Wrestling at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

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Albert Flores

Wrestling competitions at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, were held on 5 and 6 August 2022. The sport was one of six original sports at the Games and was all editions except 1998 and 2006 (the third time within England specifically), spread across twelve weight categories in the freestyle discipline.


The competition schedule was as follows:

Preliminaries, quarter-finals, semi-finals & repechagesMedal matches
[wiki_table=327681bf] [wiki_table=71c01d70]


The wrestling competitions were held at the Coventry Arena in Coventry. The judo competitions also took place there, whilst the adjacent Coventry Stadium was host to rugby sevens.

Medal summary


Men's freestyle

57 kg
65 kg
74 kg
86 kg
97 kg
125 kg

Women's freestyle

50 kg
center|Not awarded (only six entries)
53 kgcenter|Not awarded (only four entries)
53 kgcenter|Not awarded (only four entries)
57 kg
57 kg
62 kg
62 kg
68 kg
68 kg
76 kg
76 kg

Participating nations

There were 26 participating Commonwealth Games Associations (CGA's) in wrestling with a total of 119 (73 men and 46 women) athletes. The number of athletes a nation entered is in parentheses beside the name of the country.

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