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Sydenham may refer to:



Sydenham, New South Wales, a suburb of Sydney ** Sydenham railway station, Sydney * Sydenham, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne ** Sydenham railway line, the name of the Sunbury railway line, Melbourne until 2012 ** Watergardens railway station, formerly called Sydenham


Sydenham, Frontenac County, Ontario * Sydenham Ward, a district within the city of Kingston, Ontario * Sydenham, Grey County, Ontario, a former township within Meaford * Owen Sound, Ontario, formerly called Sydenham * Sydenham River (Lake Huron), which empties into Georgian Bay on Lake Huron, Ontario * Sydenham River (Lake Saint Clair), which empties into Lake Saint Clair, Ontario


Sydenham College, Mumbai

New Zealand

Sydenham, New Zealand, a suburb of Christchurch ** Sydenham (New Zealand electorate), a former Christchurch electorate

South Africa

Sydenham, Durban, an inner city suburb of Durban, South Africa * Sydenham, Gauteng, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa * Sydenham, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on route R75

United Kingdom


Sydenham, London ** Sydenham railway station (London) ** Sydenham Hill ** Sydenham Hill railway station ** Lower Sydenham railway station ** Sydenham High School, a private school for girls ** Sydenham School, a state school for girls


Sydenham, Belfast, a suburb and electoral ward of East Belfast * Sydenham railway station (Belfast)

Other places in UK

Sydenham, Oxfordshire, near Thame * Sydenham, Somerset, an area of Bridgwater, Somerset * Sydenham, Leamington Spa, a suburb of Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire * Sydenham Damerel, Devon * Sydenham House, Devon, the seat built by Sir Thomas Wise in Marystow parish, Devon

United States

Sydenham Hospital for Communicable Diseases, Baltimore * The former Sydenham Hospital, Harlem, New York City


Charles Poulett Thomson, 1st Baron Sydenham * John Sydenham (disambiguation) * Thomas Sydenham, English physician * Colonel William Sydenham, Cromwellian soldier and brother of Thomas * Sydenham Elnathan Ancona (1824-1913), Democratic member of the U. S. +more House of Representatives from.


Sydenham's chorea, an infectious disease involving the central nervous system

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