamboor prince) who helps Nandhini without any knowledge that she herself is the conspirator and also he turns against Vandhiyathevan, his best friend.

Meanwhile, with Poonkuzhali's help, Vandiyathevan reaches Sri-Lanka, meets Arulmozhivarman, and becomes his close friend. In Sri-Lanka, Arulmozhivarman realizes that his father had spent some time in an island near Sri-Lanka and had been with a girl born deaf and mute. +more He meets her and realizes from her drawing that she and his father have had two children. Who are those children and do they have the right to the throne? Later one day in Thirupurambayam forest Vandiyathevan sees Nandhini and the Pandya conspirators place a small boy on a throne and take a vow in front of him. Who is this boy and what right does he have to the throne?.

While coming back from Sri-Lanka, Arulmozhivarman is caught in a cyclone and goes missing. Rumor spreads that he is dead, but he survives and stays at Choodamani Viharam, a Buddhist monastery in. +more Then slowly the dispersed family starts assembling. The conspirators meanwhile choose one day in which both the king and both of his sons would be assassinated.

Nandhini in the meantime calls Aditya Karikalan to Kadambur Palace to discuss about the future of kingdom. Though Karikalan knows that his life is in utter danger, he travels to Kadambur palace to meet with Nandhini. +more Aditya Karikalan is then assassinated at Kadambur palace.

Meanwhile, Arulmozhivarman recovers and returns to Tanjore, where he was forced initially to accept being crowned. Later, he tricks everyone and crowns his uncle Uthama Chola. +more Thus the fifth part of the book is named as Tyaga Sigaram, pinnacle of sacrifice.


The novel was first serialised in the weekly editions of Kalki during period from 29 October 1950 to 16 May 1954 resulting the total period of development of work be 3 years, 6 months, and 18 days. The following year, Managala Noolagam released the novel in book form.


Film and television

There have been several attempts to create film adaptations of Ponniyin Selvan, beginning with an +more_Ramachandran's_unrealized_projects#Ponniyin_Selvan'>attempt in 1958 by M. G. Ramachandran. He bought the film rights to the novel for , and announced that he would produce, direct and star in the adaptation which would feature an ensemble cast including Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala Bali, Padmini and Savitri. Before shooting could begin, Ramachandran met with an accident, and the wound took six months to heal, Ramachandran was unable to continue with the film despite renewing the rights four years later.

In the late 1980s, actor Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam worked together on adopting the novel into a film. Ratnam revealed that he worked on a first draft of the film alongside Kamal Haasan, who had bought the rights of the novel from Ramachandran, but the pair shelved their plan as the project did not make financial sense at the time. +more Kamal Haasan then attempted to make the story into a forty-part television series during the early 1990s, and worked with writer Ra. Ki. Rangarajan on the screenplay, but the project was later stalled.

In the 2000s, there were further attempts to make the book into television series by Makkal TV and by Kalaignar TV, through a project directed by Naga. A 32-hour animation film was planned by Rewinda Movie Toons, a Chennai-based animation studio, in 2008 and took seven years to complete. +more The film was set to be released by April 2015, but remains unreleased as of October 2022. In late 2010, Ratnam renewed his interest in his film project and worked alongside writer Jeyamohan to finalise the script for the film adaptation of Ponniyin Selvan. The film was later shelved before the start of the filming stage, as the expected cost of production escalated. Jeyamohan stated that the film did not materialise as the team struggled to find available locations to shoot the film. He revealed that temple officials in Tamil Nadu refused to allow the team to film scenes on the premises and that the expensive cost of producing replica sets meant that it would not be a viable solution.

In 2016, Eros International engaged Jeyamohan and Soundarya Rajinikanth, as a creative producer, to make the book into a web-series but the project did not develop into production. In early 2019, Soundarya Rajinikanth associated with another production house, May 6 Entertainment, and director Sooriyaprathap to make a web-series of the novel for MX Player. +more After years of little promotion, Soundarya announced that the project was still under the planning phase during September 2021. In January 2021, a further adapted web series produced by Eternitee Motion Krafte and directed by Ajay Pratheeb titled Chiranjeevi Ponniyin Selvan was announced. The makers announced that the series would have 125 episodes, with technicians such as Ilaiyaraaja and Sabu Cyril joining the team.

2022 film

In early 2019, Mani Ratnam officially restarted production on his film project. His two-film adaptation featured an ensemble cast consisting of Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jayam Ravi, Karthi and Trisha. +more In September 2021, the filming for both the parts got completed. The film was released on 30 September 2022 in five Indian languages.

Stage play

Avvai Shanmugam was the first to organise a conference on Tamil drama in Erode, and the first to organise a drama contest, in 1945. One of the prize winning scripts was 'Raja Raja Chozhan,’ which was staged in 1955 with Shanmugam as prince Rajendra. +more 'Raja Raja Chozhan' was also presented at the Motilal Nehru Centenary celebrations in Delhi in 1961, earning compliments from Nehru for the splendid acting. In Singapore, 'Raja Raja Chozhan' was also enacted 90 times. Overall it was staged 2,146 times.

Avvai Shanmugam played the role of Maamallan in Kalki's 'Sivakamiyin Sabatham' and the sets were grand, befitting the story. For the scene in which Paranjothi tames an elephant that runs amok, two men inside a specially made elephant, operated levers as they walked in unison.

In 1999 the book was adapted into a stage play by E. Kumaravel and was staged by Magic Lantern Theater in Buck's Theatre inside YMCA Nandanam, Chennai. +more The script's length was originally over nine hours long, but was shortened into a performance time of four hours and 20 minutes and featured 72 actors on a multi-level setting.

Again, the book was adapted into a stage play in a very grand scale by SS International Live along with Magic Lantern theatre group in Chennai, in June 2014. The crew includes Kumaravel, who penned the screenplay & dialogues, Thotta Tharani as art director, Preethi Athreya as costume designer and Bhanu leading the make-up and hair styling department. +more Pravin directed the play.

Chicago Tamil Sangam staged the play in May 2013 with over 40 volunteers in cast and crew.

Comic books

In 2017, Nila comics started releasing series of comic books where every comic book is an adaptation of two chapters from the novel. It is available in Tamil and English. +more As of January 2019, There have been 18 comic books released in Tamil and 10 in English.

English and other translations

There are at least five different translations of Ponniyin Selvan available in English by Indra Neelamegam, Pavithra Srinivasan, CV Karthik Narayanan, Varalotti Rengasamy and Sumeetha Manikandan. On 21 February 2015, a Sanskrit translation by Rajalakshmi Srinivasan was released at a public function in Chennai.

English translations

TranslatorTitlePagesPublication datePublisher(s)Ref(s)
Pavithra SrinivasanPonniyin Selvan Book 1: Fresh Floods4541 December 2019
Pavithra SrinivasanPonniyin Selvan Book 2: Whirlwinds4821 December 2019
Pavithra SrinivasanPonniyin Selvan Book 3: Sword of Slaughter4241 October 2020
Pavithra SrinivasanPonniyin Selvan Book 4: The Jewelled Crown4262 April 2021
Pavithra SrinivasanPonniyin Selvan Book 5: The Zenith of Sacrifice8661 January 2022
C. V. +moreKarthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 1 : The First Floods404Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 2 : The Cyclone370Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 3 : The Killer Sword288Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 4 : The Crown274Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 5 : The Pinnacle of Sacrifice - Volume 1300Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan Part 5 : The Pinnacle of Sacrifice - Volume 2387Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
C. V. Karthik NarayananPonniyin Selvan - All Volumes2831Macmillan Publishers, Laxmi Publications, Trinity Press, Pustaka Digital Media
Indra NeelamegamPonni's Beloved: Part 1- New Floods2641993, updated 2022free on Project Madurai ePub available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble
Indra NeelamegamPonni's Beloved: Part 2 -- Whirlwind2541995, updated 2022free on Project Madurai ePub available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble
Indra NeelamegamPonni's Beloved: Part 3 -- A Killing Sword252Updated 2022free on Project Madurai ePub available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble
Indra NeelamegamPonni's Beloved: Part 4 -- Jeweled Crown2802022free on Project Madurai ePub available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble
Varalotti RengasamyKalki's Ponniyin Selvan Part-1 to Part-5 Set21282016Kavitha Publication
Sumeetha ManikandanPonni's Beloved Volume 1: New Floods3412019
Sumeetha ManikandanPonni's Beloved Volume 2: The Storm3892019
Sumeetha ManikandanPonni's Beloved Volume 3: The Sword3862020The Sword - Ponni's Beloved Volume 3: An English Translation Of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan
Sumeetha ManikandanPonni's Beloved Volume 4: The Crown3142020The Crown - Ponni's Beloved Volume 4: An English Translation of Kalki Krishnamurthy's Ponniyin Selvan
H. Subhalakshmi NarayananPonniyin Selvan, Book 1: New Waters21502016Ailum Books
Ponniyin Selvan, Book 2: Whirling Cyclone
Ponniyin Selvan, Book 3:The Killer Sword
Ponniyin selvan, Book 4: The Crown
Ponniyin Selvan, Book 5 & 6:The Epitome of sacrifice

Malayalam translations

TranslatorTitlePagesPublication datePublisher(s)Ref(s)
G.SubramanianPonniyin Selvan12002022DC Books


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