Siam 7X

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Albert Flores

The Siam 7x is an Android dual-screen smartphone which launched in December 2015 and was designed by Darius Allen. This phone was the first phone produced by CRBT Siam, and the first dual-screen phone to be marketed to American consumers.


Several manufacturers, including Samsung, LG and Kyocera had made attempts to create a dual-screen smartphone. However, they proved unsuccessful as their second screens were located within a difficult to access clam-shell design. +more The Siam 7x overcame this by placing the second screen on the outside, using a black and white E Ink Corporation screen to conserve power. A similar design was created by Yotaphone but its parent company targeted this phone to European, Asian and Middle-Eastern markets. The Siam 7x was the first dual-screen phone designed for the North American market.

The phone was available only with the Android operating system, and only as a GSM carrier phone. It allows users to insert two SIM cards simultaneously. +more The phone was designed in Dallas, and manufactured in Shenzhen, China.


Processor: MTK6735A, Quad-Core Cortex A53 * GPU: ARM MaliT760-MP3@450 MHz * Hard-drive: 16-64GB * RAM: 2GB * Operating System: Android 5. 1 * Screen Size: 5. +more0" 1280x720 HD IPS 2. 5D.

Furthermore the phone has a bio-metric ear print recognition system which employs the Descartes Bio-metric Helix system


The Siam 7x dual-screen smartphone was released to the public on November 27, 2015 (Black Friday). 10,000 of these phones were produced for its release date, targeting a relatively small sales volume.

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