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Seibu-en (西武園ゆうえんち) is an amusement park located near Tokyo in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. It is just outside the Seibuen-yūenchi Station, which is also owned and operated by the Seibu Railway. The park underwent a significant expansion and redesign for the 2021 season, focused around a Showa era themed marketplace, a Godzilla motion simulator attraction, and a children's area based on the work of Osamu Tezuka.



Certain attractions are closed during rainy weather. The park charges a separate admittance fee for each attraction. +more However, a one-day free ticket is available, which includes admission and unlimited rides on most attractions.

In the evening, portions of the park are illuminated.

RainKidsNight1D FreeLeoland/Fairy
ゴジラ・ザ・ライド 大怪獣頂上決戦Godzilla the Ride: Giant Monsters Ultimate BattleFlight motion simulator%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%100 cm height restriction
大観覧車Ferris WheelFerris wheel%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%Reaches a height of 62 m.
ジャイロタワーGyro TowerRotating observation tower%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%Reaches a height of 80 m. +more
バイキングVikingPirate ship%FALSE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
ウェーブスウィンガーWave SwingerSwing ride%TRUE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
マジックミラーメイズMagic Mirror MazeHouse of mirrors%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
クラシックカーClassic CarGuided track%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
戦え!大作戦アトラ ミライセンシFight! Daisakusen AtramiTreasure hunt%TRUE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%-Immersive video game experience
占え ふたりのアトラFortune-telling Two Atlas%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
探せ!伝説のアトラSearch! Legendary AtlaTreasure hunt%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%toCost depends on difficulty of challenge.
ぴょんぴょんトランポリンPyon Pyon TrampolineTrampoline%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%
TAF ZONETAF ZONEAirsoft field%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%Outside the amusement park, requires separate admittance & reservations recommended.
スケートひろばSkate open spaceIce rink%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%(child) (adult)Fee includes skate rental and 60 minute skating session. discount applied if patron holds a free pass.
森のふわふわランドBalloon LandPlayground%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%Inflatable play structures with forest creatures themes.
レオとライヤの夕日列車Leo and Laiya's Sunset trainMiniature train%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Formerly Hello Kitty Train (ハローキティトレイン). Rethemed to Jungle Emperor Leo in 2021.
アトムの月面旅行Astro Boy's Moon TripRoller coaster%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Formerly Angel Coaster (エンジェルコースター), themed to Hello Kitty. Rethemed to Astro Boy in 2021.
レオとライヤのジャングルダンスパーティーLeo and Laiya's Jungle Dance PartyTeacup ride%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Formerly Strawberry Cafe (ストロベリーカフェ), themed to Hello Kitty. Rethemed to Jungle Emperor Leo in 2021.
ポップンスマイルPopsmileFerris wheel%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Maximum height 6 m. Removed during the 2021 Leoland retheme.
飛べ!ジャングルの勇者レオFly! Jungle Hero LeoAerial carousel%TRUE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Flying elephant. Formerly named Sky Fan (スカイファン) and themed around Hello Kitty. Rethemed to Jungle Emperor in 2021.
キャラクター鉄道Character RailwayMiniature train%FALSE%%TRUE%%FALSE%%TRUE%%TRUE%Removed during the 2021 Leoland retheme.
バッテリーカーBattery CarBumper car%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%FALSE%%TRUE%


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