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SloTop50 is the official Slovenian singles chart provider established by SAZAS (The association of composers and authors for protection of copyright of Slovenia) in 2013. It presents weekly, monthly and yearly singles charts, following 61 various radio stations across Slovenia. It publishes weekly charts once a week, every Sunday. Chart contain data generated by the SloTop50 system according to any song played during the period starting the previous Monday morning at time 00:00:00 and ending Sunday night at 23:59:59.

The first number one song of the SloTop50 was "Srečno novo leto" by Rok'n'Band, on 6 January 2013. As of the issue for the week ending on 20 June 2021, the SloTop50 has had 90 different number one hits in total of 442 weeks. +more The current number one is "Save Your Tears" by The Weeknd.



From 1997-2012 year-end singles chart existed for Slovenian artists only. Sazas measured songs that were most played on Slovenian radio stations. +more That was a different kind of measuring, no weekly charts, just the total number of repeats at the end of the year. In 2013 a new technology by international standards was introduced, measuring both Slovenian and international music with weekly singles charts.

Charts published

Presently three charts are published: *SloTop50 Singles - weekly *SloTop50 Singles - monthly *SloTop50 Singles - yearly

Song of the year

In three categories: year-end number-one song, year-end best charted domestic song and number-one (pre)xmas week song.

border-collapse:collapse;" text-align:center;"center|YearNumber-oneDomestic songXmas week
2013"Wake Me Up"Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc"Nasmeh življenja"Nika Zorjan"Hey Brother"Avicii
2014"Jubel"Klingande"Spet"Tinkara Kovač"All About That Bass"Meghan Trainor
2015"Love Me Like You Do"Ellie Goulding"Here for You"Maraaya"Hello"Adele
2016"Photograph"Ed Sheeran"To mi je všeč"Nina Pušlar"Driving Home for Christmas"Chris Rea
2017"Shape of You"Ed Sheeran"Heart of Gold"BQL"Last Christmas"Wham!
2018"Perfect"Ed Sheeran"Srce za srce"Alya"In My Mind"Dynoro ft. +more Gigi D'Agostino
2019"Sweet but Psycho"Ava MaxVročeS. I. T. "Dance Monkey"Tones and I
2020"Blinding Lights"The Weeknd"Svet na dlani"Nina Pušlar"Last Christmas"Wham!

SloTop50 statistics

After 442 weeks since chart was established (updated: 20 June 2021)

All songs reaching No.1

center|1"Srečno novo leto"Rok'n'Bandcenter|1
center|3"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"Kelly Clarksoncenter|3
center|4"To je moj dan"Katayacenter|1
center|5"People Help the People"Birdycenter|14
center|6"Hollywood Hills"Sunrise Avenuecenter|1
center|7"Hvala za vijolice"Bilbicenter|2
center|8"Pumped Up Kicks"Foster the Peoplecenter|3
center|9"Get Lucky"Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williamscenter|4
center|10"Wake Me Up"Avicii featuring Aloe Blacccenter|12
center|11"Roar"Katy Perrycenter|2
center|12"Bonfire Heart"James Bluntcenter|5
center|13"Hey Brother"Aviciicenter|3
center|14"Timber"Pitbull featuring Keshacenter|8
center|15"Stolen Dance"Milky Chancecenter|2
center|16"Spet"Tinkara Kovačcenter|3
center|17"Happy"Pharrell Williamscenter|3
center|18"Addicted to You"Aviciicenter|2
center|19"Waves"Mr. +more Probzcenter|1
center|20"Budapest"George Ezracenter|12
center|21"Summer"Calvin Harriscenter|4
center|22"Prayer in C"Lilly Wood and the Prick and Robin Schulzcenter|8
center|24"All of Me"John Legendcenter|1
center|25"All About That Bass"Meghan Trainorcenter|16
center|26"Love Me Like You Do"Ellie Gouldingcenter|6
center|27"Here for You"Maraayacenter|7
center|29"Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)"Felix Jaehn featuring Jasmine Thompsoncenter|1
center|30"Sugar"Robin Schulz featuring Francesco Yatescenter|2
center|31"Photograph"Ed Sheerancenter|2
center|32"Reality"Lost Frequencies featuring Janieck Devycenter|4
center|34"Book of Love"Felix Jaehn featuring Polinacenter|1
center|35"Adventure of a Lifetime"Coldplaycenter|2
center|36"Stiches"Shawn Mendescenter|3
center|37"Love Yourself"Justin Biebercenter|4
center|38"7 Years"Lukas Grahamcenter|1
center|39"Blue and Red"ManuEllacenter|1
center|40"Cheap Thrills"Siacenter|2
center|41"Can't Stop the Feeling!"Justin Timberlakecenter|7
center|42"Srce za srce"Alyacenter|9
center|44"Duele el Corazón"Enrique Iglesias featuring Wisincenter|3
center|45"Treat You Better"Shawn Mendescenter|3
center|46"Don't Be So Shy"Imanycenter|2
center|47"The Greatest"Sia featuring Kendrick Lamarcenter|1
center|48"Lost on You"LPcenter|3
center|49"Human"Rag'n'Bone Mancenter|3
center|50"All I Want for Christmas Is You"Mariah Careycenter|1
center|51"Driving Home for Christmas"Chris Reacenter|1
center|52"Love My Life"Robbie Williamscenter|4
center|53"Rockabye"Clean Bandit featuring Sean Paul and Anne-Mariecenter|1
center|54"Heart of Gold"BQLcenter|4
center|55"Shape of You"Ed Sheerancenter|11
center|56"Despacito"Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankeecenter|3
center|57"Súbeme la Radio"Enrique Iglesias featuring Descemer Bueno and Zion & Lennoxcenter|4
center|58"Galway Girl"Ed Sheerancenter|10
center|59"Diamond Duck"Maraayacenter|2
center|60"What About Us"Pinkcenter|3
center|61"Perfect"Ed Sheerancenter|15
center|62"Havana"Camila Cabello featuring Young Thugcenter|2
center|63"Last Christmas"Wham!center|2
center|64"Échame la Culpa"Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovatocenter|8
center|65"Say Something"Justin Timberlake featuring Chris Stapletoncenter|1
center|66"These Days"Rudimental featuring Jess Glynne, Macklemore, and Dan Caplencenter|2
center|67"Flames"David Guetta and Siacenter|3
center|68"One Kiss"Calvin Harris and Dua Lipacenter|11
center|69"La Cintura"Álvaro Solercenter|2
center|70"Solo"Clean Bandit featuring Demi Lovatocenter|2
center|71"Promises"Calvin Harris ft. Sam Smithcenter|11
center|72"In My Mind"Dynoro ft. Gigi D'Agostinocenter|7
center|73"Sweet but Psycho"Ava Maxcenter|10
center|74"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart"Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyruscenter|1
center|75"Giant"Calvin Harris and Rag'n'Bone Mancenter|3
center|76"Con Calma"Daddy Yankee feat. Snowcenter|11
center|77"I Don't Care"Ed Sheeran and Justin Biebercenter|3
center|78"Señorita"Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabellocenter|17
center|79"Dance Monkey"Tones and Icenter|6
center|80"Memories"Maroon 5center|5
center|81"Don't Start Now"Dua Lipacenter|2
center|82"Blinding Lights"The Weekndcenter|15
center|83"Breaking Me"Topic and A7Scenter|6
center|84"Rain on Me"Lady Gaga and Ariana Grandecenter|3
center|85"Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat)"Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulocenter|8
center|86"Watermelon Sugar"Harry Stylescenter|3
center|87"Kings & Queens"Ava Maxcenter|2
center|88"Head & Heart"Joel Corry & MNEKcenter|13
center|89"Meni dobro je"Jan Plestenjakcenter|1
center|90"Save Your Tears"The Weekndcenter|14

Best charted domestic songs

center|1"Srečno novo leto"Rok'n'Bandcenter|4
center|3"I'd Like To (My FB Song)"Aprilcenter|4
center|4"To je moj dan"Katayacenter|4
center|5"Dan brez tebe"Victorycenter|6
center|7"Čas"Dan Dcenter|1
center|8"Zbudi se za prvi maj"Mi2center|1
center|9"Dan ljubezni"Pepel in kricenter|1
center|10"Hvala za vijolice"Bilbicenter|4
center|11"Mars in Venera"Tinkara Kovačcenter|1
center|12"Nasmeh življenja"Nika Zorjancenter|14
center|13"Čao lepa"Jan Plestenjakcenter|1
center|14"Svet je tvoj!"Nina Pušlarcenter|1
center|16"Nov dan"Muffcenter|11
center|17"Pozitivne misli"Dan Dcenter|4
center|18"Spet"Tinkara Kovačcenter|25
center|19"Po dežju"Nika Zorjancenter|6
center|20"Lovin' Me"Maraayacenter|20
center|21"Here for You"Maraayacenter|34
center|22"Nekaj med nama"Iztok Easy Novakcenter|4
center|23"Carica"Tanja Žagarcenter|2
center|26"Living Again"Maraayacenter|5
center|27"Najljubša napaka"Anja Rupelcenter|2
center|28"Stara dobra"Jan Plestenjakcenter|6
center|29"Prelepa za poraz"Jan Plestenjakcenter|2
center|30"Blue and Red"ManuEllacenter|5
center|31"To mi je všeč"Nina Pušlarcenter|8
center|32"Srce za srce"Alyacenter|19
center|34"Pesem"Manca Špik & Kvartopircicenter|1
center|36"Milijon in ena"Klara Jazbeccenter|8
center|37"Oba"Manca Špik & Isaac Palmacenter|2
center|38"Heart of Gold"BQLcenter|19
center|40"Diamond Duck"Maraayacenter|7
center|41"Ni predaje, ni umika"BQL & Nika Zorjancenter|11
center|42"Spet te slišim"Lamaicenter|2
center|44"Uspavanka-Lullaby"Nika Zorjancenter|1
center|46"Hvala, ne!"Lea Sirkcenter|1
center|47"Velik je ta svet"Jan Plestenjak ft. Sallecenter|5
center|48"Dobro jutro življenje"Alyacenter|1
center|49"Luna"Nika Zorjan ft. +more J. Hallercenter|18
center|50"Vroče"S. I. T. center|4
center|51"Povej mi, kaj bi rada"Jan Plestenjakcenter|2
center|52"Za naju"Nina Pušlarcenter|1
center|54"Sebi"Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantlcenter|8
center|55"V srce"Natalija Verbotencenter|5
center|56"Ola Ola"Nika Zorjan & Isaac Palmacenter|13
center|57"Na plažo"Nika Zorjancenter|2
center|58"Čaša vina"Natalija Verboten ft. Bestcenter|8
center|59"Serenada"Manca Špikcenter|1
center|60"Svet na dlani"Nina Pušlarcenter|13
center|61"Bela snežinka"Vetercenter|2
center|62"Beli oblaki, bele snežinke"Poskočni muzikanti & Nuša Derendacenter|1
center|63"Včeraj in za zmeraj"Nina Pušlarcenter|1
center|64"Človek brez imena"Jan Plestenjakcenter|1
center|65"Sreča"Pop Designcenter|2
center|66"Nocoj"Manca Špikcenter|3
center|67"Malo, malo"Rebeka Dremeljcenter|2
center|68"Na frišno"BQLcenter|4
center|69"Še zdaj ne vem zakaj"Vili Resnikcenter|2
center|70"Nimam skrbi"Sopranoscenter|1
center|71"Mojito"Lara Kadiscenter|9
center|72"Ko bo to za nama"BQLcenter|2
center|73"Obujem nove čevlje"Maraayacenter|9
center|76"Meni dobro je"Jan Plestenjakcenter|8
center|77"Največ"Klara Jazbeccenter|6
center|78"Medena"Pop Designcenter|3
center|79"Dobr' gre"Maraayacenter|2
center|80"Ko si z mano"Nino Ošlakcenter|2
center|81"Romeo in Julija 2021"Flirtcenter|4
center|82"Imela sva vse"Wolfcenter|2
center|93"Zgoraj je nebo"Jan Plestenjak ft. Cotocenter|1

Most weeks on No.1

center|1"Señorita"Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabellocenter|2019center|17
center|2"All About That Bass"Meghan Trainorcenter|2014center|16
center|3"Perfect"Ed Sheerancenter|2017/18center|15
center"Blinding Lights"The Weekndcenter|2020center|15
center|6"People Help The People"Birdycenter|2013center|14
center"Save Your Tears"The Weekndcenter|2020center|14
center|9"Head & Heart"Joel Corry & MNEKcenter|2021center|13
center|10"Budapest"George Ezracenter|2014center|12
center"Wake Me Up"Avicii feat. Aloe Blacccenter|2013center|12

Artists with most weeks on No.1

center|1Ed Sheerancentercenter|41
center|3Meghan Trainorcentercenter|16
centerThe Weekndcentercenter|16

Artists with most number 1's

center|1Ed Sheerancentercenter|5
center|2Calvin Harriscentercenter|4
centerAva Maxcentercenter|2
centerJustin Timberlakecentercenter|2
centerPharrell Williamscentercenter|2
centerRobin Schulzcentercenter|2
centerFelix Jaehncentercenter|2
centerShawn Mendescentercenter|2
centerJustin Biebercentercenter|2
centerThe Weekndcentercenter|2
centerLuis Fonsicentercenter|2
centerEnrique Iglesiascentercenter|2

Bum Award

SAZAS gives "SloTop50 Bum Award" only to domestic artists who hit the peak chart position in first week of airplay: *"BQL" - "Heart of Gold" (5 March 2017) *"Maraaya" - "Diamond Duck" (8 October 2017)

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